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The 5 Parts of Business DNA With Mike Michalowicz

Take it one step back to go 10 steps forward

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Full-time offer 12 years ago
  • Takes five years to write a book with his research
  • Wants to make entrepreneurship easy
  • Business owners don't know what their biggest challenges are
  • Stop jumping from crisis to crisis
  • A: Crisis/Challenge Now
    • Draw an arrow away from it out of the crisis
    • Do it again
  • Draw B in the bottom left
    • What the business needs
    • Stop seeking constant relief
  • How long have you been hustling and grinding
  • Herd mentality is real

Eat This To Sell More

Learn these five core pillars of the DNA of all businesses to grow in any market."
  • Business loans are not always great
  • Why do you have a money problem?
  • Stop putting bandaids on big wounds
  • Debt leveraging can be good, but debt anchoring is bad
  • This is the entrepreneurial petri dish during COVID-19
  • Satisfy the new, emerging needs
  • 5 Core Pillars The DNA of all business
    • Legacy = permanence
    • Impact = delivery of transformation
    • Order = organizational efficiency
    • Profitability = stability
    • Sales creates cash = oxygen
  • Break each section down and iterate
  • "One step back"

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