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Jim Palmer Went From 'Revenue-Free' To The High Seas

Focus on Lifestyle To Know How to Grow

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  • Docked in Rhode Island
  • Author of Seven Books
  • Sold his home with his wife and bought a boat last December and moved onto the boat April 15th and spent two weeks preparing and headed north to see his daughter and grandkids
  • His next event, Dream Biz Academy, is in September
  • In November cruising to Florida for the winter
  • His son sold everything and drove to California and felt liberated
  • There's a new definition of success: Freedom > Stuff
  • The process of acquiring "stuff" just seems to happen
  • Now they had to re-train their brains
  • Without so much room they don't buy so much
  • Time freedom and living life on your own terms is so important
  • He's now a full time cruiser
  • He is feeling himself unwinding
  • 16 years in business and the first 8-10 were tough
  • His goal was to only work with clients Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • You have to define the lifestyle you want
  • Lived in his house for 29 years and raised four kids
  • Their community grew and got busier and they looked for a change
  • Activity does not equal Progress
  • "The 3 AM holy crap moment"
    • It's because you're not doing something you know you should be doing
    • It's not because you're missing the latest Wordpress plugin
    • It's time to "man up"
  • You know what you need to do
  • Rock bottom is not such a bad place if you don't stay there
  • Jim was out of work for nearly 18 months, had cancer
  • His first year in business was "revenue-free"
  • If slow to no-growth is no longer an option...
  • He got hit with a hard question in a high-level mastermind that turned his business around
  • Your fear is holding you back
    • Perfectionism 
    • His first book took 18 months, now he writes them in 5-8 weeks
  • You'll be judged based on the content and the value you provide
  • You can purchase speed
    • Hire a mentor
    • Join a mastermind with an experienced leader
  • Research your coaches with the modifier "scam"
  • As he started doing live events he started sharing additional stories about his struggles and deeper information
  • How to do events
    • His events are small on purpose (50 people) so he can go deep and pull back the curtain
    • No pitching by speakers, they sit in the audience
    • It's intimate and everyone shares
    • Does it about every eight months
    • About half are repeat
  • He'll be 59 in early June but doesn't plan to retire
  • How to coach
    • Two are 12 month commitments
    • One is 18 months (VIP) where he and his team do all of the heavy lifting (Done for and with you)
    • No guarantees but the foundation will be set
  • He was so concerned about his clients early on but he told them "I'm not your babysitter and will not chase you to schedule our calls"
  • You have to apply and he digs deep before he takes you on
  • Never be the cheapest
  • You need to be on all social media platforms but you have to focus on your key platforms and let your team manage the rest
    • He avoids politics
    • He gives tips and shares some personal info
    • Keep your opinions to yourself
  • Don't worry about the Likes. You're being seen.
  • Fix your brand. You'll be paid more for who you are than what you do.


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