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How to Sell to the Government Fast With Jack Siney

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Win a Government Contract Today 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The government buys everything
  • This is his third company, his second good one!
  • Had a travel business in the mid-90's that was VC-backed and he moved to SF and it was crazy
  • Started current business in 2012
  • His partner is a good compliment to his people skills
  • Start smartly/progressively as a side hustle
  • You don't have to jump off a cliff
  • The government is federal, state, and local (SLED)
    • 500 federal agencies with 2 million people spending over $4 trillion/year
    • 90,000 agencies in the state and local spending $3.25 trillion/year (more accessible)
  • 80% of government spending does not go through the RFP process

Eat This To Sell More

  • You can win a government contract in one day
  • Nine ways to win contracts without the big quoting process
    • Sole source
    • Piggyback
    • Discretionary 
    • C-card
    • Set-asides
    • Simplified quotes
    • GSA
    • State
    • Co-opts
  • He goes to POs from all agencies and has a huge database like Google going back to 2010 and you can find who buys what
  • Track channel partners, etc.
  • The "Flagship Formula"
    • Go get an agency that loves what you do
    • Make them a raving fan even if you have to serve them for free initially
    • You need the testimonial/referral
  • Get media around that
    • Get them some positive press
    • The news outlets are looking for stories
    • This makes you official and "safe" to work with by other agencies
  • Get on a state and/or federal GSA schedule...eventually
  • 200+ employees in South Florida
  • How to grow in a tight job market

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