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Farms Over Funnels says Returning Guest, Justin Brooke

One ad. One page. One goal.



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Amazon ads and Pinterest Ads are on the rise.
  • $5/day is probably the floor on Facebook, but you probably need to be at $10/day to get started and be effective.
  • Back in 2007 he was an intern for Russell Brunson and he saw marketing as expensive and you needed to ask permission.
  • He realized "For $100, from my bedroom, I can tell the whole world about my product." 
  • When Da Rona was happening his town got a grant to help the restaurants advertise so they could sell online.
  • 12 restaurants hired Justin and his wife to show them how to spend $5/day on "coffee near me" and similar campaigns.

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  • Use this for hiring new staff, "Jobs near me."
  • Still a Google fanboy...for a reason.
  • Google Search + Facebook Retargeting is the best today.
  • Facebook is a lot of games today.
  • Facebook needs new ad creative every day.
  • You can launch and forget it on Google.
  • Facebook is feed-based, interruption-based, and people are sensitive.
  • Google shows ads based on intent.
  • If you're new to paid traffic, take a piece of content you've created that has gotten good traffic and boost it.
  • He did a carousel post on Instagram and one out of six outperformed the others so he spent $5/day promoting that.
  • You need a CTA when they hit your site.
  • You need a good home page and about page.
  • Your home page should not be a "catch-all."
  • Explain what you do and how to get started.
  • Neil Patel had a really short home page.
  • One ad, One page, One goal.


Join The Club

  • Your goals will change.
  • Start with a best guess.
One ad, one page, one goal."
  • Used to live in Florida but is now in Tennessee.
  • Storm shutter companies win when everyone else is suffering.
  • In 2020, the whole world had to sell online, so now there's a lot more competition.
  • Lots of local stores went out of business.
  • AdSkills exploded due to 2020.
  • The internet is the big show now.
  • In 2017, the internet surpassed TV as the world's largest medium.
  • But there is a lot of bad competition.
  • It's a great time to be a digital advertiser.


Justin Brooke on The Sales Podcast


Which CRM Is Right For You?


  • 2005 he was an affiliate marketer.
  • 2007 he bought the resale rights to a product to learn Joomla.
  • Became active in forums.
  • Sold the reseller business...but forgot to start a new business!
  • Met Rich Schefren doing traffic for him.
  • Went full-time to be his traffic guy in 2010/11.
  • Now everyone wanted Justin.
  • They'd teach their members why campaigns were bad if they failed, so he couldn't fail!
  • Started IMScalable.
  • Crossed 7-figures but didn't like the life.
  • Started AdSkills as their info product.
  • Sold their first course and made $48,000 in one weekend.
Farms over funnels!"
  • Farms over funnels!
How do I create calories?"
  • He was in Bali and couldn't buy groceries and that was alarming.
  • He started seeing shortages here in America.
  • Backyard gardens aren't near enough.
  • Lost 112 pounds.
  • Went on a new journey spiritually and with his health.
  • It's hard to get organics and real food.
  • Bought a farm but learned it's not polite to ask someone how many acres they have.
  • It's hard to tame 16 acres.
  • Chickens, potatoes, mushrooms.
  • The Great Free State of Tennessee.
  • He has gigabit internet there in the mountains.
  • Our yards are as big as we make them.
  • Looking into timber investing.
  • Black walnut is money!
  • Locust trees are sturdier than cedar.
  • Mushrooms are the new super-food.
  • Making a worm farm.
  • Mealworms for chickens and other animals.

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