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Create VIP Customers To Grow Your ROI With Jordan West

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  • How we made $250,000 of e-commerce sales in 24 hours without using Facebook ads or discounts!
  • How our brand is leveraging our Facebook VIP group to sell more to customers we’ve already acquired and how other owners can do the same.
  • The mechanics and psychology of gated launches for e-commerce brands.
  • The sale does not end when money is exchanged
  • Launches can be great for generating word of mouth and lists
  • "Contagious: Why Things Catch On" book
  • Password protect your stuff
  • It's a psychological thing
  • It irritates some prospects
  • Some people don't understand you have to pay to be in a mastermind
  • He has a paywall for new launches
  • He and his wife have a 7-figure baby brand clothing line

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  • He has a VIP group of customers
  • Staff reach out with a personalized video for all new customers
  • Invites them to the free VIP group for early announcements
  • VIP SMS list for early releases
  • Shuts down the site for the launch
  • Has his own app as well, "which is definitely worth it."
  • It's like a rubicon: once you enter you don't want to leave
  • He's selling them to make a micro-commitment to get on the site
  • He just did a $110,000 in the first hour
  • 90% were returning customers
  • Let people know who is not a fit
Can I monetize this so they take it seriously?"
  • Doing post-purchase surveys on all customers
  • 50% came from a friend
  • Using the Shopify survey app
  • As an agency he's thinking of creating an association of e-commerce owners
  • Maybe run it as a Slack group and they pay a small amount to join then move them into bigger groups
  • Seth Godin talks about the minimum viable audience
  • Choose who to lose
  • Focus your energy
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  • Their first daughter was in cloth diapers 6-7 years ago "and it was our worst decision..but it lead to our business, so there's that!"
  • His wife had a design background
  • Made leggings that fit over the cloth diapers
  • Cut fabric and designs at home
  • He dabbled in Facebook Ads in 2015 and got a 90:1 ROI
  • He helps people really scale now online
  • He spent $400,000 last year for a 10.1 ROI on Facebook
  • "We run ads to get you off of ads."
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Wes Schaeffer: Jordan West entrepreneur, host of secrets to scaling your e commerce brand, all the way from Canada. Welcome to the sales podcast, man. How the heck are you

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I'm great, thanks so much for having me. It was nice. I got to have you on my podcast and I get up young yours. This is working out perfectly.

Wes Schaeffer: Gotta love it when a plan comes together, man. If you do you do some marketing. You do some podcasting.

Wes Schaeffer: Do some up some you focused. Is it fair to say your, your main emphasis is e commerce sales and marketing happy those in that space.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah yeah i think that's that's really my passion area right now is seeing people be able to actually sell online, especially, you know, we're just going through 2020 and, you know, seeing how there's been so many businesses that have been completely obliterated.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That you know we're brick and mortar and now you know needing to move online and and i think that knowing how to sell online is just an incredibly valuable skill these days.

Wes Schaeffer: And when you say selling online and e commerce. Does this mean

Wes Schaeffer: Like there's no conversation with the prospect. I mean, maybe chat. But is it. It's all online.

Wes Schaeffer: No phone calls, no face to face ever in in this in that sales cycle.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. Well, I think that even the sales cycle there definitely is time for that with e commerce stores and I think actually the ones that do really well we'll still have phone support and hopefully local phone support. I think that that's a really big.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Thing I mean the sales process, you know, as you know, being, you know, like one of the, you know, great sales guys out there.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: The sales process does not end when you make the sale right there's all of the the customer service afterwards. And I think that's where you can really make a lot of big strides as as e commerce brands out there is having incredible customer service after the fact.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, and we're linking to a checklist that you're you're giving e commerce sales launch checklist that you have followed did over a million dollars in 2020 alone.

Wes Schaeffer: Was this. How much did you have to pivot, or I had to use a current word where you big into e commerce already before 2020 did it force your hand where you like 5050 and then just went all in e commerce. Like, what was that how this checklist come about.

