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The Last Thing You Should Do In Advertisement | Jeff Sexton

Opinion drools and testing rules

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • The written word still matters
  • Even in video, the best videos are written first
  • Think in terms of scenes
  • Do the research to understand your customers
  • Interview your customers
  • Ally and Gargano
The last thing we do is write the ads."
  • "The Book of Gossage"
  • When in doubt, hire the better writer
  • "Email is the red-headed stepchild of online marketing. But it's hard, thankless work."
  • Dan Kennedy reminds us to crunch the numbers to determine which medium to use to get your word out
  • "Opinion drools and testing rules."
  • To use a mass audience it must have mass-appeal
    • An appreciable size of your audience must need what you sell within a few years

Your Best Day Ever

  • You want to reach the average listener three times in a week, for 52 weeks
  • Salespeople only speak to people when they want to buy something so your prospects view your message with suspicion
  • When you are running branding campaigns you can reach people when their guards are down
  • It's "the sleeper effect"
  • Your conscience bias discounts the message but it works on you over time
  • Bob Lutz hired a marketing firm, Ammirati & Puris, for BMW to create "The ultimate driving machine"
  • If you're really local look at Cable TV for advertising on certain zip codes
  • The best advertising is an intrusive location
  • Pick a good client who is good at what they do and runs a tight ship
  • Build your campaign around a promise they can keep and is baked into how they do things
  • There are no rational business owners 
  • Sales training for non-sales professionals
    • Clerks
    • Medical practice front desk staff
  • Traffic is expensive so get your conversions down before you throw more traffic at your offer
  • How the curse of knowledge is hurting your sales
  • Buy one of the Wizard of Ads books
  • Schedule time to do customer research
    • Interviews
    • Speaking to your staff
    • Dig into online forums
  • Buy the Ally & Gargano book and study it
  • Hire Jeff
  • Go run a test. Re-think your messaging.

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