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Do Email Marketing Like a Human To Make More Sales (Nate Wright)

Email Marketing is alive and well if you do it Nate Wright's way

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Break the tempo
  • Send an email from your dog
  • Send an email without a link
  • Share an embarrassing story...it helps build intimacy
  • Most people have bad habits
    • Self-confidence
    • Don't hit send
    • Shiny-object syndrome
  • People fear unsubscribes and it's not a bad thing
    • It gets your bad leads out of the funnel
    • Badgering people so they mark you as a spammer is bad
  • "People usually find me after they've blown all their money on social media."
  • Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request with no selling or pushing then email them to setup a time to chat
    • Dux-Soup: Chrome Extension to get more info on leads from LinkedIn
    • Scrub your list like a human
  • Have a checklist so you don't bring on bad clients
    • Do a test of your friend's emails to see if they can get 100 to open them
  • Be a student of human nature and psychology
    • Create contrast
    • Make the positive more positive..."But wait, there's more!"
    • Make the negative more negative is pushing them closer to the fire
  • Long form content still works
    • Even Facebook Ads with long form content works
    • Send a long email to a dormant list to reengage prospects
      • "It's been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages..."
        • "Here's what I've been up to...what have you been up to."
        • People want to hear the failure
      • Make emails shorter the higher up you go into the large enterprise
      • Do your research
      • Go for the waterfall approach so the boss pushes the email down to schedule a demo or meeting
      • Personalize it
      • Turn off your open and click tracking
  • Deliverability issues
    • Big platforms like MailChimp are not great for deliverability
    • GMail add-ons and YesWare
    • Spam-trigger words will tell you if you have spammy words (Glock Apps)
  • Why he loves voicemail
    • Pitch with inflection
    • Send email with thumbnail image to a custom video for them
  • Founder of Inbox Attack
    • You have to put in the reps
    • Fix the core problems of your messaging
    • You speak fine but write poorly and boring
    • Live training in small groups of 10 people maximum
      • Write live and get critiqued
      • There is social pressure that terrifies people
  • Founder of Small Biz Triage

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