Wes Schaeffer: That helped you grow this year.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, totally. So, so we develop this checklist. This is sales launch checklist.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: From one of the brands that we own ourselves and e commerce brand that sort of mid seven figures. Right now, we realized that there was

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: These sales launches and these new product launches could be incredible for word of mouth and getting new people into the pipeline. Right.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Into your brand. And so this is about three or four years ago. I remember I went to Disney World with my wife.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We left the kids at home. I know that's terrible. But they just weren't old enough yet you know and and my wife is a bit of a Disney freak. So

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I decided to pick up the book contagious by Jonah Berger, and I remember reading

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: This part in the book. We talked about this brand. That was really struggling and it was an online brand and

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: All that they did to change. They rebranded a little bit, exact same clothes, but instead of

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Just having a website open all the time, it was always password protected and the only way that you could get into these launches was if you entered the password.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So, you know, like most books out there and most entrepreneurs are listening to this, they read it and we're like, Okay, that's cool. And just moved on.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And I did not implemented at that point. But I always had this nagging feeling of like, I think I could implement that. And I think that it would do really, really well. But I'm really scared to password protect our site and not have those sales before

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And so fast forward a few years, or a couple of years from then, and on my podcast secrets to scaling your e commerce brand. I had a

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Podcast guests who was telling me that from her VIP group. She sells out every single launch

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And it's a VIP group of 3000 people like to 3000 people you're selling out these big launches. Like, how do you do it.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So she walked me through the process. And I thought, okay, we can do that for our brand. And that was about a year and a half ago. And this is where we develop the sales launch checklist and why I think that it's

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So incredible because there's a lot of things that you have to do along the way.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: To really be able to to actually use the psychology behind it and get people on board and really have that sort of like, you know, if you picture like that Black Friday mentality of people like running into the store. I'm having that same thing happen online.

Wes Schaeffer: Now you got me thinking.

Wes Schaeffer: Hold on a second. I'm just, I'm about to password protect my whole site so standby.

Wes Schaeffer: But

Wes Schaeffer: Now I have to get that book. I mean, because it is it's appealing. I look at folks I just interviewed a friend of mine, Aaron Chase, just before this.

Wes Schaeffer: This is her second time coming on first time was five years ago and she she has a different model. She's very busy big staff and like she says that they tried to own the Internet.

Wes Schaeffer: Right and just thinking of that is exhausting to me. I don't want to own the internet, right. I want to put out thoughtful pieces.

Wes Schaeffer: Help people with their sales, there's very specific I stick with the fundamentals, because the fundamental still work. Right. And there's literally nothing new under the sun. All this

Wes Schaeffer: New Age stuff that comes out whatever they're just putting lipstick on an old pig. You know, I've got books you know 30 and 40 and I mean they spoke on my desk advertising copy. I mean this guy updated it in 1936 because the 1924 edition. A lot of things have changed since 1924

Wes Schaeffer: Right, so I guess I read it. I'm like, oh yeah, I know this guy that like this is the source, right, because all these modern guys. They're just picking from that and skinning it so

Wes Schaeffer: So can I can I sell more calmly, is that we are you giving me permission to just kind of chill out and slow my roll there. You're telling me.


Wes Schaeffer: I gotta go everybody to do that.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I mean, I, I, you know, I'll go get that book and and and I've thought about, I've seen guys, I've thought about taking my podcast and making it

Wes Schaeffer: A subscription to put it behind a paywall or even just just opt in. Right. It's all on my site. Like, why do I give all this stuff away for free. I 400 and almost 80 episodes now.

Wes Schaeffer: I don't know.

