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Get Your Roadmap To Revenue With Digital Marketer Kristin Zhivago

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Don't make them think!

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Couple decades as a revenue coach—mostly in high tech—then branched out.  (Mid-90’s)
  • Joe McKenna - Cloud Potential at the end of 2014
  • Helps people get more business through digital marketing
  • Google is the gatekeeper
  • SEO is still vital
    • Principals then tactics
    • Google changes their algorithms daily but it still matters
    • Build for you a Google identity
    • Your content needs to tell Google all about your “neighborhood”
    • It’s partly content, partly page structure
    • Understand your competition
    • Wordpress has an SEO tool called Yoast that helps with your Meta Descriptions
    • It’s an endless job
    • Be careful of the “near me” phenomenon
    • Watch the reviews for the “Knowledge Graph” on the right side of your company’s results (You need at least five reviews)
  • Google is getting better at Latent Symantic Indexing (synonyms) and understanding what you mean
  • Spyfu shows you what your competitors are up to
  • Interview your customers (she discusses in her book)
  • Now you can get so much information on your competitors and customers
  • With her tech industry experience since she was 17 she was always on the bleeding edge of technology so autoresponders and CRMs were not foreign to her
  • But mobile and Google are changing how people buy If you keep trying the old ways you’ll be frustrated
  • Old school companies are confused and they don’t know what’s happening
  • She looked at 30+ industries and identified the leaders to see what they are doing
  • The leaders focused on six areas:
    1. Customers
    2. Search
    3. Pay Per Click
    4. Conversions
    5. Competition
    6. Technology (fast site, responsive, reads well)
  • Stop making your website launch such a big production
  • Build a prototype, socialize it, and make it an iterative process
  • Your website is a living, breathing being that needs to be nurtured
  • The web “breaks” Google changes
  • Stop being so picky
  • The principles mean make sure the pages and posts are optimized for Google
  • Then ask and confirm that your pages and posts feed into your Google identity
  • Out of the six areas what is your focus?
  • If conversions are your top priority then go with tools like UnBounce, LeadPages, etc.
  • You need to understand the buying process of your prospects
  • Don’t make them think
  • In B2B, social may be more about LinkedIn than Facebook but you need to participate because Google pays attention to your entire digital footprint
  • Google looks at who is linking to you
  • Everyone is frustrated with the rate of change and trying things (dabbling with things) without a coordinated effort so they say “we tried it and that didn’t work”
  • They usually go to single-vendors who only do one thing like PPC or SEO but they aren’t focused on segmenting or lead-scoring
    • Since they targeted the wrong customers their bounce rates increased
    • That hurt their SEO
  • She has packages to help even mom & pop companies grow their online presence
  • She teaches her clients how to do things on their own
  • She left Silicon Valley because it was such a hotbed of ego
  • The web has been around long enough and so many businesses have been held hostage for long enough so now those charlatan companies are starting to be pushed aside
  • LinkedIn is a great place for B2B companies to put their blog articles but put it on your blog first and fetch it. Once Google “fetches” it and knows you are the owner (about 24 hours) then share it on Quora or LinkedIn.
  • Jerks have a few games and that’s it
    • They are gaming the system
    • Honest people do good work and test new things

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