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Michael Cheney: Free 7-Figure Franchise Creates Inbound Marketing

Grow your income by giving away 100% of your earnings

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Inbound Marketing Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • An un-welcomed visitor (a Brit living in Scotland)
  • Avid cyclist
  • Started as an SEO consultant in 2000
  • Learned a lot about marketing and began packaging digital products to stop traveling and training and selling in person
  • Teaching is one thing but if you can do it for people it's more effective
  • His path evolved and slowly developed into what it has become
  • He pays 100% commission to his affiliates
    • They split the high-ticket sales 50-50
    • It's a business in a box
  • Has a $20k coaching program for 90 days
  • All of his traffic comes through paid traffic and affiliate partners
    • Easier to control
    • Not liable to becoming a victim overnight to search engine changes
  • Look at what people want in the market
    • Forums
    • Pain
    • Facebook rants
  • Look at the top sellers on platforms like JV Zoo
    • All time
    • Last 30 days
  • Listen to your gut, which comes after time and experience
  • Create your avalanche offer via trial and error
    • You can overdo it
    • Make the add-ons complimentary to your main product
  • Move past your scarcity mindset
    • Help your affiliates be rich and happy
    • Give them a healthy chunk of your offerings
    • This creates a huge buzz in the market
    • This helps you build your list as well
  • He has 8 front end products with small upsells with three larger upsells
    • $2,000
    • $5,000
    • $20,000
  • But you can start small
  • Emails optins 3x per day for two months with offers
    • Learned from Ben Settle
    • People love hearing from him
    • They are stories
    • People ask to get his emails
    • It's like a soap opera
    • He doesn't give anything away for free
    • He stopped doing videos and articles
    • The value is in the pitch
    • Sales is not a bad thing
    • Eight different 7-day email series for the eight different offers
  • Sells his promos as swipe files to other marketers

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