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Marketing To The Affluent In Dating, Selling, & Life: Lisa Hutcherson

How to Differentiate and Sell Your Value

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How To Sell To The Affluent Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • People are less-trusting today
  • They have more competition with online dating apps
  • How do you set yourself apart?
  • On the cover of the Wall Street Journal four times
  • No longer at events


Go where the money is and market to the affluent."
  • You get what you pay for
  • They are a yearly program vs. a month-to-month
  • It's elite-level
  • You get a live person helping you
  • Hire the expert
  • Prices are custom
  • You must apply
  • Role-playing is important
  • Social media is huge
  • PPC and LinkedIn
  • Personal networks
  • Google "confidential matchmaking"
  • People who come to your LinkedIn profile should leave better off than they arrived
  • Great salespeople are therapists, empathetic, and more
If you do it right, they're coming to you."
  • She's selling hope
  • "There's no guarantee. Run from anyone who says they guarantee it."

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Wes Schaeffer: Lisa Hutcherson VP client relations at selective search our listeners that are single are going to want to literally listen and I bet even our listeners that are married, want to listen as well. Am I right or am I right.
Lisa Hutcherson: You are at 100% right
Wes Schaeffer: I'm gonna play that on loop forever and ever.
Lisa Hutcherson: fall into that trap.
Lisa Hutcherson: So much better than that.
Wes Schaeffer: Sounds whispers putting it on
Wes Schaeffer: Right. Welcome to the show. How the heck are you
Lisa Hutcherson: I'm fantastic. Thanks for having me.
Wes Schaeffer: You can't be fantastic. We got a pandemic. We got election chaos. How can you be fantastic? What is wrong with you.
Lisa Hutcherson: Right. I work in a world of love. So it's always cheerful always positive.
Wes Schaeffer: I tell people I'm a flesh peddler, and they're like, what, what, what
Lisa Hutcherson: I'm saying, yeah.
Lisa Hutcherson: You fancy to graphic making yeah
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, kind of get a rise out of them.
Wes Schaeffer: So, why the heck, why the heck do I have a matchmaking executive on the sales podcast. Did you use some Jedi mind trick on me? What, what the heck does this have to do with selling
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, I have no idea how we came together. But you know what I say that to everybody and fate brings two people together and boom. We're chatting about matchmaking, and everybody wants to hear about it so
Wes Schaeffer: It was maybe
Lisa Hutcherson: You're welcome.
Wes Schaeffer: Well, I tell people
Wes Schaeffer: It was years ago it was, I don't even know six or seven years ago, at least.
Wes Schaeffer: And I was researching for a blog post and I want to do one on the best sales books and I type in like top 10 sales books, something like that. And I see this long list. I'm like, Oh man, I got that one guy that I had all of them, but one
Wes Schaeffer: And I'm like, Okay, who is this Neil Strauss guy.
Wes Schaeffer: Okay. Have you heard of them?
Wes Schaeffer: Are you familiar with the underworld of pickup artists.
Lisa Hutcherson: No.
Lisa Hutcherson: I was not a good liar. So I'm just telling you the truth.
Wes Schaeffer: I wasn't either
Wes Schaeffer: Right, so I looked it up.
Wes Schaeffer: And it's called the games. I got it on my show.
Wes Schaeffer: Rules of the Game and rules of the game. I think so. I can tell my wife. I'm like, I'm ordering this pickup artist's book and it really is just for research purposes.
Wes Schaeffer: Sure, he was an is I mean little bitty guy.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, it's about you see a picture Jewish. He's like, I got balding head big nose glass. He was a reporter
Wes Schaeffer: Okay, right. And here's about this underworld and this is I don't even know when I had to go back maybe 90s.
Wes Schaeffer: And he goes flying out to LA to investigate it, and becomes like the best pickup artists in the world.
Wes Schaeffer: Wow, and
Wes Schaeffer: And I read his book and it's literally it sales.
Lisa Hutcherson: It right
Wes Schaeffer: It is sales one on one. Okay, I use dating. I even have a big pipeline like dating equal sales big pipe. I want all my training and I'll use those analogies, you know, how do you approach someone, how do you
Wes Schaeffer: How do you get them to even acknowledge you right and then move. It's, I would say.
Wes Schaeffer: Yes, to make eye contact right asked her to dance. Get her phone number go on dates one to 222 pick out ring, you know. Meet the Parents and pick out rings get married. I mean, there's
Wes Schaeffer: There's a process right is
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, there's anything about the part that comes before that. How do you find her?
Lisa Hutcherson: Amen. So
Lisa Hutcherson: That's the hard part.
