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Selling With a Servant Heart, Jim Doyle

Open relationships instead of close sales 



Entrepreneurial Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • How do you define a win?
  • "I made a sale!"
  • "I closed this guy!"
  • Top salespeople define winning as "I made a difference for the customer."
  • Spend more time in diagnosis to become great
  • Acute listening


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  • Retired about 18 months ago from the business he founded
  • Can we replicate sales systems?
  • Interviewed 30 sales experts in 20 different industries
  • Real estate, RV sales, insurance sales
It's only creative if it sells."
  • People reject the idea of sales because they have been offended or experienced the stereotypical salesperson
  • He's a college flunk-out
  • You need to get comfortable in sales and marketing as an entrepreneur

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  • Focus on the long-term potential of your clients to earn referrals and repeat business
  • Know the lifetime value of a customer
  • $5 is the average sale of a Taco Bell customer, but they'll spend $11,000 over their lifetime
  • Most of the people interviewed said this was not their default approach
  • Guys are usually more aggressive and wanting to "win" the sale so they have to grow out of that a bit to be more of a servant
  • Never stop learning
  • Stew Hansen was a top Dodge dealer in the country and they had dinner and he had just turned down a buyout offer and he was the first one in the morning session taking notes
  • Being successful only means you were right once
I'd rather wear out than rust out."
  • Hearse driver in New Orleans and said, "Work is like my vitamin."
  • "Halftime" by Bob Bufford, move from success to significance
  • Master negotiation. Your job is to determine who has the power, then act like you have none.

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