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Oh, YES you can!

W. Mitchell has been invited to the White House by five different United States Presidents.

He is a published author, radio host and TV personality. 

He is the co-founder of a $65 million dollar company.

W. Mitchell is in the Speakers Hall of Fame who has spoken in over 30 countries.

He is a two-term mayor who "saved a mountain." 

He owns homes in Santa Barbara, CA and Hawaii.

W. Mitchell has a fantastic website, an online store, CDs, DVDs, and books for sale, a video library, and a blog.

Now you may be asking yourself "so what?".

The "so what" is that in 1971, this former Marine was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident that burned over 65% of his body and resulted in the loss of nearly all 10 of his fingers.

He was 28 years old.

Not to be kept down, he continued leading an active life. At the time of his motorcycle accident he had just completed his first solo flight in a plane and he continued flying once he recovered from his injuries.

However, 4.5 years later, on November 11, 1975, he crashed the plane he was flying on takeoff and injured his spinal cord, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

I was fortunate enough to not only meet W. Mitchell at the National Speakers Association conference in San Diego in 2014, but I got to hang out with him and several other well-known speakers well into the night as we finished off a bottle of Johnnie Walker I had brought down for the occasion.

He is a rockstar. People line up to hug his neck, take photos with him, and just say hello.

He exemplifies leadership.

He was the most positive, optimistic person I met at the conference and I have followed him and his work and his message ever since.

Meeting him has helped me become (a little) more patient and self-disciplined as well as (a little) less annoyed at the daily inconveniences life throws at us every day because doing anything—AN-Y-THING—is laborious for W. Mitchell including putting on his shoes, using the restroom, putting his key into the door at his hotel room, even holding a glass of Scotch.

So if W. Mitchell can be happy and prosperous, why can't you and I?

That's my goal for myself and my hope for you. It's why I do what I do here...

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