Wes Schaeffer: Especially now. I don't know how people do it. I don't know how they date now I feel sorry for people
Wes Schaeffer: I know that's where you come in.
Lisa Hutcherson: To exactly where we come in. You know, it's never easy. But now, especially now in a pandemic. How are you going to get out there and meet anyone that you trust right you know that that you know is, is smart healthy, safe NORMAL, SANE beautiful
Lisa Hutcherson: It's tough.
Wes Schaeffer: So,
Wes Schaeffer: How are y'all getting the word out because that I remember. And this was probably four years ago, a classmate of mine from the Air Force Academy. She was newly divorced
Wes Schaeffer: She came up here from San Diego, we went wine tasting and she comes back to the house and we're asking him like grilling are all these questions like are you dating, blah, blah. And she was explaining this whole swiping like my wife and I sat there, like, Okay, you got to show us this thing.
Wes Schaeffer: Right, I don't remember which app. She had but I'm like
Wes Schaeffer: This is how you get dates in like 2015 2017 like
Wes Schaeffer: Not good wine. Oh my gosh.
Wes Schaeffer: I felt so bad. Yeah.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah. And those are hundreds
Lisa Hutcherson: There's, you know, there are 1020 different apps. And then within each app. It's it becomes a part-time job just to manage it all and offer nothing usually nothing
Wes Schaeffer: Huh.
Wes Schaeffer: Are people more defensive more on guard.
Wes Schaeffer: now than before. And maybe not even with the pain. And I mean, you know, obviously, it changes things. But like, how long have you been doing this.
Lisa Hutcherson: Well selective search has been around 25 years I've been here five plus. And yeah, I mean, we kind of have to leave the pandemic part out of it just for a second. And I'd say, people are just a little bit less trusting
Lisa Hutcherson: As people become more insular busy, you know, just being more on social media and using apps versus meeting people, the old fashioned way, or being set up by a friend that they could trust.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know, just really everything's changed. And the more we move forward. It just becomes harder and harder to meet somebody of quality, you can always date. Our clients don't have a hard time getting a date.
Lisa Hutcherson: They can date on their own through all the apps that you mentioned, but to meet somebody of quality somebody that's going to distance that is really tough. And that's where we come in and help
Wes Schaeffer: Very nice.
Wes Schaeffer: How are y'all growing. How are you getting the word out?
Wes Schaeffer: Right. What challenges are you seeing because like I said some of our listeners? I mean, they're married right they might need don't need your services. I don't need you.
Lisa Hutcherson: They know someone who does
Lisa Hutcherson: Sure, yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: You know but from a business and sales standpoint. What are you seeing right? How are you, oh
Wes Schaeffer: Well, we know now.
Lisa Hutcherson: It's tough because 20 years ago. Sorry about that. My computer's doing its own thing and
Lisa Hutcherson: 20 years ago we didn't have competition, either.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know, so as these apps are being developed, people have more and more options as far as how to meet somebody. So we have seen a change a definite skew from, you know, us being one of the only ways
Lisa Hutcherson: To now there's a match com OK Cupid. He harmony Zoosk talk if you know I could go on some that we've never even heard of
Lisa Hutcherson: So to set ourselves apart, you know, we really try to market to a higher caliber individual. So we've been on the cover of the Wall Street Journal four times we're usually in all the airline magazines. Of course not. Now in the coven, because there aren't any.
Lisa Hutcherson: Better, but you know Google is still a good way a lot of references, word of mouth.
Lisa Hutcherson: And places like the economist Bloomberg Business weekly and, you know, we try a lot of different things to
Lisa Hutcherson: We used to be at a lot of events or host events or, you know, just be out in the field. But you know, that's changed up obviously over the last couple of months, but we'll be out there again.
Wes Schaeffer: Right. How did you get on the Wall Street Journal one time, let alone?
Lisa Hutcherson: Well, our founder Barbie Adler is the best matchmaker in the world and you know when you've been around as long as selective search has is just an interesting story and
Lisa Hutcherson: dating relationships. It's something that everybody can relate to. So, you know, to be in the dots on the cover the Wall Street and talk about dating and coven or
Lisa Hutcherson: In a recession. I mean, we've lived through a lot of different things. It's not just a pandemic. I mean, look at you know 2008 and how are we going to survive that or how are people going to, you know, find a life partner, then
Lisa Hutcherson: So we're called upon you know when it makes sense to talk about finding the love you know even Valentine's Day every year. It raises a flag.
Wes Schaeffer: So, you know, a lot of our listeners may be going through some of the same things like
Wes Schaeffer: You know, just because you're the established one doesn't mean
Wes Schaeffer: You get the business by default.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know absolutely not fighting for it.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah. So how have you evolved? Right. I mean, how do you stand apart with all of these apps.
