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Is Your Life Coach Pounding Red Bulls Like a Teenager During Finals?

When I turned 23, my dad got me golf lessons. (I'm still wondering if that was a good idea.)

The golf pro told me something during one of my lessons that has stuck with me to this day, which is 

Form follows function.

After each swing he had me analyze my form to determine:

  • How was my balance?
    • Was I falling backwards?
    • Was I falling forward?
    • Was I stepping through contact?
  • Did I pick up my back foot?
  • How was my grip?
    • Was it too tight?
    • Was it too loose?
    • Did I let go of the club with one hand or the other?
  • What was the ball flight?
    • Too high?
    • Too low?
    • A hook?
    • A slice?
    • A worm-burner?
    • A chili-dip? 
    • Short?
    • Long?

The form after striking the ball gave me a great deal of insight as to why the golf ball did not go where I wanted it to go. (Save the golf jokes. I've heard them all.)

Become One of The 5

While having a golf pro (or life coach) observe what you're doing from the outside looking in is the fastest way to grow—hint, hint—you can't have a coach with you on the golf course and you won't have a coach with you on every single sales call you make, so it helps to be able to self-diagnose and adjust in the heat of the battle.

Which brings me to Red Bulls and 5-Hour Energy.

If your life coach need a large amount of stimulants in the morning and throughout the day to "function," what does that say about the form of your life?

Has your search for "Work-Life Balance" gotten out of balance?

Listen to your mom.

She was right 30 years ago and she's right today. Just because "everybody's doing it" doesn't make it right.

You need to get off the artificial pick-me-ups—if that's your addiction—and avoid any business or life coaches who are on them as well.

When you have smart goals and are executing an effective plan to reach them,  you'll have natural energy and joy in your life.

If you're addicted to energy drinks and $8 coffees, sodas, and $5 teas, it's time you take a moment or three and figure out why your life is so stressful, so taxing, so draining, so uninspiring that you need this constant influx of stimulants to get you through your day.

To help you with this I wrote this post, The #1 Enemy Facing Salespeople Today

It will give you tips on how to master the "secrets" of top performing sales people so you can "be high on life."

Need some help with that and you're willing to invest in yourself?

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.