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Mark Victor Hansen on Goal Setting: 'Ask To Reach Your Destiny'

Effective goal setting in sales means solving problems for others

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Effective goal setting helps you get your ask in gear!
  • Been to 80 countries
  • The difference between success and failure is asking
  • Three ways
    • Ask yourself
    • Ask others
    • Ask God
  • 7 Roadblocks to Asking
  • The results are worth it
  • Become a Master Asker
  • Kids are natural asker. They are inquisitive.

See Your True Sales Numbers

  • He was a Boy Scout and sold greeting cards on consignment
  • His mother was a great salesman and story-teller
  • "I'm earning my bicycle. Would you like to invest in one box or two?"
  • Save Yourself Time Energy and Money: SYSTEM
  • Licensing
  • He's a big reader
An entrepreneur is a problem-solver for a profit."
  • He's a systems guy
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Natural power series
  • How he sold more books than anyone alive
  • He adds value every time
  • Support our LEO and military
  • $157 million in dog food sales
  • Purina and Jay Leno
  • Everybody should have a lot to do
  • Be busy
  • Wrote 309 books
  • Every book should help sell every other book
  • Have high, lofty, and inspiring goals
  • Roger Banister and the 4-minute mile
  • Goals are set to be broken
  • You need a net worth of a minimum of $10 million to be in the game
  • The food chain example: B2B isn't working like it was so he's going B2C
12 Week Year review to goal setting
  • Joe and Ivy Keoli
  • $100k salesperson isn't enough
    • 40% taxes
    • Car payment
    • Etc.
    • "Can I make $1 million in this company?"
  • Entrepreneur/Chiropractor bringing home $250k
    • He interviewed the top chiropractors in the country
    • Dr. Dennis Nicatow in Denver was doing over $1 million
    • He just carried a rubber band
    • Schedule a mobile blood bank in front of your shop and give a free adjustment
  • He and Jack were out $180k each when they wrote "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and had to wait 18 months
  • Was broke twice in his life, once over $2 million
  • His agent fired him
  • He and Jack were rejected 144 times
  • Go give blood, especially if you beat COVID=19
  • An entrepreneur is a problem-solver for a profit
  • Overcome your sense of self-worth
  • Overcome your sense of fear
  • Overcome your sense of disconnection
  • We're worthy of great success
  • "Excusology"
  • Afraid to ask
  • You have 100% permission to ask
  • Serve greatly by selling greatly
  • You have to ask a lot of people to get started like the parable of the seed falling on good and bad ground
  • You gotta take massive action to have massive success
  • Know when you are most productive
  • Pick the days to clean up all the messes and finish the garbage work
  • What are your free days? You need at least one day of no working. (Sunday usually)
  • Green days are your money-making days.
  • Batch your efforts, i.e. put your key prospects on a Zoom 
  • Yellow days for mess
  • Purple is God's highest color
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions
  • Trust your gut...and feedback
  • Do you need a publisher or can you self-publish?
  • Once you sell 40,000 copies then go to a publisher to get a great payday
  • How to negotiate from a position of strength
  • How to beat COVID-19
  • Writing the book is only 10% of the effort
  • He writes 100-year goals
  • He believes in BHAGs
  • Wind-charging is his design
  • 1974 he lost it all in the oil embargo and slept on a friend's couch
  • Yin-Yang: Crisis = Opportunity
  • Take off the blinders
  • "Where are my acres of diamonds?"
  • Go deep
  • "God, what's your destiny for me?" Ask 400 times before you go to sleep.
  • Jack called him at 2:38 am in 1989 "Chicken soup...for the soul"
  • The thought command
  • Reorient your mind and give yourself mind commands
  • Jim Collins told him in 1974 how to hit his sales goals
  • Put your goals in writing
  • 3x5 card...sign it...look at it 4x/day
  • The subconscious never sleeps
  • He was a happy salesman and his clients were happy as a result
  • He and Crystal researched for their book, "The Ultimate Gift", Jim Stovall makes books he can't read and movies he can't watch
  • Shut off the negative news and information
  • Elon Musk steps up and starts making ventilators for 3M and made cars at the same time
  • Out-think, out-serve, out-work
  • You are your own competition
  • Be a hero

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Wes Schaeffer: Mark Victor Hansen, the man, the myth, the legend, author of the new "Ask: The Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny." Welcome to The Sales Podcast. How the heck are you?
MVH: Yeah. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you. Glad to be here with Western everybody listening watching or thinking with a solo
WS: So all the cool kids are moving to Scottsdale, I might have to get up and move to hang out with all you cool people.
MVH: unequivocally the smartest thing you could do.
WS: I just gotta convince my wife of that. So we, we shall see I'm keeping mama happy. So that's the smartest thing I can
MVH: Do that is
MVH: When you know the cliche when mom is happy. Everybody's happy and I way out married myself. I got the best mom or wrong for me. And I can tell you the good news is, Scottsdale, beautiful. The bad news is we had 50 days over 110 degrees this year. Most ever so
WS: Oh my God, yeah. This is our hottest summer but oh well. What you're going to do, man.
WS: We, we can ask for better weather but we may or may not get it, but we can ask better questions and reach our dream, does that. Is that what you're telling me is that for real.
MVH: We do. Yeah. Well, we did is, you know, Crystal. I've been at countries talked to all kinds of people.
MVH: We find people that are wonderful likable well educated professional and a difference. He knows we have a little success and those who have a bat.
MVH: deep, profound success is one thing and one only, and as he had the ability to ask
MVH: And most people never been taught to ask. And what we're saying in the subtitle asked to title with an exclamation mark the subtitles. The bridge your dreams, your destiny. We're seeing if you're alive.
MVH: And especially if you've been locked down for seven months, like most of us have around the world. That's a billion of the only way you're going to get to your destiny is you know how to ask and we're teaching three ways to ask. Ask yourself, ask others and Ascot
WS: So, all of those are hard for a lot of people
WS: Why, a lot of people struggle. Is that fair to say?
MVH: Yes and yes, how's that all good. There are two questions there. And I'll answer both yes
MVH: And so what we're trying to do is say hey look we wrote seven roadblocks to asking, but we preface the book with the fable of McKayla
MVH: Which my wife brilliance road and wisdom and what it does. It enrolled you into the metaphor. So you're no longer afraid to ask because you understand your results at the end or so spectacular.
MVH: I mean, look, I've sold a half million books and nobody else ever did that but I did it because I asked repetitively.
WS: As the Father of seven children with a six year old still at home. A 23 year old college graduate still asking for a little help now and then.
WS: I see kids. Kids naturally ask my six year old goodness gracious. I mean, it's like the like the story in the Bible. Right. The woman just kept asking me, he's like, Fine, you get what you want. Right. He was like, well, she exceptionally holy. No, but she was persistent. You know, so
MVH: You touched my garment asked that one.
WS: Yes.
MVH: Yeah, okay, good. I just want to make sure we're on the same page and
MVH: Well, seven. I'm one of for my brother, my wife's one and nine. So we beat you by two.