Wes Schaeffer: Because they
Wes Schaeffer: Do you subscribe to the dating apps, again, are they free. Are they free for the women?
And the men's path.
Lisa Hutcherson: Now people it's monthly subscriptions, but it's a completely different price point a completely different product so
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, it's, it's, you get what you pay for industry and we definitely tout that as I'm sure some of your viewers also would say so. For $30 a month on, you know, a dating app, you get x
Lisa Hutcherson: With selective search, you actually retain us over the course of a year, and you've got a team of people spearheaded by an actual live person your matchmaker
Lisa Hutcherson: Who's leading you through an amazing journey to find love. So there's absolutely no comparison. And that's where we step in and say,
Lisa Hutcherson: We differ and here's why we deliver this is not just throwing paint against a wall and hoping that we get lucky in that something sticks. This is actually very efficient precise matchmaking totally different. So that's exactly what we say is that we're completely different.
Wes Schaeffer: People embarrassed.
Wes Schaeffer: You know, or
Lisa Hutcherson: What's that, that they need us. I mean, sometimes
Wes Schaeffer: Right, right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Now they can't believe you know and I'll hear that, like, I cannot believe I'm talking to a matchmaker, I never thought I would be talking to a matchmaker, but
Lisa Hutcherson: Honestly, we think our clients are brilliant for outsourcing their love life you outsource other things you outsource your legal you outsource your
Lisa Hutcherson: Mean, I'm not doing my own accounting
Lisa Hutcherson: Let the expert, then
Wes Schaeffer: All right, and
Wes Schaeffer: You know, look, the bachelor is only like two months. So why don't need a whole year?
Lisa Hutcherson: You want another percentage of success on the bachelor.
Lisa Hutcherson: Point 001 maybe, I don't know, fighting to be there must be really good.
Lisa Hutcherson: I think they're fighting to be there for alternate reasons but
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, because
Lisa Hutcherson: You get more than one introduction. That's the bottom line and we give you enough time to make sure that you'll
Lisa Hutcherson: Have success doesn't mean that you're going to take all that time right now about a third of our clients fall in love with the first person we introduce them to. So are they with us for 10 months to a year? No.
Lisa Hutcherson: But they know they have it in case we're moving on to a second intro, or possibly a third. So it's, it's the right amount of time and of course after sending 4000 plus people through the process successfully. You know, we've come down to a great formula.
Wes Schaeffer: Very cool.
Wes Schaeffer: Um,
Wes Schaeffer: It is so
Wes Schaeffer: You just want to dig in on that, like on the differentiation, because it's, it's, I love the concept of, you know, marketing to the affluent, I mean to go where the money is.
Wes Schaeffer: No I don't back down from, you know, I tell people I'm a reassuringly expensive copywriter.
Wes Schaeffer: I tell them you know the only time you'll cry with me is when you write the check, you know after that's all good.
Wes Schaeffer: You're gonna get more than you paid for.
Lisa Hutcherson: Exactly.
Wes Schaeffer: You know, but how do y'all differentiate or how do you get that message out, you know, is the price you know out on the website or they have to go through an application and kind of
Lisa Hutcherson: Show some
Lisa Hutcherson: Commitment. Right. Yeah. Now, the price is not out there for all to see, because it's custom so it's not one size fits all. You might tell me that your
Lisa Hutcherson: That your search parameters are very narrow you only want to date. A CERTAIN RELIGION or say someone that's on the same page as you politically or you don't want to date outside of your
Lisa Hutcherson: Metropolitan area, you know, and the more narrow. Someone gets obviously the harder the searches and complexity is definitely built into your price tag and your program, but
Lisa Hutcherson: But we
Lisa Hutcherson: Are getting across to you the value you know I even have some, some people say to me, oh my gosh, it's priceless. If you can introduce me to the love of my life. I would write you a check for a million dollars right now.
Lisa Hutcherson: To not have to go on another bad date to not spend a year of your life, you know, in and out of three relationships and have it end up with nothing so
Lisa Hutcherson: It's a priority. You know, it's putting a price tag on your future. It's an investment and that's how we look at it as an investment in your future.
Wes Schaeffer: Do you encourage them or do you find that it's basically like go try the rest. So when you're tired of that.
Wes Schaeffer: The best sort of thing. You know I'm saying, like, usually already done that.
Lisa Hutcherson: There. Yes.
Lisa Hutcherson: Okay, I'm ready right or right. A lot of times they've been through a really nasty divorce. They've just given away half of their net worth. They don't want to be in divorce court again. So we are most definitely protecting people from making a bad decisions.
