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Just Send It To Grow Sales, With Sendoso's Kris Rudeegraap




Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast ...

  • Decade in software sales
  • Mostly in startups doing full-cycle selling
  • He used a lot of outreach tools that were "hacky and cool"
  • "How else can I get in front of potential buyers?"
  • Sent letters, Starbucks cards, stole swag from marketing and mailed it
  • But it was hard to track

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  • Salespeople get lazy
  • Omni-channel, multi-touch points
    • Maybe it's SMS
    • Maybe you drop by in person
    • Maybe you call
  • He started Sendoso as a side-hustle
  • He started sending Starbucks cards at first
  • Started CoffeeSender.com with a few CRM integrations
  • Mapped out the MVP
  • Found developers on UpWork (eLance), and it cost him $5k to build and about six months
  • His own company let him plug it into their Salesforce
  • Quit his job and brought on a Co-founder
  • His co-founder was a college friend and user of Coffee Sender
  • It was not a SaaS when he started
  • He had done about $700,000 in revenue over 18 months
  • Had maybe 3,000 users
  • Developed great traction to then raise more money
  • Sender.com was about $30k to buy
  • He liked "send" in the name


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  • He was a top rep, which allowed him some leeway with his company to try his Coffee Sender service
  • Account-Based Marketing was just starting up
  • There is more of a cost when sending direct mail and gift cards, so there are fewer competitors in the space
  • He has some tech to help confirm addresses
  • You can personalize the notes and products you're sending
  • Take as many shots as you can on goal
How else can I get in front of potential buyers?"
  • Maybe offer a mug if they sit through a webinar
  • Maybe someone got a promotion, so send them a bottle of champagne or an Uber Eats card for lunch


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