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Follow These Bar Tips To Go Far In Sales, With Neil Rogers

Like a Whiskey Neat, Your Sales Strategy Needs to Keep it Simple



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Every business needs sales to stay alive, yet most business people approach sales like a root canal without Novocaine.
  • Author and 7-figure entrepreneur Neil Rogers believes sales can be fun and painless if you know how to approach your customers from a place of service.
  • His time spent as a busy bartender in Boston’s top restaurants and bars has paved the way for his incredible success in business.
  • Neil dives into his sales secrets from serving up suds and Buds, touching on topics such as:
    • Closing Time: Secrets of Sales Success Learned Behind the Bar Bar None
    • Like a Whiskey Neat, Your Sales Strategy Needs to Keep it Simple Spirited
    • Supercharge Your Sales Team With Simple Soft Skills Used in the Service Industry Pouring Profits
    • Serve Up 7-Figure Sales While Having Fun Shaking Up Sales
    • Double Your Sales with These 4 Simple Strategies
  • For over three decades, Neil Rogers has built a successful career in sales and marketing, working with clients in a wide range of verticals, including pharmaceutical, biomedical, manufacturing, logistics, financial services, and government defense contractors.
  • He is the Owner and VP of Marketing & Sales at Rogers Marketing, winner of several Million Dollar Sales awards, the Velocity Award for growth, and Heavy Hitter Awards for large accounts. Neil and his wife Lori are the creators/owners of the Positive Activity 11-Step Process, using scientifically proven activities to increase the quality of life and business through creativity, optimism, and positivity.
  • The two entrepreneurs started the non-profit PASE (Parents Assisting Special Educators) and PASE After 21 for special needs adults.
  • Bar Tips is his first published book, drawing on the lessons learned during his years as a bartender that Neil has applied for success in sales. 

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  • He came to the world of sales from the service industry...and it's a journey. 
  • What do you consider your “secret sauce” for success? 
  • What do most salespeople get wrong when trying to close a deal? 
  • You devote a chapter to “Peripheral Knowledge” in your book, Bar Tips. Can you explain what this is and how it can serve business owners? 
  • What’s the fine line between knowing everything you can about your product or service and coming off as a blowhard know-it-all to the client? How do you navigate it?


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  • How do you build “a bunch of motley misfits” into a cohesive team? 
  • 37 years in sales
  • Old-school and the golden rule
  • He was reaching out to prospects during COVID, and he finally got a call back from a Mass Mutual insurance agent...but this agent needed life-saving surgery due to his lifestyle
  • 18 months later, Neil caught up with him, and the guy told him to write a book
  • White Horse Beach, MA, he worked at a bar
  • He was a "commuter student."
Be prepared. Be organized. Eat your own dogfood."
  • What do you consider the hallmarks of great service in your business?
  • What are three of your top bar tips for our listeners to increase their sales?
  • What is Positive Activity(tm)? What prompted you to create it?
  • How important is happiness for entrepreneurs?
  • How can you train your brain to be more positive?
  • Talk to us about the science behind positivity. What are some of the findings our listeners would find interesting?
  • Why do you think society doesn’t put more emphasis on the importance of happiness and positivity?
  • What is a “rational optimist”?
  • There’s a lot of chatter about a recession approaching. How did your business survive and thrive during the last one?
  • What lessons did you learn from the last recession?
  • In your opinion, how important is mindset to success as a business owner?
  • You talk about “festina lente”, the slow track way to fastrack success. Tell us more about this concept and how it works.
  • How has your own life changed since implementing Positive Activity(tm)?
  • What is your biggest takeaway about the importance of positivity in life and business?
  • You and your wife started PASE—Parents Assisting Special Educators. Can you tell us about this initiative?


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  • He heard a great speaker at a Chamber of Commerce event.
  • The speaker was not in the burger business but in the hospitality business.
  • Neil realized he has been "bartending on the road" for 37 years
  • Neil started interviewing people he knew and worked within the industry.
  • "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" by Howard Gardner
  • Show up, take notes, ask questions, do the extra credit
  • Following good processes brings success.
  • The importance of a proper greeting
  • The Ritz Carlton has the "10-5 Rule"
  • Be prepared. Be organized.
  • You gotta eat your own dog food.
  • Get your mindset right.
  • Get up and move.
  • Meditate.
  • Do conscious acts of generosity.
  • Do a little gratitude journal.
  • "On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction"

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