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nocrm.io on The CRM Sushi Podcast

  • Action-based lead management system
  • Selling is a process
  • Actions must be performed at the right time
  • 11,000 users
  • Lead view
  • Pipeline with multiple-pipeline view
  • Create leads via API, email, business card scanner, Zapier, native integrations with other platforms
  • Lead Clipper can import a contact from LinkedIn or a contact from any person you see online
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  • To do or Standby
    • Set reminders
    • Set action, ie. SMS, Call, Meeting, E-mail, send quote
    • It will send you a reminder
    • Won/Lost
  • Edit contact records quickly
  • Log activity
  • Collaborate with your team by "@" them
  • Customize the list of activities
  • Disposition each outreach quickly
  • Tag your leads
    • Source
    • Product/Service
    • Loss reason
    • Upsell opportunity
  • Add attachments
  • Call or email right from the contact (opens Gmail)
  • Scripts to be used by your team (like HubSpot Templates and Sequences)
    • Prospect qualification guideline (like HubSpot Playbook)
    • Pros, Cons, etc.
  • Integrate with quoting and invoicing tools
  • Cold prospects vs. Leads vs. Clients
  • Import your Cold Prospects
    • Convert to "Lead" with one button
    • Move to next quickly
    • Send one-on-one emails via your email tool
  • Reporting
    • Dashboards
    • Statistics
    • Pre-defined reports
    • Call logs, etc
  • Best for 1-30 or 40 salespeople
  • Free trial with low price point
  • Monthly or annual options
  • Will help you think about your process via the Admin settings
  • Stick to their promise of helping sales teams vs. marketing or support
  • Chat support in seven languages

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