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Create Smooth Sales With This Cruise Ship Salesman, Nick Capozzi

Tell stories, make sales!



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Sold high-end luxury items duty-free on cruise ships
  • Sold a lot of Swiss watches
  • Grand Caymans and the Bahamas  
  • He went to college for radio
  • He knew how to present but not necessarily sell
  • He'd pitch to 500 people for an hour!

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  • How to become a great storyteller in 30 minutes
  • Meet them where they are
  • The technical details are rarely enticing
  • Vivid imagery is needed to be a great storyteller
  • Get the prospect to turn on his/her camera and look at you on a video call
  • Get their attention when they have four screens fighting for their limited focus
  • Hunter green...emerald green...mossy green?
  • Tempo and pace must be modified and paused to change things up to recapture the attention of the prospect.
  • Record yourself...which is hard and sucks


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  • All human interactions involve stories, so get better at it
  • Build rapport
  • Be human
  • Take the person in the audience and help them feel as though they are in the story
  • Go for a walk as you're listening to this podcast
  • Observe a tree...what kind is it...how does the bark peel off of it...how are the leaves...notice these things...pay attention...take mental notes...observe...describe...
  • Sellers always make it about them
  • Your buyer is the hero of your story
  • Remove "we," "I," "me," "us," and make about "you."
  • Most offerings out there are pretty similar
  • Build a champion quickly
  • We're trying to save people time and money
  • We're selling efficiency
  • He uses Gong.io to find key moments
  • Close more deals when you curse on a demo (Gong.io)
  • Conversational intelligence (Gong.io)
All human interactions involve stories, so get better at telling them."
  • Create, curate, or comment on content
  • Let people connect the dots on their own
  • Discuss the problems and how you solve them
  • Give value to your LinkedIn prospects
  • Give value to pull prospects into your space
  • Social selling helps you put yourself out there


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