WS: I'm only one of two. But my wife and I, we have seven
MVH: Yeah, I know. And then, and we have five kids in our combined marriage and six grandkids will pop it out at 12
WS: Nice. Well we but I mean kids naturally as my six year old has no fear she will ask me to go back and asked her mom. She'll. She'll go. That's one of her siblings to ask one of us, she will get what she wants. Eventually,
WS: But at some point, that seems to get beaten out of us as young adults or adults. Have you seen that. And do you have a way to help overcome that.
MVH: By the way you multiplicity of layered question every one is what we call them in our cliche is become a master asked her.
MVH: Every kid is born with infinite curiosity infinite imagination infinite ability if they got loving parents like you
MVH: To know that they're not going to be defeated crushed beat up spank although you know there are a fair amount of parents that are just so dysfunctional. I don't know how to do that right but
MVH: You know, luckily I had parents that I could keep asking now. My parents had absolutely no money. So I started with zero and starting at nine I had asked for and get what I want and at nine years old.
MVH: I had a picture of a racing bicycle on the wall next to me and said why the wheel and Sheffield scale. I mean, it's in my head.
MVH: And I didn't know there is finally said, Dad, can I have it if I pay for myself in today's dollars it's $4,000 like a trek bicycle to know nine year old can turn around that kind of money. Right.
MVH: That's what my dad thought but I'm reading I'm a Boy Scout. As you may know, by reading my beat it, but it said you so greeting cards on consignment. That's it. I don't know what time it is. But I looked it up and I said you know consignment is your salesman.
MVH: Right. How would you define consignment
WS: Well, basically you take someone stuff don't pay for it until you sell it, but you sell it at a markup and you keep the difference
MVH: Bingo. So I took it got these greeting cards. My mother was a great sales woman and a great wreck on tour. She storyteller and
MVH: She said, here you go to all our little neighbors, and I was living a little Denmark. My parents are both Danish right I'm a Danish
MVH: American so proud one and went, knock knock neighbors and just smiled and said I'm earning my own bicycle. Would you like to invest
MVH: In one box Christmas cards or two. Now they thought I was a cute little nine year old and I sold three and seven six bucks Christmas cards in one month.
MVH: made enough money to buy it. My dad to his infinite wisdom which I just got despise at the time to cast that money and put it in my college fun. Can you imagine a parent.
WS: That's awesome. You know, there's a little subtlety in there.
WS: In your ask
MVH: Go ahead.
WS: I bet a lot of people didn't pick up on it reminds me of the old
WS: The old adage, where the the soda shop you know the the drugstores, you know, when they sold the malt.
WS: Yeah, they want to increase their margins. Right. And they were and they want to sell more eggs right they put a raw egg in the malt.
WS: And the guy was. He's like, Would you like an egg, you know, in your mom. How much is it you know what our nickel, whatever. No, no, no. But they changed around to say, Would you like one egg or two.
WS: Right, you didn't give people an out. You didn't say, would you like to buy a box. Oh, no, no, no. You said would you like to buy one or two. So now it's it's the assumption of clothes and as a nine year old probably in your boy scout uniform. They couldn't say no.
MVH: I was, and they didn't. And they did. And I became number one green car salesman. But now unless go forward 30 years jack and ourselves 15 million books a year guys fly in from a company
MVH: That company called American greeting cards and said that they did not know my history. And they said, hey, look.
MVH: You guys are really good writers, we want to do. Chicken Soup for the Soul greeting cards. And at this time I am becoming the biggest licensing guy. Then and Now ever in books because
MVH: Back to asking, nobody ever asked, and I read the book by Lucas and Spielberg and
MVH: They'd made 800 million it and a billion and a half licensing. So I went to jack and I said we're going to license, he said.
MVH: What do you know about it. I said nothing, but I said I'm going to ask myself, I'm a systems. There's one of my many degrees with Buckminster Fuller. When I was in grad school.
MVH: Everything's an outside and inside I'm outside, but I'm going to get inside. And so we sold and we sold 897,000 bucks Christmas cards that I wrote at broke at grocery stores only in the same company 30 years later. Is that interesting karma.
WS: That's really cool.
WS: So tell me what what is this systems because now, now I'm curious, you get the engineering side of me.
MVH: But good. Well, you know, Berta lumpy general systems theory.
MVH: But what do you know, Buckminster Fuller was the best student. Well, I was lucky seven years in grad school, cuz I'm slow. I don't get stuff nearly fast, but once I got it for
MVH: You had better dang well, watch out because I know a lot about engineering and I you know I own a
MVH: Natural natural power concepts which is a company. If you've never looked at natural power concepts you look at our videos.
MVH: We're in a while, who I we got the coolest alternative energy projects products in the world where we got a gigantic order today, so I'm
MVH: Beyond myself. We've got pop up windmills, they're going to solve all the problems at all the solar installations around the country and ours are portable mobile and we're only doing one state so far in the first orders for like 1800 so it's like
WS: You know,
MVH: They're like 400,000 needs. So it's not like a little chump change.
MVH: Nicholas 12 years to get here witches.
MVH: If you've ever had to keep putting money in something for 12 years you go
WS: You mean you couldn't just snap your fingers and tell them who you are and they just do what you say.
MVH: Not only that, let me just tell you that most engineers, which you are one you said, where'd you go to school.
WS: And the Air Force Academy
MVH: Oh my god. One of the best. Just so you know, I was on the board of the bills biggest airline and the head of
MVH: Military Air Command was General bill more. Do you know mortal he's
MVH: Just he just teach
MVH: cute story are you interested in a cute story.
WS: Sure.
MVH: I'm on the board of this company and I'm living in Newport Beach and the chairman of the company del Smith.
MVH: We did most of the military stuff we through all the UPS planes were are painted brown or pilots war brown. He said, we're going to pick you up in the little later and take you over and be at the
MVH: Airport at this time to go to our second air bases here in Arizona Miranda
MVH: And I get on a plane and I'm sitting with a guy in a suit in the back and he said, Bill more and I said, MVH, we had the greatest call like he said, I've been a service 28 years. I said, really.
MVH: And dumb asked me, I said, Didn't you know you could retire it for years. He said, I think.
MVH: We get often bills walking right in front of me and everyone's going hello general hello general and a red carpet.
MVH: I get I feel like the biggest doofus ever and I say we have sat guy to the general bill at a military or companion, all of us. It gives us ringing the watch because we're doing so much work with the Air Force.
MVH: The next day I was teaching you know how to sell. How to prospect present be irresistible and close and have good work habits. And he said in the front row, taking notes and I went up to him and I said,
MVH: You know, Bill, what, you know, I'm really humbled you spend more than a day, then I will in a lifetime is doing what you're doing. So what are you doing, he said, I never heard any of this stuff that you and I are talking about like a something close
MVH: Right.
MVH: You know you're not born knowing any of that, or at least unless you know something that I don't know.
WS: Right.
MVH: You know it's workable everybody needs to learn to be a sales whisper.
