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James Swanwick: How To Launch and Monetize Your Ideas Fast

Perform at your optimum level with these simple steps 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Stop drinking so you can make more money and sales
  • Entrepreneur invented new eye glasses for computer use
  • Realized his drinking was slowing him down and quit in 2010
  • Now he starts business around health
  • Former newspaper journalist for years
  • Owned a PR company in the late 2000's but he lost it in the financial collapse
  • Got more clarity, focus, and energy
  • Hosted ESPN SportsCenter until 2012 but the entrepreneurial bug pulled at him
  • Struggled for a couple of years (only $8,000 in 18 months before he invested in a mentor)
  • Learned phone sales
  • Hated selling until 2015 but he learned how to do it and when he made his first sale for $997 (someone else's course) and he got a huge rush (Tail Lopez's program)
  • Thought selling was "dirty" or "tricky"
  • He had a lack of belief in his products
  • Australians pride themselves on being laidback and not pushy
  • Late 2015 he came up with the 30 Day No-Alcohol Challenge where he'd send a daily video to members for $67
  • Sketched out the program on a hotel napkin in about 15 minutes
    • 10 videos of himself
    • 10 video interviews
    • 10 videos TBD
    • MVP—Minimum Viable Product
  • Test everything but start with the MVP and a low price
  • He created word-of-mouth through his social media circle
  • He had a podcast then and shared it
  • He got himself interviewed on the podcasts of others
  • Made one sale on day one for $67
  • Asked for testimonials
  • When you drink your sleep suffers. When your sleep suffers your performance the next day suffers. When your performance suffers your relationships suffer.
  • Project 90 helps entrepreneurs quit drinking for 90 days
  • His friend was wearing some ugly blue-light-blocking glasses when they were at dinner in Palm Springs
  • Contacted Chinese manufacturers and got three prototypes and asked his friends for feedback then committed to 300 units but he had to negotiate them down from 1,000 units
  • Launched on Amazon on Black Friday 2015
  • Took about 9 months from conception to launch
  • He didn't reinvent the wheel
  • Came out with variations then he solicited feedback from his customers
  • He shares his personal story and personalizes his brand
  • Be relatable
  • Build trust by being more personable
  • Cut back on drinking and focus on your sleep
  • Block your blue light at night

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