Lisa Hutcherson: Some people, they'll just say my pickers off I'm handing it over to you guys. It's time to let somebody else do the big game.
Wes Schaeffer: Wow. And everybody is on the side of ME YOUR MATCHMAKING people that are on the site. Right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Only are matchmakers
Lisa Hutcherson: When you're a client, you're not swiping and looking at
Wes Schaeffer: Right, right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: But like, like if I was single, and I applied.
Lisa Hutcherson: Mm-hmm.
Wes Schaeffer: You would find me a woman that is also a client of yours.
Wes Schaeffer: No, no.
Lisa Hutcherson: a person that you meet your the client.
Lisa Hutcherson: Right now that you would be introduced to we kindly referred to as the candidate and yeah she might be a paying client as well. She might be somebody that we know personally, she might be somebody that we actually go out and actively recruit to find based on your interests.
Lisa Hutcherson: Or your area.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, or. Luckily for us, we have a proprietary database of over a quarter of a million single women quarter of a million.
Lisa Hutcherson: That over the years have given us their information and they're in our pool and we can, of course, tap into that pool, no one else can. It's, it's selective searches pool and we can look
Lisa Hutcherson: So we have the information down to whether or not they're allergic to a cat, you know, so we know everything about
Lisa Hutcherson: These people and we can dig in and
Lisa Hutcherson: See who we already know and obviously that's a logical place to look very high-caliber people. These are business owners, they are physicians attorneys just absolutely stellar women that happen to be single
Wes Schaeffer: So let's talk about first impressions.
I do
Wes Schaeffer: I do like your picture right you got
Wes Schaeffer: To action shots ones color ones.
Like why
Wes Schaeffer: I like both. Yeah, but like with these
Wes Schaeffer: You know dating and talk about sales and dating and first impression. And now so much is online.
Wes Schaeffer: How. How should people come across? You know, I share the video of this podcast should I be in a suit. Should I be in polo or, Hey, stay in a t-shirt and don't shave, because that's all I normally am anyway? Right. How do what do you
Wes Schaeffer: Know, nowadays, you get one shot.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know, we always say it's the show. You got one shot to make that first impression. And we want you to be in peak dating.
Lisa Hutcherson: Form, even if it's a zoom call for your first date, you know, in the middle of a pandemic, you absolutely need to look the part, dress the part and act like you're going out on a real date.
Lisa Hutcherson: So we pre-approve all photography and sometimes some people out to get new photography because we're your advocate, we are presenting you in the absolute best light and making sure that you're successful with the person that we're introducing you to so
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, I know you got to put some effort into it, it's, it's still dating you know chivalry is not dead.
Wes Schaeffer: So in business, you're saying I should maybe show some chest hair and get the gold chains back out. I'm kind of manly that was
Lisa Hutcherson: What is your business.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, that would have been
Wes Schaeffer: All right so photography, things like that.
Wes Schaeffer: Make sense. Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: Do y'all do you try to grow horizontally. Do you have affiliate relationships with photographers in the big city?
Lisa Hutcherson: Really have it. Okay. Absolutely. And, and many cities. Yeah. So what we have a client in Philadelphia, we
Lisa Hutcherson: Know somebody that we can suggest to you and you know we tell people where to take their dates so your matchmaker is your strategist. She's your advocate. She's your friend, but she's your dating coach so
Wes Schaeffer: What's this, she stuff hog men. Men camp coach. Okay. Probably not. All right.
Lisa Hutcherson: All right. All of our matchmakers are 100% female
Wes Schaeffer: Very nice.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, and you know what, hey, amen. I think back like 25 years of marriage. I don't know. We're taking my wife.
Wes Schaeffer: Mainly because she's just picky. She doesn't like much foods.
Lisa Hutcherson: Easily stay home.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: So I do know they're just very simple places.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, yeah, no, we obviously have clients in every city around the country. Some internationally and
Lisa Hutcherson: So yeah, to be able to tell our Miami clients, the new hot spot to go or sometimes our clients are meeting in different places that aren't their hometown. So a client from Raleigh might be meeting his
Lisa Hutcherson: His significant other. She's in Cleveland, they might meet in Chicago, you know if they're both their own business. So then we're making suggestions on how that can happen seamlessly so
Wes Schaeffer: How do you help them calm the jitters right because I'm ideal salespeople that go to a big sale.
Wes Schaeffer: Right, these people to big say I probably nervous haven't dated in a while, maybe
Lisa Hutcherson: So we even do mock dates you know if somebody's been married for a very long time and now maybe widowed or recently divorced and they just don't know the dating world.