WS: I tell everybody you know the great sales people really are made.
WS: You may have an affinity towards it.
MVH: Yeah, of course.
WS: But I tell people all the time selling is it's just as prescriptive as engineering
WS: Exactly. You know, and I i give extreme examples when I'm with people, you know, and just to to make a point quickly right if I'd lose look to judo
WS: Mark, where'd you get those glasses. Those are the ugliest worst glasses. I've ever seen in my entire life. Oh my gosh, that you know you have no styled
MVH: Don't mean change glasses.
WS: You're gonna have your feelings hurt. Right. But conversely, I love your shirts, a great shirt. Where'd you get that shirt you have great taste. What's the material, you'd be like this really nice. This guy's really smart because
WS: I'm agreeing with you already, right. So, I mean, just use your simple examples, but I know how you're going to react from either of those engagements and and we can take it 100 more steps, but if people will simply take the time to learn that
WS: Sales really is a lot more a lot more scientific than people think.
MVH: Exactly. So I'm already keep doing it. And I also congratulations and thank you for serving
MVH: Thank you have a lot of work with the military, as you know, and
MVH: The second thing we do that, you know, because the reason I've sold more books anybody alive, I think, is that we contribute on every book we tied to somebody and we we regularly talk to wounded warriors down a bliss and a few places. And these are some of the nicest most wonderful
MVH: People that have had their bodies blown apart and and are sometimes up to half, or some guys have no legs, arms, and you still love them, you know, my wife and I hug all of them. Well, that was illegal to do is, you know, it's not as
WS: They don't care.
WS: Every January I swim five kilometers across. Tampa Bay for the Navy SEAL foundation and
WS: That crowd doesn't care. I mean, they're they're rebels right they're tough, their families are tough and so
MVH: A lot of podcasts with
MVH: The name outdoor content, whatever it is.
WS: Oh, yeah.
MVH: The seals.
MVH: Yeah, done this, by the way, let's just do that for a second, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't know how great our seals are and why we need to back not only the military, but the police.
MVH: The first responders to fire people. I'm going to tell you you and I've never met before. I don't think we
WS: And passing at conferences, but we didn't ever sat down.
MVH: Yeah, so the point is that leaves and demo we got to support those people because they support us law and order is the necessary thing in America.
MVH: Today more than ever. I mean, we got cities falling apart. And it just breaks my heart because all these people want to work hard, or very smart. In my experience by and larger every there's every profession has some bad apples that
MVH: Right, that's all that the media talks about. We got great people that every level.
WS: Yeah. Amen.
WS: All right, we got on tangents. I will do that. Okay, you're older and wiser, you're supposed to keep me focused. All right. But look, here we go.
MVH: By the way, we're interested though.
WS: No, I know I'm taking notes over here.
MVH: And then by the way they can go read my book and you know my books are very solid. They're very focused, because my publishers go you can do better.
WS: But I do have a question, though. But after we get back to what, what were you saying about your systems. You're a systems engineer.
MVH: A system I breed to find that as an acronym one word that means other words, save yourself time, energy, and money.
MVH: System has an inside and outside right universe is the biggest system Einstein said, It's fine that boundless but we can look at all of it. Right. And the same thing here. So you take a little system like licensing.
MVH: I know when it started. I know who does what I learned everything because I'm an omnivorous reader and back to you saying you're an engineer what Bucky used to teaches universe means when you go to university, you're supposed to study universe so
MVH: I studied every aspect of there's not much you can ask me, or people in licensing that I don't know because I said
MVH: Look, I'm going to know this. And we did 150 $7 million with a dog food. We got 15% and I don't have to eat it. I don't have to deliver it. I don't have to carry it nothing, although
MVH: Back when I lived in Newport. I was on one acre had 88 animals because my daughter was becoming a veterinarian.
MVH: And she couldn't find an animal. She didn't want to take home and I wasn't in our vets and what do you got a sign on your roof that says we pay our bills. I said, Yes, sir. I think we
MVH: Then anyhow.
MVH: I said to the people at the diamond pet food when they came to talk to me because I'm the one who did a licensing contracts, I said.
MVH: Look, I just did a talk for Purina with
MVH: Jay Leno. Curiously enough, and they had a great product as well positioned is beautifully package.
MVH: And it went up and sales one month and crush next month and the chairman said what happens at the dogs don't like it. So I said, Look, you guys at diamond. I'm asking you.
MVH: But I'm asking you to make it organic I'm asking you to make sure it looks good packages. Good. We'll put a little book in there, but the dogs. We've got like it. I got four dogs.
MVH: And we're going to test on my dogs. If they don't like it. I'm not doing the deal with it and and by the way, that's why we got one of the best selling dog foods ever in history. It's all by asking, life is about asking
MVH: That make sense.
WS: For sure. So let me ask you something. Let me ask you something.
WS: You've got you've got a whole speaking of licensing right. You've got a lot of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
WS: Books and I so like I do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
WS: And I trained at noon. Just got done came back.
WS: And and I had this question, I didn't have time to ask a guy because I had to get home.
WS: But I can ask you because it's related. So yeah, like, like any any sport right I oh golf, you know, every, every golf has got their favorite club, you know, seven or nine I went, you know when it's time they go to that.
WS: jujitsu. It's like saying you have a certain move that you can do very well.
WS: But my question for my buddy. When I see him tomorrow. It's like I i have that certain move and I can pull it off, but sometimes I get bored.
WS: And I'm like, I need to expand my game. I need to learn other moves, especially in practice because
WS: That's what practices for right if it's a contest, a tournament. I have never seen this guy all the money's on the line. Okay, I'll go to my go to move
WS: So, but, again, it gets boring has
WS: How have you kept that title that series from being boring for yourself. Because I know a lot of entrepreneurs, though they shoot themselves in the foot because they get bored with whatever, and they want to go tinker with this tinker with that.
WS: And they they forget where their how their bread is buttered right. So how have you stayed so focused and energized by these various titles that are spin offs on your, your core. You know that first book.
MVH: Well, first of all, I think everybody already have a lot to do. I mean you know you're here to live life and you're more abundantly john 1010 and
MVH: you punish and said the same thing out of abundance. Here she took abundance and still abundance for me.
MVH: So I've always had a lot of books to work on at the same time, like one of the other books. I did because I think everyone should write a book that's out right now.
MVH: Just came out yesterday is you have a book. Can you, which is like sort of cool because I think everyone or write a book. The point is,
MVH: Is it I can't get bored about any of this stuff because all of this stuff works and all the stuff. And what I finally got our publisher to do on this book.
MVH: Which, you know, took us two years to write. So it wasn't easy, but it lists all the 309 books that I've written. Nobody's ever done that before. And I thought, well, maybe somebody has but most people have four or five books.
MVH: Because every publisher says well you know I published one minute millionaire behind me with Random House.
MVH: And he said, we wouldn't publish that that was published by you and Harper, some are some are H CI and you go, what the point is. Every book should help sell every other book right
MVH: And I happen to love to write. I happen to love to read. I happen to think I love doing these podcasts with people that I've never met before, or you and I passed.
