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Add Humanity to Your Digital Marketing With Jake Jorgovan

There are always riches in niches

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Nomadic business
  • Formally part of the LinkedIn spamming problem
  • How do you rise above the noise and be a welcome guest in their LinkedIn inbox?
  • Personalize/customize
  • Yes, it can take more time
  • As a prospecting company it can be hard to show the ROI for personalized prospecting unless you have a high price point
  • Niche down, i.e. VP of Operation in manufacturing in Cleveland then switch it around
  • He does everything by hand with VAs

Eat This To Sell More

Keep the human touch in your digital marketing."
  • LinkedIn is cracking down on third party tools
  • Don't have a bunch of IP addresses login to your account
  • Use Amazon Workspaces
  • Get your value proposition dialed in

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