Lisa Hutcherson: Then we actually set up a mock date they might even go out and take their own matchmaker out on a lunch date or something so that we can work with them on overcoming exactly what you're talking about just that.
Lisa Hutcherson: That uneasiness.
Wes Schaeffer: Do any of the matchmakers ever just fall in love with their client.
Lisa Hutcherson: Only our founder
Wes Schaeffer: Oh, yeah.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, she broke her own rules. There are absolutely no dating clients, it's
Lisa Hutcherson: It's law within the selective search
Lisa Hutcherson: But Barbie actually she herself married a client and he was very persistent and she said, absolutely not. I have a very strict rule, no dipping into the candy jar, so to speak, and he said, guess what, I quit. And he gave up his membership and married the boss.
Lisa Hutcherson: Nice. Awesome.
Wes Schaeffer: I haven't flown in a long time. I will not fly through in August. But overall, no-fly all that much. But they have seen them in those magazines.
Lisa Hutcherson: You have definitely seen Barbie out there and all the airline magazines. Yeah, Jaden way back and you know to Pilate.
Lisa Hutcherson: Oh, well, yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, that in Chester Charisse negotiations, I don't see him anymore though.
Lisa Hutcherson: And this is more fun.
Wes Schaeffer: They were, they were big time.
Lisa Hutcherson: Users. Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I mean, and I tell people when I was an employee.
Wes Schaeffer: Right, I usually would roll my eyes at the role-playing
Wes Schaeffer: Usually because it was terrible.
Wes Schaeffer: You know,
Wes Schaeffer: Whereas in my group training.
Wes Schaeffer: We do it all the time.
Wes Schaeffer: And I hammer at home.
Wes Schaeffer: But I do very good realistic role playing
Lisa Hutcherson: Mm-hmm.
Wes Schaeffer: You know, you've gotta, you gotta go through it a few times so
Lisa Hutcherson: I guess.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, she can know what to expect and kind of relax and and
Lisa Hutcherson: Well, we are over, you know, a lot of feedback. And so it's not like we just send you out on a first introduction and
Lisa Hutcherson: Hanging out to dry, you know, Monday mornings are busy and matchmakers are checking in on all their clients that
Lisa Hutcherson: We're out on the town with their new person and you know we want to hear everything, not only from the client-side and how it went. But we're
Lisa Hutcherson: Getting feedback from the person that you went out with as well. And so, you know, if you didn't hold open the car door or all you did was
Lisa Hutcherson: Talk about your dead dog or, you know, whatever it may be. We're going to tell you about it. It's our job. It's our job to give you feedback and make sure you're successful and don't make any mistakes twice.
Wes Schaeffer: He was a great dog, though.
Wes Schaeffer: I got a picture Decker I'm putting a picture of Decker on this.
Wes Schaeffer: On your post
Lisa Hutcherson: That sells
Lisa Hutcherson: out of business. There's a dead dog.
Wes Schaeffer: I mean I'll show a picture when he was living
Wes Schaeffer: Oh, man. Yeah, it's so true.
Wes Schaeffer: People have such low situational awareness.
Wes Schaeffer: And it said it said just innate I mean even salespeople, though. They'll miss the obvious. I'm like, Dude, did you hear what they just said.
Lisa Hutcherson: He just said yes. Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: Let's rewind the tape.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, talking about out kicking the coverage you know like you sold right you right through the sale. Like, come on, why
Wes Schaeffer: Why are we, bad salespeople. Once we become adults. Right. I still got a six-year-old, she can sell anything it's whatever she wants. But somewhere between six and then on 26, we can't sell anymore. What's the deal.
Lisa Hutcherson: Think we stop listening. You know, you just have to listen.
Lisa Hutcherson: What huh
Wes Schaeffer: I almost got
Lisa Hutcherson: Smarter.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, but I gotta talk. I gotta tell you how great and wonderful and smart I am and funny and quick-witted, and you know, thinking on my feet and I can quote like things in Latin and stuff. I need to impress you. Right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Mm-hmm. You know, yeah, you kind of do if you're the person I'm interviewing to become a client, you know it is. It's an invitation-only situation. So we interview everybody and
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, I mean that's there's a first impression. Even with me, you know, you have to
Lisa Hutcherson: You have to tell me everything about you but I'm asking. And it's one of the rare times in life that
Lisa Hutcherson: I do want to know everything about you and I do want to know about your preferences and a partner. And I do want to know about your parents and are they still together and your kids, your divorce your past relationships.
Lisa Hutcherson: Covered all
Wes Schaeffer: Once they're on that date.
Lisa Hutcherson: Shut up.
Wes Schaeffer: zipping you ain't paid by the word
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah.
