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Be a Comic Troll to Make Your Point and Make Every Sale With Jimbob

Be Disciplined and Prolific To Find Your Rhythm

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Started as a hobby
  • Was a left-leaning nihilist
  • Started for fun
  • Made fun of Obama and his "friends" attacked him even though he voted for Obama twice
  • People have a lot of "oughts" today
  • Atheists and moral
  • We're in a culture war
  • Being censored on social media
  • Having a child made him realize he's a traditionalist
  • Expertise comes from proliferation

Eat This To Sell More

  • Get started
  • Set goals to get work done
    • Write daily
    • Read daily
    • Find the rhythm
    • Get in the flow
    • Make time in the morning to create, especially if it's your side-hustle
  • Has three older brothers who are more Libertarian and put up with his bleeding-heart Liberalism
  • Being stagnant and "tolerant" is not right
  • Take a stand
  • Create your culture
  • Seek the truth
  • Admit "I could be wrong" whereas he used to be "I am not wrong."
  • Your real friends won't abandon you in tough times
  • People are afraid
  • We have blasphemy laws enforced by crowds
  • What are you saying? Say it.
  • Honesty is the key to success in business and life
  • How to handle trolls
  • Use the attacks against you like an airplane uses headwinds for lift
  • Choose who to lose
  • "You've never been hated? You've never been honest."
  • The leader is the first follower
  • You get better by criticizing yourself
  • Challenge everything
  • Be curious
  • Give Caesar his
  • Don't chase fame

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