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Kyle Leavitt CustomerHub on The Sales Podcast

How to get paid for your expertise online

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The Sales Podcast...

  • Started CustomerHub in 2009
  • Was in sales at first
  • Was hired in 2005 by Infusion Software and Consulting as their first salesman
  • Learned about being an entrepreneur by speaking to entrepreneurs
  • Left in 2008 after rising up to the VP of Sales
  • His brother was the coder
  • Sold it back to Infusionsoft in 2011
  • He became the VP of Product for about 5 years
  • Spun off again in late 2017
  • He launched into the 2008 meltdown and it was a great time for him
  • He had flexibility and control
Which CRM Is Right For You?
  • Movie theaters are failing while streaming services like Amazon and Netflix are booming
  • Amazon is hiring 1,000 new employees
  • Specialization helps you differentiate and grow
  • Made money doing Infusionsoft consulting at first to pay the bills
  • Coded on the side
  • It was a spiritual decision as much as a business decision
  • Membership sites protect your premium content
  • Helps you sell your expertise
  • Knowledge commerce
  • Make a bigger impact on the world
  • Why you shouldn't trust YouTube or Facebook to host your premium content
  • Why you just need to launch and get your idea out into the world

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