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Make Money in Las Vegas, Guaranteed!

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | Nov 3, 2016 5:15:00 AM

Automate. Integrate. Dominate. So you can Celebrate.

You can make money in Vegas if you have the right tools in place.

I just got back from a 48-hour trip to Vegas to meet up with some college buddies I haven't seen in years. (8/30/09)

The excuse was to conduct a Fantasy Football draft, which we have now done for three years in a row.

While I was there I received several nice little "dings" on my iPhone telling me new clients had enrolled in one of my training courses. The only thing I had to do to inform them of the training, process their credit cards, set up their account and begin sending them material was...nothing.

My sales and marketing automation platform, which is also a CRM and a social media publishing and monitoring tool, enables me to create webforms and/or product links within my eCommerce storefront, and place that code or link on my website to take both product orders and subscription orders.

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These forms are tied to my merchant account so their payments are processed automatically.

Finally, these new clients are entered into a complete follow up sequence that tags or categorizes the new clients appropriately, fires off a double-optin email confirming their request, then launches a multi-step, multi-media sequence that sends them their receipt, informs them of where to download their study guides, gives them their membership site credentials, etc. without me having to put down my cold beer or my hot draft list.

If you'd like a demo of this process to see how you might be able to leverage it, just contact me here and we'll make it happen.

To find the best CRM for you, follow this link to the Best CRM Survey, a.k.a. "CRM Sushi," and find out for yourself based on what's important to you.

Building sequences takes work but it sure is nice to know that once you set it up you can leave work behind, visit with friends in Las Vegas and still be adding to your bank account.

I'll help you build it but you must start.

You'll be glad you did.

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as:

Good Selling

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Written by Wes Schaeffer

Wes and his wife just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have seven kids, which means Wes is motivated to find what works and help you apply it to grow your sales so he can buy diapers, groceries, braces...and bourbon.

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