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John Correia, The John Madden of On-Screen Violence!

From Side Hustle to 2.67 Million Subscribers...and Growing!



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • 11 employees
  • Active Self Protection
  • 20-50 million views/mo
  • After-action reports
  • Handgun skills
  • Empty-handed skills
  • Travel and teach
  • Former Navy nuclear guy
  • Former pastor for 14 years
  • Started karate when he got his son in karate
  • Was in retail and muggings and robberies were on the rise
  • Got his CCW and started training martial arts in 2006
  • Started ASP in 2011 to pay for his ammo and martial arts

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  • Bought his first gun from the money he earned teaching on the side.
  • Got his NRA certifications to teach handgun classes, but there was no money in it.
  • His church members were upset with him posting gun stuff on his Facebook page so he made a new social media presence and he got a comment from someone in Ohio.
  • He made good memes for self-defense
  • Facebook started allowing video around mid-2014 to compete with YouTube
  • A guy sent him a video of an attack in Thailand
  • He took the video on his Blackberry Storm to his martial arts instructor on how to handle that

John Correia Wes Schaeffer BJJ

  • He shared his commentary and it went viral
  • Taught himself Adobe Premiere to edit videos
  • "The John Madden of on-camera violence."
  • Ah-ha!
  • October 2014 he posted this on Facebook
  • Made a YouTube channel to squat on his name
  • YouTube sent him a message to monetize his channel
  • April 2016 his YouTube took off
  • Post 365 days a year
  • 210,000 subscribers on his "baby channels"
  • 20 unique pieces of video each week


Join The Club

  • He was solo in the beginning.
  • Hired an assistant in 2016.
  • Hired another to help with video editing.
  • Now has a CEO to run the company.
  • Don't run your budget to your income.
  • Leave some slack to weather storms.
  • The COVID lockdown helped him with viewers.
  • He has no control over YouTube AdSense.
  • Biden was advertising on his channel and he told his followers to click on the ads so he could take Biden's money!
  • "It's great being an entrepreneur. I get to work half days and I get to pick whether to work the first 12 hours of the day or the second 12 hours."
  • "I'm like 7-11. I may not be making sales, but I'm always open."
  • When he's out in public he has to always be on but he loves it.
  • He keeps his schedule structured, but not overly so.
  • He's an ESTJ, so he's a bit of a free spirit.
  • Strong people live longer and are harder to kill.
  • Works 9 am to 6:30 pm and works hard.
  • Batches content like crazy.
  • "What is my reservoir of content? Who is waiting on me?"
  • He serves his staff.
  • He gets his work done so they can get their work done.
  • Stephanie is the CEO and her husband is the CMO out of South Dakota.
  • Stephanie was his first hire. She came on board to monitor comments on his social media. She knew a little about self-defense but she worked from home and has five kids.
  • Her adopted son was five at the time and is their "mascot," now at 16.
  • Stephanie learned self-defense to protect him as they were foster parents at the time, which is how she found John.
  • Called her the XO so she could drop the hammer and John was the "old man" CO that everyone could love.
  • "You're not allowed to say yes, anymore."
  • Trust your people to make decisions
  • Neil does the negations
  • Five years plus two years plus 4.5 years
You're not allowed to say yes anymore!" (John removing himself as CEO.)


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