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Print Money With Keap Multi-Media Follow-Up Sequences

In dating and sales, which is a form of courtship, it's not so much what you say, nor how you say it, but the mere fact you took the time to stay in touch and say anything at all that lets your love interest—and your prospect—know they are on your mind!


Dating Equals Sales Pipeline Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®

This is why Keap's redesigned multi-media follow-up sequence tool is so doggone powerful for growing your sales.

It gives you the power to print money on demand if you learn how to use it correctly.

So let's take a look at how to use it, starting with Keap Max.


Keap Max Campaign Builder

From the main dashboard, navigate over to Campaign Builder and click the drop down menu. (Here I am selecting "View Campaigns" so I can show you inside of a Keap Campaign I've already created.)

Once you are in a new or existing Campaign, you will see the Campaign Tools sidebar along the left hand side.

Sidebar: the main area to the right of the Campaign Tools sidebar is called the canvas.


Keap Max Campaign Builder Canvas and Tools

To keep the focus of this post narrowed to sending multi-media follow-up sequences, let's take a closer look inside of a Keap follow-up Sequence.

Sidebar: All Sequences start and stop when a Goal is met. The Sequence icon is rectangular while the Goals icons are round.

As you can see above, I have dragged a Sequence from the Campaign Tools sidebar to the canvas and named it "Trade Show Booth FUS."

When we click inside the Sequence, a new sidebar is shown with the following labels:

  • The name of the sequence at the top
    Keap Sequence Tools Sidebar
  • Timers
  • Communications
    • Email Message
    • Fax (isn't that quaint?)
    • Letter
    • Email (Legacy) (I've had my account since 2008, so it has this "Legacy" option. Newer accounts will not have this.)
    • Text message
  • Process
    • Apply/Remove Tag
    • Apply Note
    • Create Task
    • Create Appointment
    • Set Field Value
    • Assign an Owner
    • Create Opportunity
    • Fulfillment List
    • Create Order
    • Cancel Subscription
    • Send HTTP Post
    • Add to Sequence
    • Move Opportunity
    • Action Set (Legacy) (I've had my account since 2008, so it has this "Legacy" option. Newer accounts will not have this.)
  • Other
    • Start
    • Notes
  • Fix Your Follow-Up Failure

Keap Sequence Timers

Let's take a look at the three times of Sequence Timers Keap gives you and some examples of when to use them.

Keap Configure Delay Timer

Delay Timers

Keap Set Delay Timer Units of Time

Delay timers operate the way they sound, i.e., once a Goal is reached—a webform is completed, a name is uploaded and Tagged, etc.—you set the amount of time you want to pass before the next step happens.

When someone opts in to receive a free report or register for a webinar, you would set the Delay Timer to "No Delay."

However, if they visit your trade show booth, you may want to wait a few minutes to even a few hours before you email them to say "Thanks for stopping by the booth," since it might be kinda awkward for them to get a notification from you as they are still standing in your booth speaking with you.

Keap Set Delay Timer Day To runOnce you set the amount of time to wait, you now pick the day on which you want the next step to run.

Again, if this is a webinar registration or free report request, run it immediately on Any Day. There is no reason to delay giving a hungry prospect what they want in those instances.

However, as you build out your drip sequence to nurture your prospects or even to deliver content a customer purchased, you may want to wait a day or a week.

Maybe you lead a group call or training every Monday or on the first Wednesday of the month, you can set that delay here.

Keap Set Delay Timer Timing

Finally, the exact time of day can be set. 

Once again, if I'm offering a free report or webinar, and your register at 11 PM on a Saturday night, I'm going to set this to "Any Time" to send you the email confirmation.

However, when I send a reminder for the webinar, I may want to only send the text reminder at during typical working hours or at a specific time in their time zone

Date Timers

Date Timers are just what the name implies.Keap Configure Date Timer

Rather than waiting one minute or one day or one week before you send a report or a reminder, now you are hard-coding the exact day and time you want the next step to happen.

Personally, I minimize my usage of Date Timers inside of my Keap application, because if I want to clone a Campaign or Sequence to accelerate my deployment of a similar drip sequence, all of these Date Timers must be manually updated.

