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Nick Ruiz Documents How He Creates Success From Scratch

You gotta write a check for freedom

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Born and raised in Milwaukee
  • Sales and entrepreneurship has been in his blood
  • Made a little business in 4th grade
  • Ran all the gambling pools in school
  • Was cutting deals on fireworks in 7th grade (drove 7 hours to Indiana for the buy-one-get-one free deals)
  • Built a multi-million dollar real esate empire but went into bankruptcy and has built it back
  • Now he has dissected how he did it and is helping others create success from scratch
  • Success and opportunity is happening all around us but most of us don't speak the language
  • If you keep going you're going to get there
  • 1999-2000 Nick really got going into real estate
    • Money was loose
    • Credit was easy
    • He borrowed a ton of money and played the leverage game
    • Built a huge portfolio
    • Did the "traditional real estate investing route"
    • Even used his credit cards
    • It's nice to get punched in the face every once it a while...it makes you review things
    • Why his bankruptcy was his best business experience
  • Went liquid
    • Now he teaches the "single family triad"
    • Flip homes
    • Rehab
    • Rentals—he pays cash so there is no leverage
    • Leverage is not bad. It can help you grow and scale
    • He solves the problems of people looking for real estate
  • How to handle the dark days
    • He's been listening to Tony Robbins since his stuff was on cassette tapes
    • But it's never a true prep for the dark days
    • He had poisonous thoughts
    • He became a jerk
    • He was a big shot entrepreneur and it was all gone
    • His ego was more important than his bank account
    • He was depressed
    • Understand that the tough times are shaping you for something bigger but you don't see the shaping until you get through it
    • He didn't just get "punched in the face" he got "shot in the face"
    • Forced him to evolve and look around
    • There are so many opportunities out there that are outside your plan
    • If you keep running you win
  • Real estate is the #1 wealth creator on earth, historically, which is why Nick loves it
    • It's just there
    • It exists
    • It's a shortcut to entrepreneurship. Buy low and sell high
    • Be flexible and evolve organically with your business plan
  • He exhausted every contact in his effort to rebuild. He HOUNDED them!
    • He was AGGRESSIVE
    • He had a forced sense of urgency
    • He moved faster, quicker, now
    • Success is about what you do with your earnings
    • He makes deals and negotiates and sells, he doesn't do the actual work
  • It's not smart to pull up and be too flashy in his industry
  • Work hard! Keep going.
  • He loves the education business, which is why he is showing people how to grow
    • Prince in Texas is one of his great students who is succeeding and he stays in touch with
  • He solves problems for people like divorce, death, moves, distressed properties, etc.
  • He makes "rough draft moves" in his marketing...but he does it aggressively
    • Analyze stuff that actually happens
    • Big white boards only matter based on what happens
  • Why motion beats meditation
  • He learns and applies what he learns
  • It takes a lot of work to succeed
  • There are no guarantees
  • Do the work
  • "You gotta write a check for freedom"
  • Evolve or get eliminated

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