Wes Schaeffer: I got me thinking, man, to do that we supposed to agitate that the host is that is that

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Is that a psychological torn. I do. Yeah, that's what I do. And that's why people just love to have me on their podcast just agitation. I went, what what I wanted to say. Interestingly, is that most people respond to it.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And some people don't. So like, like, you know, for, for instance, so I run a mastermind for e commerce stores that are doing 789 figures and

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: The there's some people that don't understand that you have to pay to be in a mastermind.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So I, I still do phone calls with with potential mastermind members because I really want to make sure that they're going to fit with the group. And the first question. Somebody asked me the other day.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Was how do you justify charging to run a group like this. And I was like, oh, I might. You're not a fit for this. You don't get

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You don't get and so so so similarly we have a paywall because that's really important. If people don't understand the value of of something and having walls in place.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: They're not going to value your product nearly as much and I really think that that's the same sort of idea on e commerce, do we keep our website password protected all the time. No.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: But for new launches. Oh, yes, we do. Right. Because we want to make sure to let people know hey this is a special LUNCH. WE MIGHT SELL OUT, and we generally do it's not false scarcity, we generally because we still produce everything in Canada.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You know, we're not able to produce as much as the demand is out there, but our core values are such that we're just not going to produce overseas right now so

Wes Schaeffer: You know, and so when you're doing these launches I'm are you launching, are you selling a physical product or just a mastermind launch like what do you, what's the launch about

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, sorry. I was mixing two different things together. So, so first of all, I, I own with my wife a mid seven figure econ brand.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That started out with baby clothing, we now have three different brands under the same umbrella really serving that same customer, you know, millennial moms 25 to 40

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Trying to, you know, have clothes that actually last that's little unlikely is the the baby brand there. And then I also run a marketing agency. So that was and a mastermind and podcasts and all that sort of stuff. So

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That's all separate from the club. The clothing company side so what what I'd love to kind of walk you through how we do these gated launches.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Sure. Okay.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So, so we have a VIP group of customers and how we get people into the VIP group is interesting, when somebody purchases for the first time.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We have somebody from our staff reach out to them with a personalized video

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Saying, like, Hey Mary. Thanks so much for ordering these, you know, palm tree leggings. I think you're really going to love them.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: If you'd like to ask some questions or talk to other customers, please feel free to join our VIP group and so that VIP group is on Facebook.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And when they join that group. They don't get any discounts or anything like that. But what they do get is a early access to our sales.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So we let them know, hey, you're going to be getting early access to this, we also try and pair it with an SMS list as well. So it's like text messages.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So right now I think both of our lists around 1000 people and it's, there's a pretty big overlap between those, those two groups. So we let people know this is our VIP SMS list. So, you will get notified right away for early releases.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So generally about two weeks before we launch one of these new you guys will see if you've downloaded the sales launch checklist we walk through exactly the timing of all of this, right, if the emails that you want to send

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And the posts that you want to have on social media. And so for about two weeks before we're loving the middle like, hey, this is what you need to be doing up into this launch and then 24 hours before we password protect the site, nobody can get on and

Wes Schaeffer: Two hours before we so just so we know i mean it's kind of like when Apple when they do their big thing in September, like they're basing their website is shut down for like 12 to 24 hours. It's kind of the same concept.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Get totally the same concept.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, yeah. So, and, and like you said before, like there's nothing new under the sun. We're just repackaging this for e commerce.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: In a sort of way, we just happen to found some gold in this particular

Area here so

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Uh, yeah. So, so the websites shut down now. And let's say that the launch is at 12 noon right at 10am Pacific we send out an SMS message we send out

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We write on our Facebook VIP group, right, which is private, the code to enter the website. And then we also let our people that have push notifications enabled on our app.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We also let them in, because it's really hard to differentiate the app doesn't have a password protection. So we have to. So that's been an interesting workaround. But it's definitely worth it having an app.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So we give them the password and and psychologically. It's incredible, right, because first of all they have to enter a password to get in. So it's kind of like I remember when somebody told me this word.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I've, I've thought about it, and it's like a Rubicon right once you enter cannot leave right or you don't want to leave.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Right. You've, you've made this micro commitment. Now, and very similar like in a sales process right where you're getting people just to make these little micro commitments, the whole way. You're not trying to sell them something right away.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I'm not trying to sell them shirts or leggings or anything like that yet. I'm trying to sell them to get onto the website.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And so they've made that that one little micro commitment and now they're on the site.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And them. And, you know, three or 4000 other people when we put the password out there and then it's just mayhem, we actually, we ran another one of these, just a few days ago. Again, not a sale just a new product release. We did 110,000 in the first hour

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: It just absolutely crazy.

