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Lauren Bailey: Do Inside Sales The Right Way To Grow Sales?

There are at least six different ways to use your inside sales team to grow your revenue

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • What to do when you're new to inside sales
  • Inside sales is growing 10x-15x faster than outside sales
    • It's a lower-cost of sales
    • Better response
    • Better reach
    • The client's are demanding it
    • Improves margin
    • Companies futz around and have some success
    • They futz around with some CRMs and still have success
    • Then they look at reports and think they need help with inside sales
  • Clients are more knowledgeable
  • Clients want more info faster
  • How to do inside sales well
    • CDW has a great inside sales model
      • The inside sales person is the QB
      • The outside sales person goes out as needed
    • What is your strategy and goal?
      • Complex sale / high dollar?
      • Support to land and expand
      • Support to order process
      • Coverage in rural areas
      • Use inside sales for reach / to expand
    • Cold calling is dead...not
    • Inside sales does not equal cold calling
  • There are at least six different inside sales roles
    • The biggest trend is the SDR / Biz Dev / Lead Gen / Sales Development Rep
      • Inbound sales
      • Outbound sales
      • Warm sales
      • Cold sales
      • Get the lead to lean in and pass them on to a sales rep
      • Marketing can't close them and you can't make a complex sale over email
  • Most inside sales reps have terrible scripts
  • Give them strategy and process
  • Scripts kill confidence (but Wes disagrees...)
    • Lauren likes goals like engaging them in a conversation
    • Lauren likes good openings / starters / samples
  • You need to record your calls to get in the mind of the customer
  • The goal of the call is not a meeting but to create engagement...the meeting is the goal
  • Go listen to 10 calls
    • Top reps
    • Listen to the customer
    • If you're in management go listen to your new reps
    • Focus on training over tools until you have mastered the tools


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