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Close More Big Deals Fast With Sales War Room Expert, Lisa Magnuson

Pick Your Account QB to Lead The Sale

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • 41 sales VPs told her the book they wanted written
  • Live interviews over a year in researching the book
  • Hiring is a great start
  • You must create the engine to drive results
  • Execute
  • Follow through
  • Build a culture that focuses on big deals
  • War rooms
  • Account teams
  • Big deals, i.e. the complex sale
  • With a team you can keep your prices high
  • Engage the executive sponsor
  • Sell on value
  • Account teams help you sell on value
  • Who should lead the account team?
  • You need yellow and red flags so we know what to look for when things aren't working

Eat This To Sell More

You must decide who the account quarterback will be."
  • 15 years in sales consulting
  • "War Room Services" joins the account teams and helps close the deals
  • $40 million deal that didn't look promising at first
  • Had to defeat an incumbent and overcome geography issues
  • Took nine months
  • Within 90 days that client got them a huge referral
  • Sometimes you're not ready for bigger deals
  • Are you committed to pursue this opportunity from start to finish?
  • What's the strategic value of landing this account?
  • Can you fulfill on the order?
  • 16 plays of leadership, culture, execution, etc.
  • Plus a sideline coach, i.e. 16 experts from around the world
  • Brian Burtz is one of the experts who says "change the rules."
  • How to handle top performing salespeople, including the renegades
  • Opportunity finder playbook
  • Sales managers have 2x challenges as goals today

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