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Get Your Brain & Your Mind Working Together To Grow, Melissa Hergert

Melissa Hergert



Neurofeedback Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Neurofeedback started in the 60s
  • Help retrain the brainwave activity
  • Can get rid of seizures
  • Can help with ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, dementia,  
  • BrainTap is a good device if you can't make it to her office

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  • She does a brain map
  • Finds areas of the brain working too fast or too slow
  • Professional athletes and CEOs and those looking to improve performance are diving into this space
  • The brain vs. the mind
  • It's hard to improve the mindset if you don't address the processor first, i.e., your physical brain
  • Autism, post-concussion, etc.
  • Logic and decision-making can be improved with kids
  • You can have an attention problem and it not be ADHD
  • Classic ADHD has more slow-wave activity vs. fast-wave activity
  • The reason you're hyper is that your brain is looking for stimulation
  • ADHD drugs stimulate the brain to go into fast-wave activity so we can concentrate


Join The Club

  • Reward to create more of a behavior
  • Pavlov's dog
  • Look at the lobe's of the brain
  • Sensors detect the brain's activity
  • Get realtime audio/visual feedback
  • Reward causes new behavior
  • About 40 sessions can change the brain for up to 30 years
  • You may need a "tune up" if you've got some underlying issues, injuries, etc.
  • If you're older, on medication, or have had a lot of trauma
  • Reorganization of the brain
  • Exercise and food are important, but why is it good?
    • Exercise—particularly weight lifting—increases dopamine, which helps your brain
    • Food and supplements can hurt you and your brain
    • Guided breathing
    • Sleeping is healing, so get good sleep
Sleeping is healing, so get good sleep!"

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