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Data: The Breakfast of Marketing Champions Like Jodi Sodini

Move beyond the tactics to create a strategy that sustains sales



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Focus on the data
  • Ignore your feelings, measure the results
  • Former paramedic turned marketer 
  • Mother of five
  • Became a commercial insurance agent
  • Started to learn marketing
  • Focused on a niche

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  • Create it, name it, own it
  • Worked for a virtual assistant company and saw how to make money working from home
  • Replaced her income within two weeks
  • Learned how to build websites and work Infusionsoft/Keap CRM
  • Learned the "how," not the "why"
  • It was all tactical, no strategy
  • Replaced her income and her husband's
  • Hired a coach
  • Built a team
  • Made the shift to strategy
  • Built a $1 million+ business
  • Left a terrible partnership in 2021
  • Worked as a CMO for a couple of larger agencies


Join The Club

  • Business coach became her partner
  • She was a star student
  • She started doing the work for all of her peers
  • Merged her DFY marketing with her coach's consulting business
  • Took about three years to fall apart
  • Knew it was not good about 12-18 months into the partnership
  • Don't play victim
  • She had to make a leap of faith when she left and figure things out
  • Don't live with regrets
  • What can you learn from these harmful lessons?
I've always believed in you."
  • Marketing audit
  • Create a 90-day marketing plan
  • What is broken?
  • Oversee your marketing projects or even do them for you
  • She eats data with every meal
  • Messaging is dry
  • Too shallow on your messaging
  • Who are you talking to?
  • What are their pain points?
  • Flat fee plus revenue share


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