Wes Schaeffer: This is

Wes Schaeffer: Where you are, you're the baby.

Wes Schaeffer: The clothing line.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So these are these like legging packages.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That we when we originally did them because we had all of these leftover leggings from different collections. And we're like, Hey, let's package these together and sell them and and so we did and and now it's just become a normal part of how we're

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Able to turn our inventory over year over year.

Wes Schaeffer: Dude, I'm, I'm in a couple of knife groups.

Wes Schaeffer: You know collectors blades and one of them half half faceplates I'd never heard of them. My buddy turned me on to them and dude.

Wes Schaeffer: It is crazy. Like, I literally I have on my calendar.

Wes Schaeffer: For next week, the 16th for PM Pacific

Wes Schaeffer: Browsers open because he'll do a drop

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: Everything sold out on his site all the time and and if you're kind of an insider active on the group, he'll give you a little heads up. And I mean, things are just gone, man.

Wes Schaeffer: And these are $300 to $600 to even more for a super elite like custom things that will make. So it's the same kind of concept. But I guess the the thing that goes without saying is, first you have to have a great product.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, you're not gonna do this a mediocre overseas knock off you know my wife literally just order something from Walmart.

Wes Schaeffer: And this blouse. You show me and the sleeves on mostly she thought was one both sleeves were turned inside out before they were so in all

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Of the scenes me now.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I tell me I'm not gonna wear this, you know, it's a you got to have a quality product. First of all,

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Totally so so on that recent launch that that we just did there with the you know hundred and 10 K in the first hour during that first hour. It was a 90% returning customer rate.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Right so 90% of people have already ordered from us before and just loved us that much that they ordered again during that time. That to me shows the power of a good product right and a product that people want to order over and over again so

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. Any other industries like we're kind of an acquisition mode right now at the clothing company where we're looking for these different brands that we think would really serve the same customer

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: But we want to make sure that when when we're looking at these these products that their products that people do want to order over and over again, right, and that we can serve them instead of different ways.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah. And hey, you know what, don't judge them right my, my friend. I literally I need to have an intervention on this guy. But I know he's rich. So hey, he orders knives. I mean, he's like going crazy. He's, he's ordered as many knives in three months, as I've ordered in 20 years

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Right.

Wes Schaeffer: I'm like,

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Dude, you're trying to collect collectible thing. I feel like this is not something I'm used to in Canada. Yeah.


Wes Schaeffer: Well, they are yes they are tools and and a lot of guys use them as as you should use them, but a lot of

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Hunting and

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, hunting skinning

Wes Schaeffer: But a lot of guys though just collect them I I collect them I'm building shadow boxes. This Christmas to display them right

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah yeah

Wes Schaeffer: But this guy. I mean, he go he's crazy, dude. He's, he's waiting for the drops, but he's he's bartering and trading with guys in the group. I'm like, yeah.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: But like I said,

Wes Schaeffer: At least 300 bucks apiece, at least.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, that's the absolute low in so hey if people want to buy a bunch of leggings and they want to buy whatever

Wes Schaeffer: Let them.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, right. Yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: Make a great product and serve them.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, totally. So through these. I mean, it sounds similar like the the nice guy, you're talking about sounds like a pretty similar product kind of cycle right where you just don't have

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Enough product to be able to say she ate the need out there which is totally fine. Right. I think it's fine. I think real scarcity is awesome.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I don't like

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Dual scarcity.