MVH: Met and passing you said, but the bottom line is everybody's got more in in. And what happens is you have to have high lofty and inspired goals.
MVH: You have to have goals that are so big, like I want I've sold a half billion books, but I want to sell whole billion. Nobody's ever done it. But because you're talking about a sport.
MVH: Let me modify it to running you know who the first guy to run a four minute mile wants you remember his name.
WS: And Bruce Bannister
MVH: Roger Bannister
MVH: Your medical doctor and they said, well, if you do that, your huddled jump.
WS: Right.
MVH: In the next week 119 people rent it for minimum, not because physically. We're always able to do it. I mean, I, I've done the boulder, my brothers and I do the boulder boulder every year when it was open.
MVH: And we have a big family of 50 you know extended people all do it, but we watch the Kenyans run for minute miles just to finish the dang thing and we look like we're going backwards, right.
MVH: But the point is, is it goals are set to be broken goals are set everyone needs more targets and they've got so you need targets on your new moves and golf that and then number two is if you really a golf attic. Don't you want to golf. The best hundred courses in the world.
MVH: Sure, yeah. Well, then you want to get really good because it's going to be expensive.
WS: Bear be good at something, because you're gonna lose some golf balls.
MVH: And beyond that, if you're just sales whisper, and I assume mostly or sales and entrepreneurs, listening to us right
MVH: Right, like I was listening to grant
MVH: CARDONE this morning and he says, look, a million used to do you okay but now you need a 10 million just to get into game. So if you haven't got a target 10 million ladies and don't
MVH: Write down a target. You got to have a network of a minimum of 10 million and and many of you said it, it gets exciting.
MVH: See a million isn't exciting enough because it's, you know, any way you divide it if you divide it by you know 20 years 50 years or however long you gonna live, it's not enough.
MVH: To generate enough money to live can have a substantial fully functioning life. We're not wanting to do you take care of yourself and seven kids in your case, which is every kid costs a quarter million bucks, as you know, to get from zero to 18
MVH: Amen through college. It's a lot more expensive and you still got a six year old at home.
WS: So what do you say to the
WS: Bag carrying quota carrying salesperson, you know, making 100 grand a year doing okay.
WS: Or the entrepreneur that the chiropractor owns their own clinic, you know, maybe taking home 200 grand all said and done, or
WS: Heaven forbid the restaurant owner, right, who's
WS: Doing carry out only or 25% in in the restaurant right now. How, what did they do when they to set a $10 million $10 million goal right as a if you're making 100 grand a year you're 30 years old in sales for decent company. You got a pretty good life, how
WS: Good. But let's say they are
WS: They're motivated, they want more. Listen to this. They go, you know what marks right
WS: On a $10 million net worth. What's the first thing they do.
MVH: Okay, so let me go backwards. First of all, the food chain, because I'm now being asked to help one of the billion dollar food companies do B to C because I've been doing B2B business and it won't work anymore.
MVH: And this weekend we are with a guy with, I don't mind saying Jerome Jerome all these pizza, which is one of the big three change in America.
MVH: And this guy is booming because instead of him delivering pizza, like every other Pizza Company. He sent out 780,000 emails a week and says, hey,
MVH: Look west instead of us coming to you. You come to us and we can save you 20% in his business is over the top.
MVH: It's so much over the top. The biggest potato chip company came to him and said, we want to put your name and all our bags because you're doing marketing and levels. We don't know. So that's food.
MVH: You get what I'm saying is asking, which is why everyone's got to read the book because it will wake you up. It'll be transformative. It'll give you illumination
MVH: And solution, and he read it. And it's obviously done that for him. His name is Joe key Allah and his wife IV.
MVH: But OK, so that's that back to the first guy. There's three models you gave me the first guy $100,000 a year guy hundred thousand dollar a year.
MVH: Seems like it's enough. It just is not enough, because by the time you pay 40% taxes, you're not on a 60 grand
MVH: And 60 grand isn't enough to buy a car have a house. Now if you're always leasing a car and you want to have what monster debt for the rest of your life.
MVH: And that doesn't make it work. So what I'm asking you to do is say, hey, wait a second.
MVH: What would it take me in a sales job to make a million year or can I make a million in this company. And if I can't
MVH: Am I open enough to either figure out my own entrepreneurial deal or create multiple sources of income.
MVH: Or do a part time job and make more my part time job and I didn't have my full time job make more in a month and a ever having a year because we're saying if you do 100,000 a month. That's a million to a year. That'd be good. And what was the middle example you gave me. We had a couple
WS: Like a chiropractor restaurant owner
MVH: Okay so chiropractors. So first of all, as you may know, I've trained chiropractors is one of my four big marketplaces. I don't know if you hit that on purpose or not, but I got
MVH: 10 honorary doctorates three in chiropractic from life from Cleveland from Parker universities and
MVH: In fact, I'm doing a big graduation for life University here in Atlanta shortly. Again, when they open up next January.
MVH: They think they'll be open. Um, what I did is when when we wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, the publisher wouldn't do it for a year and a half.
MVH: And jack and I are already out 180 grand each and didn't have any money. So we both started with zero. And so I came up with this idea and what I
MVH: If you're going to my website. Mark Johnson calm.
MVH: You know, I go through it. But I say, look, here's what you gotta do to write a book. But when you're ready to book. You got to do interviews and if you can do interviews you got to package them as a book or a set of tapes, or a podcast or
MVH: A webinar and then sell it and I interviewed to 21 people in chiropractic that we're all making over a million a year cash practices, no insurance.
MVH: I just give an example of one we interviewed the guy in Denver.
MVH: Dr. Dennis Nikita who's a dear friend and Nikita said, all you have to do to build the biggest practice in town is carrier rubber band.
MVH: Sounds like a dumb idea didn't know what that was a rubber band got to do with getting rid of sublimation but
MVH: Here's a civilization. You said you put a rubber band around a guy's finger tightly and you say okay, West. I'm going to pretend PRETEND I'M GOING TO BE YOUR DOCTOR, WHAT COLOR. Does that turn.
MVH: Purple. Then if I leave it on there too long. What color.
MVH: Black then
MVH: falls off. Now I've asked you three questions now. West edgier want to be doctor if you go to a medical doctor can he or she get rid of sunblock station.
MVH: Know if you go to a PT a physical therapist. Can they do it.
WS: Don't think so.
MVH: If you go to a nurse. Can they do it.
WS: No.
MVH: Go to massage therapist. Can they do it.
MVH: You go to a plot. Okay, so he goes to 12 different things. And then he said, well, who's going to get rid of it. I am. And I'd love you to be my patient. Now here's the deal.
MVH: Because at the time the Clintons and taken away all the insurance from chiropractic. These guys are all sinking.
MVH: And so I said, look, I'm going to help all of you, but you got to help me. I am the spokesperson for the American Red Cross, Liddy dole came to me they're out of blood.