Lisa Hutcherson: You want there to be a second date. Yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: Nice.
Wes Schaeffer: And then so what was the percentage you said average within 10 months they find someone or
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, so about
Lisa Hutcherson: A third of our clients.
Lisa Hutcherson: Fall in love with the first person that we introduce them to. It doesn't mean they don't go on and maybe meet a second or third person, but they do end up with that first-person half of our clients are done with our program by the fourth intro. So they meet for people to fall in love.
Lisa Hutcherson: Tell us to get lost. They don't want to continue on, they're happy with so and so and they don't want to meet anyone else.
Lisa Hutcherson: So usually programs include more than that. Usually, it's, you know, around the seven or eight marks of introductions, but people just don't use them. They don't need them, because this is precise. It's not dating you know it's not
Lisa Hutcherson: Looking at hundreds of profiles and swiping and poking and sending messages that never get returned each one of these people that we even suggest to you has been hand chosen
Wes Schaeffer: So don't
Lisa Hutcherson: Trade what
Wes Schaeffer: I'm sorry.
Lisa Hutcherson: No, I, oh, just that our clients are really looking for the efficiency of that date. They can date or they want on their own. They're great guys. But to have it be efficient.
Right, yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: How, how are you getting the word out. Now, you mentioned you know obviously not doing trade shows people aren't flying. How have you shifted your
Lisa Hutcherson: Sales and marketing dollars.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah. Social media has been huge. So we're absolutely each individually on LinkedIn and doing a lot of outreach. That way we advertise on Facebook.
Lisa Hutcherson: Which is, you know, which is great when it's getting to the right, demographic
Lisa Hutcherson: I mean, personally, we all have very large networks of individuals that we know
Lisa Hutcherson: And Google, you know, Google is never going away and anyone who would Google high end or confidential matchmaking, you know,
Lisa Hutcherson: Hopefully, we're still, first and foremost, as far as what comes up. But everybody's on their devices, you know, especially in covert everybody is sitting in front of a laptop all day long. So that's where you got to be
Wes Schaeffer: Right. So you mentioned LinkedIn. I mean,
Are you
Wes Schaeffer: It's a touchy subject. Right. So how are you reaching out to people like
Wes Schaeffer: Just connecting and then look kind of letting them go, oh, wow, what do you do because of kind of weird. I don't know if I'm married or not on my LinkedIn profile.
Lisa Hutcherson: You're exactly right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Now it's
Lisa Hutcherson: Your tattoos, but but
Lisa Hutcherson: Everybody knows somebody you know that we might be able to help and I was once involved with
Lisa Hutcherson: With a LinkedIn guru who said, you know, the whole purpose of LinkedIn is anyone who comes to your page should leave better off than when they
Lisa Hutcherson: Started. So if they come to Lisa Hutcherson on LinkedIn, they should leave my page feeling better, or learning something not being sold something you know obviously LinkedIn doesn't just want people selling. So to make posts about health and wellness and how a relationship is
Lisa Hutcherson: Above all else, you know, it's first and foremost for longevity for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, you know, you can work a lot of different angles to make sure that people are coming to you and then you can outreach individual
Lisa Hutcherson: DMS or you know inbox or whatever to reach people if and just say, you know if you or anyone in your network is single and looking for long term love. Then give me a call.
Lisa Hutcherson: Right. And people are so gracious, you know, they'll say, Oh my gosh, I'm going to tell all my friends about you. Or maybe I should ask my wife.
Lisa Hutcherson: I love those responses there so tongue in cheek funny. It's funny.
Wes Schaeffer: Do you have all of your people make their own content, or do you have content that they just share
Lisa Hutcherson: Both. Both. You know, we have
Lisa Hutcherson: A group within selective search that's continually creating content and we can all use it.
Lisa Hutcherson: Some of us are creative and, you know, marketers and our own brain think that link that we can come up with things and
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah but contents hard, you know, to do it right. You've got to be continually out there and really
Lisa Hutcherson: Getting in front of people. A couple of times a week. And so, you know, you do have to get creative about it. But we're big on inspirational quotes. And you know why. Love is important and why the partnership is important and takes the leap type things. And, you know, don't get in your own way.
Lisa Hutcherson: So plenty to put out there.
Wes Schaeffer: Do you find most people
Wes Schaeffer: Have a big. It's a big facade, right, like what you see is not quite what you get, you know, they have
Wes Schaeffer: A manner and then then you get them on the phone like oh yeah dude, you're not what you're portraying online.
