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Notice What You Notice

Did You See That? Why Did You See That?

Notice what you notice. 

Pay attention to what catches your eye, what sets you off, what lights your fuse, what rains on your parade, what tickles your fancy, what ruins your day.

Then control it. 

Life's too short and the marketplace is too competitive to walk around staring at your navel, hopeful that business will improve and full of hate and anger because you're constantly offended at what you voluntarily read, watched, listened to and amplified. 

If you're in sales / marketing and you are in the demographic of your ideal prospects, take what has captured your attention - the headline, the layout, the medium, the tone, the offer - and figure out how to use it in your own sales and marketing efforts to get noticed.

If you're a parent, a spouse, an employee, a commuter, a political activist, or simply a human being who is constantly angry, upset, irritated, offended, ashamed, filled with doubt, anxiety, and/or lack of hope I assure you there is something "out there" you are not only allowing in but welcoming in and inviting into your world, into your life, that is creating this perpetual downward spiral and self-sabotage. 

So notice what you notice.

Then notice how what you notice makes you feel.

Then either control your emotions and use them to grow and to help others grow, or remove those things from your field of view if you cannot control your emotions, which will, in turn, help you control your emotions, so we all win. 

Now go sell something.