MVH: And then we went to doctors. They wouldn't give it to us. So I said, Look there 20 77,000 of you with 25 million patients a month.
MVH: I need you to reactivate all your old patients. Here's the letter, send it out and say we're going to you're going to call 800 give life Schedule A blood mobile out in front of your practice.
MVH: And I want you to give a free adjustment everybody gives a pint of blood. We get enough blood for a year and a half. So what does that mean in mathematics, because you're an engineer, you know this. A negative times negative equals
MVH: Positive yeah it is fun. So chiropractic was a negative situation. And by the way, I say this to you all listening because
MVH: A lot of you're hanging on by your fingernails and I've been broke twice in my life, and it wants $2 million down. So I'm really clear about what I'm saying.
MVH: So the negative in the chiropractic the negative. And we're out of blood and people die if you go to the hospital and you need blood
MVH: Ladies and gentlemen, there's no pseudo blood. So if you haven't given blood, you need to get it.
MVH: If you've had COPD and got rid of it. You got platelets. You got to give it from my point of view, I think you've got a duty and responsibility and obligation.
MVH: And and you say, Well, I'm to whatever, then we got rid all the age because you know a lot of old people got this thing because they have pre existing conditions they have
MVH: The point is, if you start asking those kinds of questions I built a great I sold $3 million where the tapes.
MVH: In a month. Afterwards I did the interviews for one week with the 21 top doctors. Then I enter. Then I put it together. And the nice said, Hey, you guys are going to go bankrupt, unless you get those tapes. The bottom of the bottom. Interesting.
WS: I love it.
WS: But you know so tomorrow I'm starting a three part
WS: Program for people to launch their ideas. Right. I'm trying to help people just get off the diamond and grow right build that side business monetize your idea and one of the ladies on my weekly group call she's going to be in that call, and she had mentioned that she she has seen others.
WS: Do a webinar do a live event and with the whole goal really of being to monetize that thing, obviously, the big upsell at the end run to the back of the room.
WS: And she she feels dirty right doing that and and I have struggled with that, to a degree right i don't i don't want people to feel like I'm just the whole thing is one big pitch.
WS: But I did give her the analogy. And I listened to Ziegler still listen to him, you know to this day.
Great. We'll
WS: Talk about you. I said, look,
WS: I can motivate you for an hour a day or two, but if that's it you just leave. You're gonna forget everything I told you in a month. You're gonna forget 90% of what I ever told you
WS: He's like, I need you to buy these cassette tapes, you know, back in the day.
WS: For your own good. Right. You gotta listen over and over for really to sink in. So it's like nobody ever accused of being manipulative. But how did we get over that. Right. And maybe the Ask yourself, right, like, ask yourself to care enough to sell something
MVH: Right. I mean, I've asked everybody
MVH: More than once on the show already to buy our book. So just go to Amazon, get it and then join ask the book club com free with Crystal mark. We're going to trip, help me come after after because everybody's going to have to learn how to ask
MVH: And read pivot reinvent reorient themselves. We entrepreneur and an entrepreneur.
MVH: Is just a problem solver for a profit and it's you solve somebody's problem, like I just told you I sell the chiropractic problem. I tell the blood problem.
MVH: I didn't get paid by the Red Cross, by the way, I don't want to misrepresent anything, you know, and I got a big trophy and
MVH: You know, there's a. Nobody's ever done this before in the area. Anyhow, the point is, all of us are here to have
MVH: Monster success. But the only way to do it. As far as I'm concerned, as if you master the fine art of asking and don't feel guilty about asking apply
MVH: In our little book here, what we did is we did seven roadblocks to asking, we said what you're really talking about is your sense of self worth.
MVH: If I asked you, you might think I'm dumb. You might think I'm stupid. You may think I'm ignorant. You may think, I don't know enough. You may think whatever you may think, right.
MVH: But in a life insurance business when I train there, you know, if you already have a nice car, whatever it is, whether it's Cadillac, or Lincoln or Mercedes or Beamer or Tesla.
MVH: I'd say, wait a second. Don't you want to have a million dollar insurance policy for your wife.
MVH: I mean, that's the most important thing, right, because you're the goose any up so you got to overcome your sense of self worth, and we teach how to do that.
MVH: Then you got to overcome all fear because all of us have fear and Zig us to say, False Evidence Appearing Real united, a lot of programs together.
MVH: Then you got to come over disconnectedness because all of us get plugged in. Well, if I asked them, and they say no to me. I'm going to be rejected.
MVH: By jack and mark up rejected 144 times we Chicken Soup for the Soul. Nobody wanted it all a big guy said nobody will buy short stories that 1980s junk anyhow point is our agent even fire this. So you've got to be a rejection proof.
MVH: If you really know you got a high quality value.
MVH: Then that quantity of service was a quality service equals unlimited compensation and every one of us is entitled 8 billion of us alive are entitled unlimited compensation.
MVH: And today, we can get going and make that all happen for the first time in history. So we've said unworthiness we've said
MVH: Disconnected. We've said excuse ology. Maybe I didn't say that we've said pattern paralysis. My older brother. God bless. One had a photographic memory, but he wanted never to look
MVH: Anything. So you're shy taken to the airport after he came and visited us. And I said, now you know how to get through the airport. He was at one at the time.
MVH: Because I've been in airports, a quarter million miles a year for 44 years flying around talking to 80 countries, I thought everyone did
MVH: Later on, as it late in the afternoon, his daughter called me and said, Do you hear what happened with dad didn't you. And I said, no, he
MVH: Said he got lost in the airport and Mr is playing the heavyweight 13 hours just in Phoenix, I said, Jodi.
MVH: Getting their best friends. He should have just called me to come pick them up taking them to breakfast or something, anything but but he's afraid to ask.
MVH: And this this thing about robot. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you're afraid to ask two things. Number one, I'm giving you 100% permission asked
MVH: If anyone says, What makes you have permission to ask with well morphic grants and said I had full permission. F. Yeah, he said he could do. You could use his name.
MVH: world's best selling author gave me permission to ask you, Mr. Big because if you're going to Mr. Miss big they got more money. They got a
MVH: Grant would say they got your money and and and if you really there to serve them in Christ and the greatest amongst us servant of all. So you and I are supposed to serve greatly by selling greatly. I love selling
MVH: Then I
MVH: There's not a day in my life. I haven't sold and won't sell and I know it'd be 120 seventh options for an
WS: Amen. So 144 times, you know, some people would say, Maybe 100 right?
MVH: Or one
WS: How do we know when when we have a bad idea right versus...we just haven't asked the right person? I mean, when you want
WS: An entrepreneur no over
MVH: To the right person.
MVH: What's that nor more often than not it's going to be the right person because you're gonna have to go through a lot of
MVH: You know, it's the law in the Bible. It talks about the faith and ratios is, you know, where did the seed fall and most see doesn't fall on the right person. So
MVH: You know, you might have to call on tend to get one when I do my first seminars would have had no brochure no ability, nothing in the insurance business but I knocked on doors one
MVH: The 10th guy said yes at 630 at night and he was a nice old Italian guy that was maybe wait 450 pounds. I'm sure he's no longer around
MVH: You know, but he was really wonderful. We just had the greatest conversation. And he thought, if you can call me at 630 at night. I want you to sell my people on how to do that.