Wes Schaeffer: Another another brand that the night as I first started buying colleague, going back to 2008 maybe even earlier. Back then it was a three year wait

Wes Schaeffer: Wow, now it's a six year wait and you can only order one per household per quarter.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That's crazy. When they do like tracker IP address or something or

Wes Schaeffer: No. Well, you do order online. It's so funny. So because of coven

Wes Schaeffer: I didn't even know that they did this, but they their, their offices in Orlando, so we should meet, we should go to Disney World which go buy a bunch of knives.

Wes Schaeffer: But don't bring him to Disney World.

Wes Schaeffer: And then we're going to Disney World. Right. And we'll go back to the nice. Okay.

Wes Schaeffer: But

Wes Schaeffer: I guess they have like a fall sale because you put $50 down to order it and then you you don't you don't pay the full thing until it's ready.

Wes Schaeffer: Right. Six years later. So sometimes people just, you know, their fall on hard times, whatever, and they can't afford the knife for whatever they don't fulfill the order

Wes Schaeffer: So you could go to their store November and buy those leftovers right if

Wes Schaeffer: You'd like a better term.

Wes Schaeffer: The unfilled orders and so they they let them, let us do it online that this year, and like, and my buddy told me about. I couldn't even up as I've been buying these for over a decade. Right. And he knew all about it. He just got started.

Wes Schaeffer: So I was able to order to

Wes Schaeffer: At one time, which was like magical

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I mean, it was Mac. I got to what. So that's the kind of

Wes Schaeffer: You know, excitement, you can build but so here's my dilemma right though I only have a couple tangible things. I got a book. I mean, I, how do I do a big launch, you know, with a book or a digital course or my own membership is it your mastermind. Is it work the same way. Same psychology

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I really do think that there's the same psychology out there for for info type products or for groups or masterminds, all of that kind of thing. I think that anytime you gate something and you make it

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You make it something that not everybody can cross that line. I think that you make it a lot more valuable at that point. So, so for groups. I think that that's especially like within masterminds you don't want everybody in that mastermind.

Wes Schaeffer: For sure.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That is not that is going to hurt your group. And so making sure to let people know who's not a fit. I think is really, really important. And then even just having

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You know, what are the amount of like products, you've looked at, you're like, I need that. And then you just forget about it and

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You like, well, it's always going to be there. So, like, I'll just, I'll get it sometime. Whenever I really need it and then you realize, you know, you're out mountain biking and it's dark and you crash into a tree because you didn't have that light, for instance.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: But if there was some sort of time limit on it right so similar with, like, say, getting people into a mastermind. And it's like, hey, we're only taking members for this small amount of time.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Because we're going to be working through some curriculum or something within this mastermind. I think that that can be really powerful to really get people to move and people have been using

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That sort of technique, getting people especially into courses for for a long time. It's just making sure that there's not a false scarcity. I don't like the

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Fault is the especially as a Canadian you know we we really, I mean, Americans do, but I feel like we're like so sensitive to those

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Things are nicer more sensitive people you don't even have knives. I mean, come on, man. You just

Wes Schaeffer: A bear comes, you just say like, Let's hug it out, man. It's all good.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: People, people are into knives. It's just, I guess I'm not in that

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I don't have that group of friends that are in tonight's yet.

Wes Schaeffer: Will you do now, man.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, exactly. I'm sending them your way.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, awesome.

Wes Schaeffer: Alright, so you you sent me a couple interesting things.

Wes Schaeffer: You know, kind of, how about the mechanics here gated

Wes Schaeffer: But 250 grand of e commerce sales and 24 hours without without two things Facebook ads, which are a pain in the butt or without discounting. Amen. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.

Wes Schaeffer: So what's that all about. I mean, it was that part of the hundred and 10 and one hour.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: No, that was a separate launch. So this one was actually, yes. This was in August. And we were just launching a brand new collection.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So for, you know, two weeks before we were letting our listeners know like hey guys, if you want early access to this join our VIP group, join our SMS list download our app.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And that's the only way you're going to get early access to this stuff and and that one was just phenomenal. I think in the first two hours we did about 120,000 and then it just kept going and going and going and the days after that it was like

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I don't think we ran Facebook ads for about two weeks because we just had all of this organic all these organic sales throughout that time.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You just really phenomenal.

