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Karl Sakas Says Don't Just Make The Logo Bigger

Use process to overcome human nature

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Use process to overcome human nature
  • Learned coding HTML in the 90’s
  • Served as project manager and director of operations for many years for various digital agencies
  • Manages growth for those who have growing pains
  • Most hire for the short term issues but that creates longterm issues
  • New rope vs wet twine. Great employees vs the drama queens
  • Recruited his boss to become his first client by showing how she’d benefit
  • Went from 50-60 hours per week as an employee to just 10 hours as a contractor...so he had to fill his schedule and his bank account
  • Almost got paralyzed with web design
    • Realized he only needed two pages: Home page and Blog
    • Averages 6 posts/month for 4 years
  • Answers questions for clients
  • Agencies struggle for three reasons:
    • Not using processes to overcome human nature.
      • You can plan for processes
      • People will leave
      • Objections will arise
      • Make yourself needed but not necessary
    • Not focusing on WIIFM
    • Not thinking long term
  • There’s an underlying reason for the recurring bad things that are happening
  • Closed a client on software training while in high school
    • He was charging $35 per hour for one-off clients
    • Asked to come in and review their needs
    • Was comfortable with what they needed
    • Charged $75/hr...and they asked "When can you start?"
    • If you're closing 90-100% of your business...raise your prices!

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