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ActiveCampaign Email Deliverability Marketing Secrets

Sales Tips you'll learn in this episode of The Sales Podcast...

  • The technical things you can do to increase your email deliverability rates
  • The non-technical things you can do to increase your email deliverability rates
  • How most companies define and measure email deliverability
  • Whether or not you should have your contacts double opt-in
  • The things you should be measuring when it comes to your email deliverability
  • How Gmail treats your messages
  • How email bounces are handled

List hygiene is key for email deliverability."

Links Mentioned

  • Get input from Johan and ActiveCampaign on the ActiveCampaign blog
  • "Sent on behalf of" in ActiveCampaign
  • "Soft bounces and hard bounces" on ActiveCampaign
  • Apple uses Proof Point to find spammers
  • Use list verification software like Klean13

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