Wes Schaeffer: When you say organic is that people coming from your private group or your email list or both or so what what's organic

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. So yeah, so organic would be like anybody who's who are on any of our own list as well, word of mouth. We do post purchase surveys. Now with people.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: With all of our customers. So it's really interesting to actually see where people come from, because you can get a lot of data, you know, in Google Analytics and we tag everyone and we have all these like ways that we can try to

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Really track people. But the best thing I found is just asking people, right. Where'd you hear about us well 50% of people that buy from us heard about us from a friend.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Well, and

Wes Schaeffer: It's like XL.

Wes Schaeffer: Survey, or you take them online to a to a quick web form or how do you do that.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, so it's actually, it's just we use this app on Shopify called prove it.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Oh, and right afterwards, right after they've made their purchase it just says, hey, can we ask you a quick question. And then they asked him, people that have purchased from us before we actually ask a different question we asked them why. Why did you purchase from us again.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We've been getting the exact same answer for about two weeks now. So I think we've got that nailed down. It's always it's always quality and customer service. Yeah.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Don't so it's really good to know those things from your customers, right, rather than just assuming anytime that that you assume that you know your customer. I think that you're going to probably start making some bad decisions.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, exactly.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, I'm talking with a friend of mine in the str space short term rental space like Airbnb works with people that have properties that are renting them out.

Wes Schaeffer: He's running ads, you know, cost per lead is kind of high out of people coming through. They just have lower end properties that aren't a fit for his marketing and I'm like dude, put these people in a group.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, educator, you have you got 10 people you got 10,000 people that you can you can talk to all of them.

Wes Schaeffer: At once, educate them, you know, and maybe some of them get better. You know, they grow their income, then they can afford your higher end services, right, is that

Wes Schaeffer: The are you kind of doing that as well. Even though I mean baby clothing is an expensive, as you know, buying a house, but still you can kind of nurture them along right stay in front of them to you're always top of mind.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Totally. I have so many ideas for that because, especially from the in the agency world.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We have so many different ways that we get people into our funnel right so

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: We're right now actually thinking of starting like an e commerce Association right to just get people it's not to make money right to say we'll charge them you know hundred bucks a year or something to get into this association.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That now is a group right to say we have 10,000 of these e commerce stores in this group, I would probably run it with business to business like that. I would actually run that as a slack group.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: For for your friend that you're talking about. I think that would be really good and get them to pay something to enter this slack group.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Right, just like a small amount and they're going to get some, you know, resource that he has. And then from that dedicated slack group then then continue to move them into bigger and bigger groups. There's just so many different ways.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That you can do that. And I think for for, you know, you and I, chatting here.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Everything for me comes down to. Okay, can I monetize this

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Earlier in the funnel because people will take it more seriously than right yeah people don't take free stuff nearly as seriously as they do when they pay a little bit

Wes Schaeffer: That's true. And yeah, I'll do that. It is I'm dealing with this right now. I just had a pop up here. I've got a call it my IPA my initial process assessment, somebody comes in. We do a free call

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah chats and it's a short call but

Wes Schaeffer: I don't mind, they have to answer a lot of questions to to get to my calendar. All right, to answer all those questions.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: They're motivated and we talk when okay

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And they're paying by time to there. Yes.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, like

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: For sure. That's, that's one. One way I mean time is our most valuable resource so

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, but none of my, you know, I think I can help you. There's something there. I charge 500 bucks right now. That's all I charge 500 bucks. They get detailed questionnaire.

Wes Schaeffer: And then they get real dedicated time with me if it's more technical. I'll bring in one of my tech folks and we'll work with, like, well, like talk through this, like, okay, I think you got something will give them ideas.

