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Grow Your Online Sales with Joel Erway's Sales Hacks

The secrets to selling with webinars 

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Keeps things simple
  • January 2017 at 12:30 AM, he couldn't stop thinking about his business, and he simplified everything
  • Archived his old website and kept the same offer
  • Reduced his lead cost by 10x
  • He's all in on Facebook now
  • Created 17 Twitter accounts...but doesn't use them
  • Recommendations
  • Was building webinar funnels, but they were expensive
  • Why not just make the offer right up front and let people decide?
    • Made a long-form Facebook Newsfeed ad (a few hundred words)
    • Builds a bond without a bunch of email follow-ups that aren't read
    • Tells his story
    • Provides social proof
    • Says he's looking for clients
    • Now the website doesn't matter
    • Had a phone sales team that was doing pre-qualification, but since his funnel was so wide, they got a lot of people who didn't qualify for his $25,000 minimum spend
  • Had to cut his ad spend because he had too many leads
  • Now he qualifies everyone via email and Pipedrive
  • Sends one personalized email with additional questions
  • Tells them up front what his prices start at, along with the guarantee
  • Everyone who says "yes" ends up becoming a client
  • You need to make 5x on your ads for your service business, or you're doing it wrong
  • Engineering background...because that's what his father did
  • About 8 years ago, he had a design job after 8 months and was pulling his hair out doing CAD work
  • Sales reps would come in and discuss the work they needed, and one of them was hiring he was brought on to grow the Buffalo territory (with no sales experience) at 22 on 100% commission
  • Started out slow...making a lot of cold calls
  • After three years, they just weren't progressing
  • Saw a huge opportunity in the sales presentations
    • Reps flew around the country to give a presentation, and they weren't that effective
    • This limited their growth
  • He was reading as he was flying around the country and found some similarities in the books and the gaps in his own methods
  • He started delivering his own presentations
  • Went from $500k to $2 million in annual sales
  • Hired a coach (Russell Brunson) and went out on his own
  • Learned "The Perfect Webinar"
  • Had a few failures, then found the opportunity when he was running out of cash and asked Russell if he could do phone sales for him...but he was turned down, but he was referred to Jason, who had stagnant sales from his webinar business
  • They were doing a live webinar once per week and spending $1,000 per week
  • Joel revised it, and they went from $1,000 per week to $14,000 in sales
  • "The Hook" is the single most important thing
  • What not to do: Don't focus on the close so much
  • Sell them up front, so they know what is about to happen, and then give them the information
  • Introduction: Who am I?
  • Content: What will you teach me?
  • The Close: The offer
  • Your audience has to be sold on what you're selling them before you ever offer it to them
  • In the info-marketing world, they present their offer up front and then remove any objections they may have
  • This must follow the correct flow
  • Often we are too close to our business
  • When you're showing them intangible things, it can be tougher
    • It may take 5-6 internal edits to perfect it
  • Cold traffic needs a longer close in your presentation, but it's a delicate balance
  • "The textbook syndrome" is when you read the slides and give too much information
    • You'll confuse vs. inspire your audience
    • You teach too much or too little
  • Use more slides
  • Use more analogies


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