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Revenue Beats ROAS, Says AI Expert, Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Stop focusing on ROAS, focus on revenue.
  • Facebook, TikTok, etc. direct to consumer e-commerce brands.
  • ROAS is now inaccurate.
  • Look at your revenue.
  • MER: Marketing Efficiency Ratio.
  • Track ROAS as a secondary metric.

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  • Triple Whale software.
  • Post-purchase customer surveys.
  • When you use different marketing companies it can be hard to track this.
  • "One man with conviction will overwhelm 100 men with opinions." ~Churchill
  • Cold email and cold outbound...with a targeted list.
  • Understand your ideal prospects.
  • "What's Suzy having for lunch?"


Join The Club

  • Understand email deliverability.
  • Use a subdomain when sending out cold emails.
  • Get tools to warm up your email list such as...
    • Lemwarm—use it for about two months to get your list healthy
  • Know your list
  • Enrich your lists
One man with conviction will overwhelm 100 men with opinions." ~Winston Churchill
  • Before you send an email run them through a tool like Klean13.
  • Test your headlines, such as "Quick question...?"
  • Make your headlines personalized if you can.
  • He includes images, gifs, and videos to stand out
  • How do you make people feel?
  • People
  • Partners
  • Systems
  • Strategies


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  • Guest Site: https://www.alphainbound.com/
  • Guest LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigelthomas-ai/


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