Lisa Hutcherson: Well, we can kind of read between the lines, you know, you talked to hundreds if not thousands of people every month, we have a really good innate sense of humans and human nature and
Lisa Hutcherson: Right, yeah, can't really hide behind us, we, we see you
Wes Schaeffer: People
Lisa Hutcherson: matchmaker is also that have, you know, psychologists therapist.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know, it's all, it's all the same gig and our matchmaking staff, they are an amazing team also very intuitive.
Lisa Hutcherson: So, and it's you know it's not just a quick sale cycle of an hour, it's, it's much longer. You know, I know people that inquired originally in 2010 and I'm still talking to them to see if the timings. Right. Do they financially have the
Lisa Hutcherson: Money or they all settled in their new home in Denver. You know there's a lot that goes on in people's day to day that it might not be the right time.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, that's good for me. How do you
Wes Schaeffer: Get clothes. Right. Is it, is it a very natural process. Do you, do you know your people, you know, your staff like cake. Go for it, you know.
Wes Schaeffer: Or
Wes Schaeffer: Because like I always tell people my dirty little secret is, I hate sales.
Wes Schaeffer: You don't like the old school traditional tit for tat quid pro quo. Gotta get five knows where you get to yes like, dude, I'm doing it right. It's like
Wes Schaeffer: They call SHORT CONVERSATION to clarify some things, make sure I'm a real person, blah, blah. All right, so how do you want to proceed. Say well how do I get started let me send you a link, you know, it's like very
Wes Schaeffer: True. I know I did it right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah yeah
Wes Schaeffer: You know,
Lisa Hutcherson: Now, we used to sit you all. I used to be in the world of philanthropy and we always said about philanthropy. If you do it right.
Lisa Hutcherson: They're coming to you.
Lisa Hutcherson: Right. You don't want to hound people and get in their face. Some people need that gene and I'm talking, you know, outbound so any kind of prospects that
Lisa Hutcherson: Seem to get in their own way or they just can't get over that hump of, you know, making the spend and investing in themselves, you know, every single case is different because I'm not selling
Lisa Hutcherson: A Xerox machine. I'm not selling an actual product. I'm selling hope you know the hope that they're going to have a partner. So this is a completely different fruit.
Wes Schaeffer: It is, but, uh, you know, I would argue that just about anything. We sell we're selling hope to
Lisa Hutcherson: Some degree. Yeah, I guess.
Lisa Hutcherson: Right.
Lisa Hutcherson: My product is
Wes Schaeffer: But it's different.
Lisa Hutcherson: It's different. It's not, you know, and
Wes Schaeffer: Everyone was original
Lisa Hutcherson: There's no guarantee. I'm not doing this. There's no guarantee you're asking me for X amount of dollars. There's no guarantee.
Lisa Hutcherson: And I was like, you're absolutely right in some respect, I cannot guarantee that two people are going to fall in love.
Lisa Hutcherson: And anyone who can guarantee that run does not give them your money. That's absolutely ridiculous but
Lisa Hutcherson: We do guarantee that they're going to meet amazing people. You're going to meet people that fit all their criteria you know we do guarantee certain things. So it's just a prioritization and, you know, each person there is a different trigger that might
Lisa Hutcherson: close the deal, you know, whether it's
Lisa Hutcherson: They don't want to be alone forever or
Lisa Hutcherson: Have as friends just passed away at 62 they know life is short. You know, you just, you never know, but you have to relate to each
Lisa Hutcherson: Individual one on one, you know, every call is different. Every day is different.
Lisa Hutcherson: So chameleon.
Wes Schaeffer: That there have been no rabbits put in a pot. Right.
Lisa Hutcherson: Hmm.
Wes Schaeffer: Now, yeah. Don't answer that.
Wes Schaeffer: Reference right
Lisa Hutcherson: Glenn Close me in 2000 and whatnot.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, I know, I know the reference. Now that's the fun part about this, but you know what the bunnies are boiling. If you get online because you don't know these people you don't know him from Adam
Lisa Hutcherson: That when you're offline when you're with a high-end matchmaker, then both parties are known. We know you
Lisa Hutcherson: Right, we really get to know people. So no, no crazies yeah
Wes Schaeffer: Very cool.
Lisa Hutcherson: So really,
Wes Schaeffer: Are single people are for married people who know single people
Wes Schaeffer: Wait, where should we send them. Where should they go
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, you should go directly to me, my landing page online. That's the easiest way selective search com slash Lisa LSA
Lisa Hutcherson: Okay, so that's super easy. Happy to hand out an email address, which is super easy as well. Lisa at selective search calm.
Lisa Hutcherson: But yeah do reach out. We do amazing work, nothing else like it out there especially right now. You know, it's not like you're
Lisa Hutcherson: Randomly talking it up with somebody at Starbucks or the grocery store. There's no such thing. You've got a mask on. People are wary and suspicious and, you know, just a little bit more negative out and about.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, it's crazy.
