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Make Magnetic Marketing With These Copywriting Tips, Lukas Resheske

Learn how to create great copywriting fast to make every sale 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Your copywriting should be at the 4th grade level
  • People get really weird about writing
  • We're okay speaking to people one on one
  • Nobody has "talker's block" but we do have "writer's block"
  • Do not major in the minors
  • People are still reading
  • About 80% of Facebook videos are watched without the sound  on
  • Writing out ads by hand can help junior copywriters
  • Eugene Schwartz took a recording of Marty selling Boardroom
  • "The Arm Chair Exercise"
    • Helps if you're writing for a client
    • Across from you in a comfy chair is your ideal prospect
    • Visualize them
    • Start
    • How do you get their attention
    • What's their response?
    • That's your first draft
  • The need for urgency, scarcity, and calls to action
  • Content is more forgiving vs Advertising
  • Copywriting has a goal to get your reader to take action
  • Consider the medium
  • Script your ads down to the second
  • Longer form content as Facebook posts on his profile are working for him
  • He's seeing clients have success as well on their Facebook Pages
  • Communicating via the written word works everywhere
  • If you're new in business, do your own copywriting
  • As you approach six figures and beyond, bring in an outside copywriter
  • Bring a junior copywriter on as you grow
  • How to find a good copywriter
    • Stalk them online
    • Interview them
      • Make sure they are inquisitive
    • Get a junior copywriter for $1,000 to $2,000 per month
    • Can help with Google AdWords, headlines, social media, blog posts
    • Find the chemistry
    • Give them homework before you hire them (pay them for their time)
  • Content vs Copy
    • Communicate concepts for sharing
    • Write so they take an action

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