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Learn How To Let Nothing Stop You With Katrina Ruth Loterzo

What To Do When All The Balls Drop

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The Sales Podcast...

  • Why you need to write long, epic posts on Facebook
  • When to use the F-word in your marketing
  • Why we don't live our dreams
  • Why we don't take action
  • How to kill resistance dead
  • Why book meetings and calls on Facebook
  • How she moved away from "accidental fitness" career
  • Why she quit law school and dropped "the good girl" facade to follow her dream
  • She started giving facials for "stress release" instead of attending class
  • She left for Europe, gained weight, and as she worked out to lose weight, she fell into a fitness business and created a 6-figure fitness business
  • She walked away from four degrees and every job she ever had


  • How to give yourself credit for hustling
  • How to see the pieces of your life are coming together to build your future
  • How to keep the faith while you stay the course
  • How to choose to have faith and believe in something bigger than you
  • What she said to herself in  2007 when she started her business
  • Where to post your new, fresh content to reach your audience
  • How to use your team to share your content far and wide
  • How much content is "too much content"
  • How to launch new programs regularly
  • Why to break the internet "launch rules"
  • How to stay calm in the mad, chaotic mess
  • Why and how you need to sell every single day
  • Why you need to let your internal creative / artist go wild and set it free to achieve your true entrepreneurial success
  • How to bring on a team to "clean up your mess"
  • What to do when all the balls drop
  • Why you need to pay top dollar for top people
  • How to grow organically and keep your ad budget in check
  • Why one cult follower > than 1,000 tire-kickers who just want a free ebook
  • Why being true to yourself is the only way to grow
  • Why you need to drop the F-bomb more often
  • Why you don't need to pay money to "smart people" who only want to make you stop being you
  • Why it's better to serve a huge community at an affordable price
  • The one thing you need to do now to kick things into gear
  • Why you need to get connected to your why
  • How to get to the true why
  • How to really find your motivation


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