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Assemble Your Best Sales Team With Founder Matt Green

Move beyond sales methodologies to become effective at sales



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The economy of words
  • Teaches B2B tech salespeople how to be better salespeople
  • He believes sales is sales, but there are some nuances in the tech/SaaS space
  • He and his co-founder served on a charity board and Matt brought him on board at a previous company

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  • They got RIFd, and that was the catalyst for them starting Sales Assembly.
  • Created a bi-monthly coffee with tech sales leaders in the city and which gave them ideas to launch.
  • He doesn't deal with sales methodologies like Challenger Sale or Miller Heiman or Sandler Sales.
  • Sales Assembly helps you learn how to be a storyteller or how to put a person on a performance improvement plan.
  • Partnering with Sales Assembly is like bringing on a dozen sales enablement experts to help with training.
  • They bridge the silos from a learning, training, and development standpoint.
  • Onboarding new hires like SDRs or BDRs. How do you get them up to speed, and then what happens?
  • Beef up your sales-readiness.
  • You can do less last-minute deal-coaching if you train them upfront.
  • This is not adding another tool. This helps increase win rates and retain staff.


Join the Internal Dialogue Selling System. The best sales training program you'll ever find.

  • This helps with Millennials who are looking for their company to invest in them and make them more efficient.
  • Reduce on-the-spot sales training.
  • Completely methodology agnostic.
  • What are the competencies that make your people effective?
  • Sales Assembly does no customization.
  • Every week, they are doing up to three live skill-development training sessions.
  • The topics are specific, like "Why are leads ghosting you?"
  • Monthly peer group discussions—15 per month
What are the competencies that make your people effective?"
  • Expansion revenue
  • Transitioning back to meeting in person
  • They have a great product team, and they leverage the community they built.
  • With just 14 people, they are able to facilitate these talks and bring in experts.
  • Collaborate with experts in the community to present.
  • Methodologies are strategies like ABM and GTM
  • Member-success team helps ensure everyone wins.
  • Their product is live training, so they always have something prospects can check out.
  • In a vacuum, people fill the void with worst-case scenarios, so provide insight and visibility to your people.


Learn to make every sale with the IDSS Training.


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  • Guest Site: https://www.salesassembly.com/


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