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Make Simple Tools To Make Big Money, With Matt Ganzak

Being aggravated can inspire you to greatness



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • How do you know what the market will pay for when developing software?
  • What people need is not always what they want
  • He creates "micro-software"
  • March 1, 2019 he was looking for a solution to a problem that he had
  • He wanted better engagement on his Facebook profile
  • In seven days he had a prototype and within a month he had paid customers and then he had a 7-figure exit
  • If there is already a market, you can steal customers from your competitors

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  • Make simple tools to solve one problem
  • The prototype cost him $1,500 to create with a developer
  • He posted to his own Facebook page and 1,000+ people said they had that problem and would pay to fix it
  • Solve problems with someone who has already solved a similar problem
  • Find developers with experience
  • Found a developer on UpWork with specific expertise
  • Good developers overseas will charge $35-$50/hour
  • He set clear expectations on the development of the prototype
  • He'll spend $6,000-$8,000 on design alone
  • Launches an ugly app that solves problems
  • He had that one developer continue creating it until he eventually brought it in-house
  • Background in radio back in 2004-2008
  • He was creating commercials for radio
  • He had 17 radio stations and was making commercials for them and was on air
  • He couldn't see himself in radio for 30 more years
  • More and more clients needed websites so he taught himself how to build websites by 2006
  • Then it was SEO so he learned about that
  • Then Google Advertising


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  • He has been on Google PPC since around 2006
  • Then he learned Facebook Ads
  • Back then you had to go through an exchange on Facebook Ads
  • Then he expanded everywhere from Rumble to Truth to TikTok to Snapchat to Pinterest
  • Stays on top of the latest technology
  • He moved from a dying platform to a growing platform
  • Go where your customers are, i.e., Instagram and Facebook
  • It's easy to get started there and have success
  • Targeting can be tricky on YouTube
  • He doesn't like boosting posts
  • You can target granularly on Facebook
  • Get some love on a post and run something similar to cold traffic
  • Image stops the scroll, headline tells them about the opportunity, then they read the comments, then they read the CTA
  • If there are no comments, they'll go to Google to look you up
  • Instagram Reels are great for getting exposure by creating interesting, realistic content
  • Target people in your area with an add to that Reel
  • Season your video before you run an ad
  • Instagram will pay you for impressions
Make simple tools to solve one key problem."
  • What is your mission statement? Does the feature request add to or detract from it?
  • He doesn't like creating Swiss Army type apps
  • There are still a lot of opportunities out there
  • Find an audience of 100,000 to a million you can serve
  • How many of that audience can you reach?
  • What percentage of them can you convert to a free trial and then a customer?
  • Serve a simple audience
  • Find someone with a huge audience and ask them what you can build for them
  • Online gaming is booming
  • World Series viewership is down
  • Golf is in shambles
  • When people don't renew contracts, that's a key point
  • Find good referral networks for industries like insurance
  • Cost of advertising is going up




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  • Be smart to make yourself standout
  • Why is LinkedIn such a mess?
  • He's building a platform to compete with LinkedIn
  • It's time-consuming to create content but the returns can be massive
  • You must create your own personal brand

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