MVH: And and he said he could with proof. That's the number one company known story. He was admitted Paul I'm number one guy in metropolitan and he said
MVH: My name is Tony, you just tell all these guys into direct me to call me and I'll tell them they all got to hire you. And I was doing for seminars on prospecting presenting good work habits closing and
MVH: And it just it rock in the first year I did 1000 talks.
MVH: And for the first three years, Tony Robbins, and I, as far as I know, are the only two guys ever did that. So the point is if you want massive success. You got to take massive action.
MVH: And the guy making 100 grand a year is probably not taken as massive action that he could because of question like, my wife. I said, are we doing everything we can to make this app, right.
WS: So all right, going back to that hundred thousand dollar guy.
WS: Yeah, probably even before coven right he's making 100 grand but he's probably working a pretty good bit yeah companies probably fly them around a bunch of crappy meetings got fell a lot of Excel spreadsheets and CRM and take clients golfing take them to dinner take on the breakfast.
WS: You know how I see people. They literally are they're sacrificing their lives for that paycheck.
WS: You know how, how can they
WS: Have a life still give the company, you know, a good, a good effort, you know, so they're they're earning their pay, but not but not waste their life away earning that paycheck, only to be laid off as soon as you know, the first tough time comes around.
MVH: Great question. So three parts to it. Number one, you got to know when you are most productive like I'm productive mostly in the morning I'm
MVH: unequivocally the, you know, I write the best morning sell the best morning you know I have a great attitude morning and I exercise first then
MVH: I'm ready to go. Number two is you got to pick the days in your schedule that you're going to clean up all the message.
MVH: Fill out all the spreadsheets, do all the, what we call garbage work or push it on your secretary. If you've got such a person or assistant or whatever it's called.
MVH: And in three. What are your free days and a free days got to happen at least one day a week where you're totally clean and not working. And for most people. That would be a Sunday.
MVH: And then on Monday, you'll come back more energized and ever, and do better. But let's go back to just the green different color coding it would be green days.
MVH: Or your prime money making days. You can't let anything interrupt that day when you're supposed to be selling if it's in a Monday, let's say in a Tuesday.
MVH: You can't go golfing you can't be spending too much time in a restaurant with somebody that's not buying you got to really do your due and be with people that are actionable buyers. Does that make sense.
WS: Absolutely.
MVH: Now, if you can figure out how to with with zoom calls get all those actionable buyers to come together because you bring some treat to them that nobody else can some piece of insight.
MVH: And sell all of them at once on the zoom call because maybe you can't go place to place anymore for two reasons. Number one is
MVH: We're not allowed to fly ruined everyone doesn't want to see us anymore. And number two, is it you might have flight available or like American laid off 8000 pilot yesterday I read. So it's gonna be tougher and tougher for me to get to you, are you to get to me.
WS: Amen.
WS: So was our third
MVH: Oh, the three things so green days are the days you're working yellow days and cleaning up your mess.
MVH: And purple God's highest color. The top of the electromagnetic spectrum or your days totally off could be your two week vacation for week vacation, whatever it is, but I would ask you to break up your vacations, you're going to four weeks a year. Do a week you know in each quarter.
WS: That's cool. Yeah, purple is my ad is what I use on my calendar. Actually, that's
MVH: My book one minute millionaire, which is right there is purple and yellow. And it's got a universal symbol of illumination is you have one
MVH: Are you one of my lucky winners that has one
WS: Hey, hey luck. Come on, man.
MVH: Did you read it cover to cover.
MVH: I did know that if you flip the pages that shows. I had a butterfly and right hand side. Yeah, off the top works. My goal is to, you know, create a million millionaires.
MVH: And I said, here's the answer to your question. I'm glad you asked it. The first line your book I wrote was. There's a million ways to make a million.
MVH: And there's one right easy acceptable way to, you know, I don't want everyone to be a speaker, because everyone doesn't have the ability
MVH: As a wreck on to that I got. But I've developed it over, you know, 44 years of doing this business. Everyone can't write. I mean, I've been writing since I was 16 and I love it. I get a lot of rejections and editors will say, Who are you sure
MVH: And they still do that to me. So I do in back to another question you asked earlier and I didn't answer it is, is whether
MVH: How to know itself feedback is the breakfast of champions. And if you're getting negative feedback. That means it doesn't work. But the stories of jack and I are doing and chicken soup.
MVH: We're rating. So hi everybody in the audience, if you have that in the book, I got to have that in a book and you know so we knew that it would work.
MVH: And the publishers didn't believe us. And I guess I was crazy. I said, well, so, because I believe in gigantic goals like a million and a half a year and a half. We did 1,000,003 and I said, we'll go to 5 million and they went
MVH: It's guides out to lunch. And we did that and then 10 million a year and and 15 million a year. And, you know, we get more Guinness Book of Records anyone because everyone said you can't do that well.
MVH: Also, people say, well, you didn't really write three or nine books. Well, I can show them to. They're all laying here, you know, little books like tithing unless you go to church, you're not going to see that.
WS: You know,
MVH: Most churches. So my booking pretty much volume.
WS: Do new people today need a formal publisher or what's what role do you see self publishing hat, because my two books are self publish that I don't have the patience you have
WS: To go through a publisher, but should I, should I just bite the bullet and do the work and get an official publisher for my next book.
MVH: I've got five publishers. So I got to be careful here. But the bottom line is today given
MVH: Given that every book is being sold by Amazon and I don't wish that but when our publisher, call us to look you're bringing it out asked comes on April 28
MVH: We're gonna hide a coven a matter of fact that the time he called us he had coven he cured himself. Thank God with hydroxychloroquine when and Z Pack and
MVH: Zinc. Well, which I believe in and how to use when I got it. But the point is, is it and I cured in one day because you do it at the beginning. You're safe and you got a lot of idiots out there, they're lying about the truth so
MVH: I just had that experience. So I'm real keen on this one.
MVH: And, you know,
WS: eight out of nine of us got it, but we didn't have. We didn't get the prescription. They all had it easy. I had crap at sinuses fever for five days, but still beat it.
MVH: Well, I thought I was dead. Today I had it and I said you had taken the first day. That's the law. I did, by the way, I, I wrote that other book. I think I sent you called How to be up and down times with Mitzi produce did you, did I send you that
WS: No.
MVH: I say anyone order.
WS: Any of
MVH: My gift. So back to your question. My answer is two parts. Number one is, I think, yeah, you just publish it with Amazon.
MVH: And and make sure you're getting the highest royalty again from the number two is it
MVH: Once you sold 40,000 copies, then go to a publisher. Now you're going to get a really good payday. And the best example I write about there. And my friend.
