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James Malinchak: Speak Your Way To Prosperity

Learn how to become a big money speaker

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Played basketball in Hawaii
  • Moved to LA
  • Had no idea or plan to speak
  • Was making $7/hr working at a video store in L.A.
  • He listened to people who said "just follow your passion but it doesn't work unless you get booked
  • You need to bring business processes to your passion 
  • Most speaker associations are a load of crap with advice like "cold call 100 and you'll get 10 interested"
  • Did 2-3 talks then 30-40 then he crushed it
  • You need to be a great marketer
  • The 8-ball of speaking is reaching the people who control the budgets. Nothing else matters.
  • Corporate speakers go after training coordinators, casino 
  • Colleges have budgets (student activities, Greek life, residential coordinator, youth conferences)
  • You have the youth market (K-12), colleges, corporate: make your speaking material unique for each of those
  • He has one talk that fits three themes with different titles in Corporate
    • Success / motivation
    • Sales
    • Leadership
    • This 3X's his chances of getting booked
  • He has five talks for colleges
    • Incoming
    • Out-going
    • Leadership
    • Success In College
    • College athletes
    • This 5X's
  • One talk for youth where he's paid as a keynote speaker
  • He does more direct mail than anyone
    • Event coordinators don't go to Facebook to find a speaker
    • No speaker shows up in the mailboxes of these decision makers
    • He'll validate their addresses
    • He has zero competition because nobody mails
    • He'll do 10,000 mail pieces
      • 1,000 will be interested
      • 100 will retain him for $20,000
      • Don't do postcards
      • His contacts tell him not to send little postcards
      • He sends a 6-page brochure in one big sheet
      • Rent the right list and drive them to a landing page where they can see a video of you as a speaker
      • Customize the mailout for the market
      • They'll call and book him
      • Coordinators worry if you can relate to their audience, not that you can speak well
    • These are for fee-paid talks
  • Slides should enhance your presentation not be your presentation
  • Your face and your hands should be your main tools
  • Planners will ask for local people to keep fees down
    • Destination planners will give them a list of the local providers
    • 20,000 conventions per year are held in Vegas
    • Sales and Marketing coordinators of hotels—he got to know them and got listed as a preferred vendor (incentivize them)
  • 15 years ago he walked into the Portland Convention Center with a bunch of big names like Michael Jordan ($150k) vs James's $5k and he was the only one  who got a standing ovation
  • To make more package yourself better to be perceived as being worth more
  • When you're starting you speak anywhere for any price
  • Everyone undervalues themselves
  • Ask for what you want
  • He started earning $20,000 when he decided to ask for $20,000
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