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Maropost on The CRM Sushi Podcast


  • Ecommerce Platform + Marketing Automation
  • Everything You Need To Grow Your Business. Email, SMS, Mobile, Journeys and Ecommerce - We give you all the tools to scale and simplify the way you connect, market and sell to your customers!
  • Unified platform, not "all-in-one"
  • Volume email player
  • Landing pages, surveys, etc.
  • Bought a Shopify Plus competitor
  • Bringing in additional e-commerce functionality (Nedo out of Australia)
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  • Email is still king
  • Email deliverability is vital
  • Data is king in email deliverability
  • You need to look at email deliverability by ESP
  • Pro and Enterprise Maropost customers have their own dedicated email deliverability expert
  • Shared IPs hurt your email deliverability
  • Google made changes that hurt email deliverability for a lot of customers
  • It's not just about the send, the open, or the click
  • When you transition to Maropost they warm your IP address for 30 days or so
  • Maropost assists with your sends as well
  • How to warm up your IP address
    • Maropost looks at your domain reputation
    • Maropost gives you a realistic report on how you look on the interwebs
  • Reporting on email opens is changing
  • Maropost looks at "Unique Opens"
  • Maropost is not a CRM
  • Most Maropost users are B2C
  • ROI on email marketing is north of 40:1 still

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