MVH: Dr. Ken Blanchard Kenny taught jack at Harvard. You want to Jackson, but the cannon are I've been on his board of directors, a lead like Jesus and all that, as I can and
MVH: Spencer Johnson medical doctor wrote one minute manager and then there who who moved my cheese, but they sold 40,000 copies the copy to my little Xerox machine. I got here my office and they sold them and then they went, they got $4 million because I told 40,000 copies
MVH: Right.
MVH: Now you know you want to come in with strength and say, hey, look. Not only is it selling but other people want the other guy that did that as a guy who wrote Christmas box. He self published
MVH: I can see his face. I can't pull his name right now. But, you know, the good news is, I've been doing book so long I know most major authors in the world. And I like all of them.
MVH: Because it's a tough. It's a tough road to hoe and it's tough to write and it's tough tougher to sell. But I'm saying when you got a great book. You're only 10% done 90% of the sales the marketing the advertising.
MVH: And, and, you know, deciding to do the hard work of getting going. And it's like an airplane which because you know more about planes. I do 90% the fuel burn up on the runway and it goes into high level flight you trim tab it and float right metaphorically flow.
MVH: If you've looked too much you correct
WS: Although if I glider. So you're kind of floating on those
MVH: But I gotta tell you that I got.
MVH: Over 15,000 goals and writing, one of which is to learn to fly to later it's still my goal.
MVH: I mean, I'm a pilot, but I want to be a glider.
MVH: I want to fly glider. I mean, I watched
MVH: Steve McQueen did the movie. The first time I can't think of the name. But right now. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
MVH: Anyhow, you know the movie.
WS: Yeah, when they when you when you pull that handle and you see that front hook open and that tow rope go away.
WS: And it's just quiet.
WS: Like
MVH: It's like Arizona right now. It was on as empty because everyone to Minnesota wherever they go.
WS: Yeah.
MVH: I mean, I have a top of the hill of Dharma, then we've gone to California, a couple times and Flagstaff to cool off. But basically it's it's hot here, so almost nobody's home.
WS: Yeah, and you catch a thermal
WS: Rod, you know, Colorado Springs. We're already up, you know, over a mile and then you get the star most coming off the mountains and I mean on my solo America they teach you how to slip it right, just turn and literally slice through
WS: The wind because you get the star moles and you just you'll go up, you know, almost to the moon. And that's a bad thing in a in a glider with no oxygen. So you gotta learn how to how to bring it back down. But yeah, you hit those thermals, you just go up and up and up, you'll just stay up
MVH: Hi everyone. Oh.
WS: So I took I think 11 flights of training and i think i think i sold on my 11th.
WS: But you know go that high, you know, we go a few thousand feet, maybe above ground level.
MVH: We ever scare
WS: No, I know you went to an instructor
MVH: On the quality of you got underneath you.
WS: Oh, not much. I grew up flying actually with my family, my dad, my grandfather. So I have had more time flying with them. Then I wasn't a pilot in the Air Force so
WS: Not all that much. Although I've flown in just about everything you know F 16 and C 130s and see fives and all kinds of things. So, but, yeah, I didn't fly him.
WS: But that go go fly glider.
MVH: I want to send it to my goals. I usually I pull off everything I say I'm going to do. I just haven't taken time to do it so
WS: Just making a goal is, how, how far out do you write goals.
WS: Because you
WS: Already said you lift 127 with an option to renew. So do you have a 254 years ago.
MVH: The truth is, I wrote hundred year goals like I want to, I think you need to write some big hairy, audacious goals. And I'll just give you mine only could you ask, but I want a house on house humanity.
MVH: On a feed and fed humanity expeditiously and I'm to consider because I'm an alternative energy guy.
MVH: I want to have portable transportable energy to take care of the 4 billion people that don't have energy right now and
MVH: Today is I told you we just got the first contract I invested $2 million in this company, you know, 12 years ago and today is the first time we get a contract, it's been, it has been. And I thought, we're going to hang ourselves on this one. I just, it has been a slug forward because
MVH: You know everybody's still thinks, how to use diesel, which is ugly. It's dirty, it's dangerous to go to the 20,000 islands around the world.
MVH: It's polluting and and we're having, as you know, abdominal weather everywhere. I mean, whether we're talking about the two hurricanes it
MVH: Went through the Caribbean and then into Louisiana or we're talking about 14,000 Holmes's with the number I read burned in California.
MVH: And they won't have energy now for the next year. I'm telling you that I got portable when I it's cold wind charge and we drive it in pop it up it goes
MVH: I designed it so go straight and 60 degrees. I mean petris a major designer. I'm a minor partially on that patent. I am not an engineer. Like you, I do not claim engineering, I claim I hang out with engineers. So I understand it, I got the vocabulary, but I don't have the training you do
WS: Well, still seems like you're doing it right.
I'm having a ball.
MVH: I've had plenty of resistance and I say the times we're in for all the people that are listening. A lot of like I said a minute ago, a lot of you're hanging out by your fingernails and
MVH: I've been bankrupt and went down $2 million once and slept on another guy's
MVH: Door 1974 when the oil embargo crash and burn and I was building the wall street record club Botanical Gardens aviary
MVH: And it was my best worst experience. So some of you are going through that right now and you got to understand the reason I'm begging you on your behalf to read ask, is it will take you from adversity to see the advantage because there's a golden
MVH: Lining and everything and take adversity and see the opportunity in it because there's more. Remember the ying and yang 6000 years old symbol says crisis equals opportunity.
MVH: If we've got the biggest crisis, we got the biggest opportunity. And once you take off the blinders which asking does
MVH: Right. Ask yourself who am I and what is it that I can do what is my unique talent. Where's my acres of diamonds. Where's my genius. And then, you know, ask yourself, ask others and ask God we're saying when you ask God
MVH: You go deep. You said, God, what's your destiny for me. God, what's your destiny for me. God, what's your destiny for me 400 times before you go to sleep.
MVH: You're going to wake up in the middle of the night, be going to tell your sweetheart before you go to sleep, sweetie, I'm going to wake up.
MVH: And I'm going to have this thing come through and God's gonna tell me what I'm supposed to do with my life now and start making money tomorrow, and I'm going to have to write it down.
MVH: Now you say, does that work well. That's how jack and I came up with the title he in his house in Santa Barbara me in Newport Beach.
MVH: To 38 he calls me in the morning wakes up the whole house back and we didn't have cell phones is 1989 and said Chicken Soup for the Soul and both of us got goosebumps. We knew that it would work and publishers didn't believe it, but we did
WS: Yeah, that's
MVH: That make sense.
WS: Oh, yeah.
WS: It does.
MVH: It's called a thought command and every one of us needs today because of the sequel restoration and I'll give a chicken soup story I
MVH: Chicken soupy story out of asked if you're open to it. We all need to reorient our mind and give ourselves mind command back to that hundred thousand dollar guy when I'm doing seminars, starting in 1974 after going bankrupt.
