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Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Keap CRM


"Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What tha...? Just say nooooooooo!!!!!"

(First written Feb 24, 2017) That's exactly how I felt two days ago when a prospect told me he was starting a 30-day trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Keap CRM.

And I literally emailed him and said, "Just say no!"

Like all things Microsoft, their CRM is complex, burdensome and requires multiple, high-dollar consultants to make it do anything close to useful.

Disclaimer: I do love Microsoft Excel. I will give credit where credit is due. But I wouldn't touch Word or Internet Explorer (now dead as of June 15, 2022, replaced with Microsoft Edge) with my worst enemy's computer.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing Licensing Guide is 65 whopping pages!

Really, Microsoft Dynamics CRM? 65 pages of font size 10? What are you trying to hide up in there?

And it's not until page 66 that you see all the "GOTCHAS!"

  • Support Incidents—5 phone calls per year (but unlimited email...with a 24-hour response time!)
    • 24-hour response time!? I don't know about you, but despite my best goals, efforts, and vision boards, I still find myself knee-deep in alligators from time to time, and I need help NOW! Not tomorrow, or, heaven forbid, I'm working on a Friday and have to WAIT UNTIL MONDAY FOR HELP!!!!
  • Business Critical Support—No...unless you pay a fee that STARTS AT $35,000 per year. It starts there. (That's really friendly for small businesses, right? "Hmmm. Let me see. Where did I leave that wad of $35,000 last time?")
  • Senior Support Technician—Don't even think about it.
  • Managed Newsgroups—Fuhgetaboutit.
  • Purchase Support Incidents—Wow. Thank you, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for giving me a bulk discount on support. (Save a whopping $25 if you purchase a five-pack of "fix my crap.")

Look, Microsoft had a good run at things, but from the beginning, Microsoft has been all about brokering deals, not making innovative software.

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM user/licensing/pricing guide is onerous.

Their website is tough to navigate.

Their tagline, "Don't get forced. Get what fits." is cute and catchy, but what does that mean?

As of 2/12/23, their new tagline is "Stay agile. Do more with less." That's better, but is it true? On their pricing page, you must choose from 10 segments to see pricing.

In the Sales segment, there are seven pricing options ranging from $20/user/month for "Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app," which only applies after that user buys a $65 to $162/user/mo application.

There's an old sales adage that says, "A confused mind says NO!"

Business owners don't need to read 65 pages (as of Feb '23, previously 72 pages) to sort through some a la carte almost-marketing platform only to then be forced (what happened to "get what fits"?) to figure out what they need to bolt on with some unknown consultant to this me-too CRM in the sky (that only runs on Internet Explorer, by the way.

Which means no access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM via iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. WHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT???)

You need solutions.

Is the Keap CRM perfect?


Will it automate 70-95% of the busy work that is slowing you down and sapping your energy, which leads to not getting it done?


Then say "no" to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and say hello to Keap. You'll be glad you did.

If you still have questions about ordering Infusionsoft for your business and would like to see Keap in action, check this out.

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(Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Keap CRM Part 2)

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