Wes Schaeffer: It's crazy. I go thru a drive-thru in the house.
Wes Schaeffer: With my wife, we dropped her
Wes Schaeffer: Well, she's 16 now just turned 1660 Good grief, all these kids' birthdays. She's working at Baskin Robbins right so so
Lisa Hutcherson: My first job.
Wes Schaeffer: Oh, yeah.
Lisa Hutcherson: That's hilarious.
Wes Schaeffer: They've all worked. I mean, it's being
Lisa Hutcherson: Your Matchmaker on your hands.
Wes Schaeffer: I might use the last part.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, but even if our, you know, we say our clients you know you're not just going to go sit at a corner bar.
Lisa Hutcherson: Know, guess what your girls not sitting there, she's busy. She's, she's got a family. She's got a career. She's not sitting there waiting for you to walk in.
Lisa Hutcherson: Guys, be more
Wes Schaeffer: Active some kind of our I made a buddy of mine a bar twice a month it's small, it's and they got a pizza joint attached to it with a
Wes Schaeffer: Nice little like sliver narrow and
Wes Schaeffer: Yep. So we go for happy hour on willing to have happy hour. We're going Friday night, you know, by 430 and
Wes Schaeffer: And they're always we laugh. We said the same spot and right by the curve. And there's always a good looking realtor just so happens to be because it's small, it's everybody hears conversations we always talk of like
Wes Schaeffer: Like Kevin is always good looking realtors, what's the deal. So, some do kind of sort of go out, but
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, but it's probably not the type of person.
Lisa Hutcherson: That you know if your friend is single that's probably not his girl if she is the one that's sitting there. Who knows, you know, there's always the outlier.
Lisa Hutcherson: You never know, but
Wes Schaeffer: I hate to be dating right now.
Lisa Hutcherson: But even if you do meet somebody. That way you're starting at ground zero. You don't know a thing about them.
Lisa Hutcherson: When you meet somebody through selective search your first dates going to feel like you've known each other for a very long time you know everything about one another and that just makes it
Lisa Hutcherson: super exciting and a lot less fearful, you know, to already be comfortable with somebody before you ever see them.
Wes Schaeffer: I met my wife at a country bar. So, you know, it can happen.
Lisa Hutcherson: You Stephen yeah it can
Wes Schaeffer: Happen.
Lisa Hutcherson: It can happen.
Wes Schaeffer: Jasmine dance. She went every Thursday.
Wes Schaeffer: Night with her dad, her brother.
Lisa Hutcherson: That's a
Lisa Hutcherson: Great story.
Wes Schaeffer: Three months of dating and then we were married.
Lisa Hutcherson: Wow.
Wes Schaeffer: Then I then we move with the military.
Lisa Hutcherson: You know when you know
Lisa Hutcherson: I'm a military I was an Air Force baby.
Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I was Air Force.
Lisa Hutcherson: I know. Yeah. You mentioned that I saw some
Wes Schaeffer: Crazy, crazy. All right, so let's tell them again selective search.com slash Lisa
Wes Schaeffer: Correct. Right. And Lisa at selective search com is your email. So, uh, fellas. You know, I guess if the ladies are listening, can, can they reach out or
Lisa Hutcherson: Absolutely.
Wes Schaeffer: How does that work.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah, so two sides to the program. Our client program that is the person that we are working for that person retains us and that person could be male or female. We have many female clients that pay us to find their guy.
Lisa Hutcherson: So the other half of the equation is the candidate.
Lisa Hutcherson: And that person is, you know, most likely in that dating pool.
Lisa Hutcherson: So, but you know what, just reach out to me, no matter what. And I can send you in the right direction, you know, hopefully, you want to take a that proactive step and become a client and that is the surefire way to find love
Wes Schaeffer: Just don't let the ladies. See my picture, okay, they'll realize I'm taking they'll just
Lisa Hutcherson: They'll be sad.
Wes Schaeffer: Oh, sad and disappointed that don't break their heart. Okay.
Lisa Hutcherson: We got your body double we got your clone.
Wes Schaeffer: Dang. All right. And on that note,
Wes Schaeffer: I may think, oh,
Wes Schaeffer: I hit the lead, I
Wes Schaeffer: Forgot to record all I'm so
Lisa Hutcherson: Very fun
All right, yeah.
Wes Schaeffer: All the way will say Chicago for now. I wish, leave it in Chicago. The Windy City. Come on show. It's been great.
Lisa Hutcherson: Yeah. Thanks so much.
Wes Schaeffer: All right. Have a great day. Bye.