MVH: guy told me what to do and how to do it, Chip, Colin. I asked him, and he told me
MVH: I'm calling on PA I suddenly say, Well, I want to make 100 grand a year. That's 250 work days times $400 a day there's 100 grand
MVH: Right, I knew what I had to do to get there and got there and and I'm talking to the top salesman in church. Ben Feldman and Feldman, who was making 4 million a year.
MVH: So, no, no. He said, If your kid's life depended on it, could you make 4000 a day. I said,
MVH: Yeah, I do anything for my kid. So he said, not just do 250 times I started making a million a year because you change your mindset you change your goal.
MVH: But the goal has got to be in writing and I'm saying, You got it, like it says in the book. You got to have a three by five card and right. I am so happy I am earning this
MVH: By doing this, and you sign it and get you're supposed to sign it or you boss to sign it. Look at it four times a day.
MVH: Brandon in your brain Epson the fabric of your being morning lunchtime dinner, and more importantly, before you go to sleep because so conscious never sleeps.
MVH: And like I'd wake up at 258 in the morning, and I'd have a name like
MVH: Bill White interstate mutual. And I said, Okay, I gotta write it down. I don't know who that is. The next time I'll cold calling people to sell my seminar.
MVH: I go to this building, insurance companies are all in the same building. Sort of like McDonald's is next to Taco Bell and all that they hang together and then they steal each other's people and sort of a nutshell things car dealers. Do the same thing. Anyhow,
MVH: I don't believe in stealing people's people I don't believe in proselytize ation. It's called but I'm in there and it says
MVH: Go whiten your signature. I go in the office, no secretary's desk, go to his office, he wrote me a check for $400
MVH: in like five minutes, he said, You're so happy I didn't care he never came back, he just made me happier because you're happy to get it but he ended up getting me the whole company to train the company for does that make hopefully this is not only entertaining but insightful.
WS: Sure.
MVH: Can I go one more story.
MVH: So, as I told you, Crystal I decided, asking is the thing that has made us successful at every level, no matter where we are up and down. Up in the valley or up the hill peaking.
MVH: But we wrote everything we knew about asking, then we did all this study at Harvard and Stanford and Cambridge and all of it. Agreed. And then we said, well, wait a second.
MVH: We know all these people that are very successful, what do we ask them, we had 26 people we interviewed one is called Jim Stovall. Do you know that name. No, he wrote a great book. I want you to read called the ultimate gift.
MVH: Charlie tremendous Jones called me and said, You got to do this. I said, Man, I'm selling 15 million books here I have barely TIME TO BREATHE you said. This book will change your life. I read it.
MVH: I wrote the foreword I wrote an endorphin said this book is so good. The ultimate gift. It should be a movie.
MVH: At the time, I didn't know STOVL was totally blind, you'll appreciate this. He's 19 years old he's a superstar athlete our Olympic champion.
MVH: He wanted to be in the NFL, that's his whole goal in life goes gets recruited and the doctor comes back and says, kid. I'm sorry, six months, and I'm going to be totally permanently forever blind.
MVH: Worst day of his life. He's now sequestered in the nine by 12 room. He's got a radio and TV and telephone. It's complaining
MVH: His parents a Jimmy, Jimmy. Jimmy go down to the blind meeting maybe out of this. Well, it's an echo chamber and negativity.
MVH: So let me do a parentheses and say everybody. You got to shut off the negative media today a real crushing
MVH: Right there's why a second ago, West said you got to be lives in a positive stuff my stuff is stuff is the stuff. Everybody positive watch my films free on YouTube, whatever, whatever gets your
MVH: Chain going every day turns on your crank and your anyhow. He goes on. He says next is woman who is a court stenographer Cathy
MVH: And he says, you know, I used to love watch TV and somebody throw right hook somebody on a narrate that she hits them into ribs and say this is a question. All of you got to ask yourself. So, wait a second. We're somebody, why can't we do it.
MVH: We're somebody, why can't we do. And I said, an entrepreneur is somebody who fixes a problem for profit they created narrative TV.
MVH: Make 14 million people that are blind watch narrative TV. Now, you never heard of a price, but they make $10 a month. One of the biggest streaming service like Netflix that exists in the world.
MVH: And you never heard of it, not that that matters, but he wrote books. What we interviewed for this. He is pure wisdom.
MVH: Jim said, look, if I have lived 100 years I'll thank you every day in my prayers. Mark years that critical to me. And I just want you to know that I now write books that I can't read.
MVH: I now made movies you made 100 million on the movie because I told him do a movie. I now make movies that I can't see. So blindness was his adversity. But he made it is advantage.
MVH: Am I DID I TELL THE STORY clear enough. So it makes sense.
WS: Yeah, it's like the old to make make your mess your message.
MVH: I not heard the line, but I like it. Yeah. And everybody you know anyone that doesn't have a master to
MVH: Wait, right.
WS: Yeah. Nothing's perfect right i mean you just you just end up with bigger challenges, later on, but you know how to handle them because you've handled all the other. So it's just keep rolling
MVH: Yeah, that's the point is it when I was with w Clement Stone, the billionaire for Chicago. He said, The only thing to change when you have more money is there's more zeros and the problems are much bigger.
WS: Right.
MVH: And much more closely. Yeah. But theoretically, you can solve them. And the best example today that is
MVH: I don't know if you'd like, or hate is an engineer Elon Musk, but I happen to love him never met him. But, you know, here's a guy.
MVH: Governor of California us out to lunch, as far as I'm concerned, says you cannot make your cars.
MVH: So he goes up 3am and says, hey, look, you're not making enough ventilators, the presidency as you get FM lighters, give me a contract. I got steel. I got mental I got 3D printing. I got Hama Hama Hama
MVH: I'll make them and he starts making him. But when he was making the ventilators, which he made all the ventilators for three
MVH: case you didn't know you also make cars made 90,000 cars became the number one car company in America, you take it personally turn into advantage and ladies and gentlemen, you got to out think
MVH: Out serve outsource outperform your competition because they are your competition is only one competition yourself.
MVH: You got to be your own hero and a hero has somebody who takes a problem looks at it as an opportunity and solve it. David had five stones only needed one to get down Goliath everyone's got a Goliath metaphorically in their life just takes one stone to knock it out.
WS: So I always tell people without Goliath. David, would be an unknown shepherd boy.
MVH: Yep. Didn't wouldn't have been King
MVH: Them when to pull off the cool stuff and get a statue in Florida.
WS: Alright, well this has been awesome. I want to be respectful of your time. I'm linking here to ask the Asperger's calm and I'm sure that is in the book as well, which they can get on Amazon, right.
MVH: Yes, please get one and i hope i meet all of you, I hope, Cobra gets cured. I want to go back and do seminars, with lots of people meet you all.
MVH: And I want to hear you're asking story or get on ask the Astor's. And, you know, tell us your story and it just, we're going to go into the best times ever in America. If we think we can. You can if you think you can
WS: Yeah. Amen. All right. Well, Mark Victor Hansen, all the way from Scottsdale, thanks for coming on the show, man. It's been great.
MVH: My pleasure. Wes. Thank you for having me.
WS: Have a great day.