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At the Moment of Commitment the Universe Conspires to Assist You

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe uttered those words, probably during his writer days instead of his politician days...but I digress.)

In the book of Revelation, Chapter 3, Verse 16, the "lukewarm" followers makes the angle "vomit thee out of my mouth." DANG!

It's true in golf as well, where PGA instructor Krista Dunton says "Commit To Your Shot!"

As an entrepreneur, Christian and golfer, I can attest to the need for commitment in all of these areas—and ANY area in which you seek to grow.

I remember taking golf lessons here in Southern California in 1995, back when I was still single, didn't have a kid—let alone seven!—and actually had time to work on my golf game.

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As I read all the books and magazines it seemed an average golfer would use a 7-iron to hit the ball 150 yards.

Since I didn't know any better, I would practice that shot with that club and consistently be short of the target.

What I didn't realize is that being 6'2" and 220 pounds, I was a tad bit bigger than the average golfer.

So I got the crazy idea to try a shorter club to reach the target and low-and-behold, it worked.

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Subconsciously I knew the 7-iron was too much club and if I hit the ball with a full swing it would go too far.

So I attempted to "ease up" on the swing and it was a mess. When I used the proper tool for the task at hand I could use it properly, commit to the shot and achieve the desired result.

The same is true in every other aspect of your life...

  • Are you "dabbling" at getting in shape and eating better?
  • Are you "dabbling" at being present for your family?
  • Are you "dabbling" at learning and growing in your faith?
  • Are you "dabbling" in learning copywriting or persuasive selling or email marketing or PPC or SEO or social media marketing?
  • Are you "dabbling" in using webinars or trade shows or live events to promote your business?
  • Are you "playing with the idea" of launching your own business, going out on your own, leaving the "security" of your Corporate America gig and finally being in control of your own destiny?

(If I can leave behind $180,000 a year with a big dog, a mortgage and 6 - soon-to-be-7 - kids with a stay-at-home wife of 18+ years, you can, too.)

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Commitment is a dirty word in today's world, especially America, where people move in together before they get married—if they ever get married.

Where abortion-on-demand is easier to buy than a quality cigar.

Where "deadbeat dads" is an expected term.

Where "until death do us part" means "until I feel like you aren't doing your part" or "I want a part of someone else so I want apart from you."

Where people opt for surgery and pills instead of greens and healthy thrills to reach their weight loss goals.

But it's all wrong.

It's bss-aackwards.

Which is why so many "men lead lives of quiet desperation." (Thoreau)

When you're using the wrong tool for the job you know it in your gut.

You'll use it improperly.

You'll have shitty results and you'll be even less-satisfied than when you started.

When you're using the wrong tool because you're too cheap or lazy or afraid or otherwise uncommitted to the task at hand, everyone suffers. You suffer because you don't do your best. Your clients suffer because they need your best to become their best. The world suffers because of the lukewarm manner in which so many people today go about living, doing and being.

So today, right now, commit to greatness.

Commit to doing things right.

Pick Wes's Brain

Commit tfo doing all you can do to be all you can be.

(Did an Air Force guy just sing the old Army jingle? What's the world coming to?)

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.