That being said, maybe you do a weekly or monthly or quarterly event that is not promoted until after the conclusion of next event, you could keep things simple and use just one Keap Campaign and edit the dates for the actions or Processes each time you reuse the Campaign.

There ain't nuthin' wrong wit dat, mmkay?

So if that's how you roll, knock yo'self out.

Field Timers

Now here is where the "experts" become the experts.

Field Timers are set to fire before or after a certain Date/Time Field in the Contact's record.

This could be a standard field such as birthday or anniversary, or a custom field such as a webinar date, next appointment, or when a customer's warranty is about to expire.

Keap Configure Field Timer

In the case of a follow-up sequence created to take a trade show booth visitor from prospect to customer, maybe you send them a text with a link to schedule a demo.

Since "Create Appointment" is a Goal, once the appointment is set, the Trade Show Campaign could pass the prospect over to a "Demo Appointment" reminder campaign that sets the Custom Field on their contact record to next Tuesday at 10 AM, and then sends them the following:

  • Immediately:
    • Confirmation email
    • Confirmation text
    • Task to staff to send welcome package or literature in the mail
    • Task to salesperson
      • Research prospect
      • Connect & engage with prospect on social media
  • 24 hours prior to demo
    • Reminder email with link to reschedule if something has come up
    • Reminder text with request to confirm
  • Morning of the appointment
    • Task to staff to call to remind/confirm
    • Reminder text one hour prior to appointment
  • Post-Appointment/Demo
    • Closed/Won
      • Email receipt/confirmation
      • Assign ownership to fulfillment team
      • Task executive staff to call/text/email thank you message
      • Change status of contact from prospect to customer to delight by delivering a "WOW" experience (See "The A.B.C.D.E.™ Sales & Marketing System")
      • Drip on new customer with welcome series
      • Send an NPS survey one week/one month/90 days later
      • If they are happy with the process, ask for a referral and a testimonial
HubSpot Video
    • Move to next step
      • Send thank you, summary of meeting, and next steps via email
      • Send booking link for next meeting via email and text if not set in last meeting
      • Assign Task to salesperson to update Opportunity stage and stay in touch
      • Repeat reminder series for next meeting
    • Closed/Lost
      • One hour after meeting: send thank you email and letter for considering you
      • One day after meeting: send survey/questionnaire via email
      • Add to longterm nurture sequence (if they considered you once, they will consider you again if you stay in touch)

Fix Your Follow-Up Failure

The key to success in sales has always been in the follow-up.

Out-of-sight is still out-of-mind.

Just because someone requests more information, schedules a demo, or agrees to meet, doesn't mean they will buy.

Just because someone buys, doesn't mean they are happy with the process or the product.

Just because someone buys, doesn't mean they will give you a referral.

Just because someone buys, doesn't mean they will give you a testimonial.

In none of the correspondence steps I outlined above must you send the next great American novel.

Remember, quantity has a quality all its own.

Just stay in touch. 

Give your prospects a gentle nudge.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the opportunity so you can identify and remedy issues before they blow up in your face.

This is how I've grown The Sales Whisperer® since 2008 by using Infusionsoft/Keap, and I've helped thousands of others around the world do the same.

Grow your income by leveraging one of the key components of sales and marketing automation, which is Keap Follow Up Email Sequences.

It's just one of the many CRM Butler Services offered by The Sales Whisperer® and his team of email marketing experts.

The beauty of Keap is its ability to deliver relevant marketing and sales messages to targeted prospects and clients automatically, day and night, rain or shine until they "buy or die."

Some examples of the type of Follow Up Email Sequences we can create and implement for you as part of our Infusionsoft Services include:

  • New Prospect Follow Up Email Sequences
  • New Client Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Workshop Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Webinar Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Upsell Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Testimonial Request Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Referral Request Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Lost Client Reactivation Follow Up Email Sequences
  • The Key to Keap Mastery

Any or all of these, when done properly, will grow your lists, grow your referrals, grow your testimonials and grow your income because you are creating your processes ahead of time then automating them.

Systems and automation is the key to smart, leveraged, efficient growth for any business.

If you still have questions about ordering Keap for your business and would like to see Keap in action check this out.

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Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.