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Train AI to Help You Make More Sales With J Hunter

J Huner Talks AI



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Pain is a great motivator.
  • J. Hunter owns a virtual staffing agency in The Philippines and was on The Sales Podcast episode 548 to discuss crypto gaming.
  • In 1943 Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, said, "I think there's a world market for maybe five computers." Use AI to create content to nurture your leads.

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  • Big drive to community.
  • AI will create so much content for people.
  • A lot of people are quiet and don't post on social media, but AI-generated content is helping them post.
  • If you are smart and hard-working, you can get rich in any country, but in America, you can be lazy and still live well.
  • AI will raise the bar for content creators.
  • Foreigners will be able to create compelling content for an American audience.
  • So build community and authority to reach people.
  • Train your AI to understand your market.
  • It's authentic and genuine because the AI is learning from you to communicate like you.
  • "The Executive Assistant Playbook" and "The AI Consulting Blueprint."


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In the world of AI, you must build community and authority to reach people."


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