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Meet Forbes 30 Under 30 Lead Generation Entrepreneur Kenn Costales

Go Big With These B2B Lead Generation Ideas

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Lead Generation Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Wanted to be big, so he thought, "what is big...monolith!"
  • Failed a couple of times
  • Quit his job at Procter & Gamble at 26 to make his mark on the world
  • Started coding, and that didn't work
  • Got into Facebook Ads management with 3 month's expenses in the bank
  • Now has 20 employees
  • E-commerce Growth
  • Lead Nurturing for Service Businesses
  • PPC ROI Optimization
  • Why is LinkedIn Outreach better than Google AdWords for Lead Generation?
    • Linked Helper to automate connection requests
    • Put some humanity in the process
  • Why does Facebook Ads have better ROI than Google AdWords?
  • How can brick & mortar businesses get more qualified leads online?
  • How do you ensure that clients get quality leads instead of "tire-kicker" leads? (Hint: Lead scoring in your CRM is quite helpful)
  • How should advertising be different for single-product e-commerce stores vs. large retailers?

Apply To Work With Wes

Always be selling."
  • Self-taught on Facebook ads
  • Helped friends and non-profits for free to get case studies
  • Gave himself four months to get experience and get a client
  • Got his first client on CloudPeeps
  • Got his second client after being a guest on a podcast
  • I don't know how to get you 30 clients, but I know 30 ways to get you one client
  • Charged too little at first
  • Search your competitors
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  • How to get on "Forbes 30 Under 30"
  • Went after larger companies, and they're fine with longer contracts
  • Facebook Ads has a great ROI for e-commerce

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