Wes Schaeffer: I'll do two calls if it takes a couple calls

Wes Schaeffer: But because that people will come with very complex needs. I give me a quote, like, dude, I'm not, I'm not ready to give you a quote. I'm not like there's like 12,000 things. I still need to understand

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, you know, but you know they pay 500 bucks. They don't know they're going to get it. We send them a welcome gift, the cinema books and other things. So, you know, a little tangible thing.

Wes Schaeffer: For this guy. He paid this two weeks ago and I gotta reach out to him, like, dude, where are you, do you want to have your call. I think sometimes they pay and going through the questionnaire, like, oh yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: I'm not ready for prime time because I tell people just filling out the questionnaire is going to help you.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Totally, yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: And and I've seen this.

Wes Schaeffer: Almost more times than not, at least 5050, they're like, Yeah, I'm just paying that and I'm like hey hit me. I've had people hit me up. A year later, like, Okay, I'm ready to talk now say, cool. Let's do it. But they don't go anywhere else because they spent a little bit

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah yeah

Wes Schaeffer: You know, so like you're saying 100 bucks. They're gonna value that

Wes Schaeffer: But we feel like we got a hold on to everybody. Everybody's a prospect everybody's a customer.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah yeah no and and Seth Seth Godin says it really well. And one of his newer books where he talks about the minimum viable audience.

Wes Schaeffer: Right.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And once you once you point those people out and figure out who those people are then it's okay to say no to everybody else. Right. Imagine if our marketing agency served everybody

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, right. You see those agencies out there. And yes, some of them survive. And there's some of those, you know, big ones out there, but the ones who do really well focus their energy on either what they're good at, or who they're good at.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: That process that's e commerce friends right

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, so

Wes Schaeffer: Were you like, How'd you get into this space with your wife that I mean did y'all have kids and then stumbled upon the need. Did you just stumble upon the need for kids. I mean, because that's a I've had some I had some friends that were selling this baby carrier thing.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, and killing it. And then like the manufacturer like changed the rules and damn near literally almost overnight ruined them.

Wes Schaeffer: And it was terrible to see

Wes Schaeffer: So, are y'all more protected. I hope

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yes, yes, definitely wine that that that was an issue actually from a regulation standpoint, at least in Canada with baby carriers that actually happened fairly recently.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Up here that we were actually looking into purchasing a baby carrier brand and then all the stuff happening. We're like, let's just stick away.

Wes Schaeffer: Right.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Niche for now. So yeah, for for us what it was is

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Our first daughter. This is six, seven years ago, she was in cloth diapers and which is just the worst decision ever

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I really, really regret that decision, but without those cloth diapers. I don't think we'd have our brand.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: My wife couldn't find the leggings that would fit over top of cloth diapers. They were just like they just didn't have the data room and even just like regular date but room. They were made, kind of like for adults but like kids for diapers and so

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: She came from a fashion design background. She has a fashion design degree, really, really smart in that area. And she realized like, hey, there's this need out there. And so she brought them to some markets and

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: At the markets. Everyone was loving them like, oh yeah, my kid needs like these. And so we're like, okay, maybe we should try and sell these online. And so we would, you know,

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Getting manufacturing. First of all, was very difficult. We would do all the cutting in our garage herself at one point, my wife cut off part of her finger using the

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Big cutter and we have all these great memories in our garage of cutting fabric.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And and then we would go bring it out to home sellers everywhere. And we just couldn't keep up with

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: The demand. But I asked him, I can just try out Facebook ads. I just want to see how they work. And this is like in 2015 so I tried Facebook ads and I look back now and our return on ad spends that we had back then we're like 90 so like $1 in $90 out. I'm like this is phenomenal.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I don't know why everyone is not doing Facebook ads and that that really

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: sparked the curiosity for me and fast forward, you know, five years or almost six years now. And this is what I still do is help people.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Really scale like like you know when you say like Facebook ads. Right.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: A lot of people feel like that. And so we've developed all these systems over the years to actually be able to scale our I this last year, we spent $400,000 on Facebook ads for little and lively, we had a 10.5 return on ad spend

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: So still $1 in 10.5 hours. That to me is just an incredible investment in in Facebook ads.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Mine. You remember we're marketing mostly to Canada, where the costs are a little bit lower. We just don't have the same kind of competition as, as in the States.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: But for any of you Americans listening to this, I mean, think about that for Canada right there is a massive market up here and people who have cash to spend


Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, well, we had escalating costs because the stupid election so

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Oh my gosh, October. October was we talked about this on my podcast recently where if think about acquiring like making sure that you have a massive customer list.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: For times like October, right, we're like, well, what if Facebook ads disappear, and then we talked about that on mindful marketing on our website. The first thing is we run ads to get you off of ads.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Because it's really important to get those customers in and then retain them.


Wes Schaeffer: Amen.

Wes Schaeffer: Well, I know you've got a hard stop coming up, but I want to make sure we mentioned you've got the checklist. I'm linking to it here.

Wes Schaeffer: But it's mindful marketing.co

Wes Schaeffer: If somebody is on a treadmill or biking. Can they can, they just search for it there because it's sales desk launch checklist, but I don't want to forget. But mindful marketing CO is where they can get your checklist. Right.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So if you go to sales dash launch

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Checklist. You can grab it there and you can also go to our main page there, and I believe that we've got a link to a right there.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: It's a really great way to see this overview of all the steps that it takes before you're launching something and even for you, non econ people out there.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: I really think that it's it's super valuable as well just to have a process right and being like okay, two weeks before I'm going to send this email. Okay, got it.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Um, and, and, and may even give you some ideas to build off of right. We don't use this exact checklist every single time with sometimes my add some things and take some way but

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah, it's, yeah.

Wes Schaeffer: It says that foundational piece, you know, I remember going back to 2008 thinking through sequentially when I was learning Infusionsoft and marketing automation.

Wes Schaeffer: And drip sequence is and you know trying to think through, when should I send out send that immediately okay wait an hour send a bonus or

Wes Schaeffer: Wait 12 hours. Okay then wait a day because I got it now. I got a lot to do the game. A couple of days for it to percolate you know it's a different mindset, but still, it's just we're humans selling to humans, right. We're just doing it over a different medium.

Wes Schaeffer: So planet.

Wes Schaeffer: Run it measure it. Right. I'm sure you got a tweaked and adjusted

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: All the time.

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, maybe for coven maybe for elections. Yeah. Maybe it's like hey, I'm gonna go just I'm gonna go Hibernate for a month to the stupid elections over and then I'll start running ads. Again, I mean that

Wes Schaeffer: That may be a viable option right

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And hopefully people did that.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Because for us. It didn't affect us as much in Canada, right, because nobody's running election adds up here but October is still not a good month in e commerce, it's just it's everyone's waiting for for November for

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Purchasing right everyone's saving up. So yeah, definitely a tough, tough month

Wes Schaeffer: This Canada have y'all kind of picked up our Black Friday Cyber Monday sort of things just because you're close to us, or do you have like

Wes Schaeffer: Different holidays as well. But if you all kind of assimilated. The host

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah I forgiven that was I think it was about 10 years ago or so when we actually started to pick up Black Friday. And I think one of the brands. One of the big brands appear did it. And then since then everybody's doing it. It's interesting to like in my mastermind.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Of the 35 members that are in there. There we were the only ones who wrote who ran a true Black Friday sale everyone else's just November sales.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And so that

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Our November was pretty good, but I think it could have been a lot better if we would have followed their lead.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: And and done that, which is interesting because I'm the one who runs this mastermind. But, you know,

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You can always learn

Wes Schaeffer: Can lead a horse to water right

Wes Schaeffer: Yeah, all right, man. Very cool. Jordan West mindful marketing.co get the checklist. Check out the podcast and man, I appreciate you taking the time to come on the show.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: Yeah. Thanks for having me, Wes.

Wes Schaeffer: I'm I have a great day.

Jordan West - Mindful Marketing: You too.