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Secrets to a Great Sales Webinar With Isaac Martinez

The Wonders of Webinars In Marketing



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • The pandemic super-charged webinars.
  • Webinars are science, not art.
  • There are great webinars and terrible webinars.
  • About 15 years ago, he went from selling in person to selling remotely.
  • It was "atrocious" for the first few years.
  • He has been building technology to remove friction in the webinar space.

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  • Four phases
    • Marketing: remove friction points
    • Presenting: right timing
    • Selling
    • Closing
    • Data around the webinar
  • How do you connect with the user or prospect?
  • There wasn't the trust online 15 years ago.
  • What day of the week and time of day is best?
  • It's hard to get people to show up.
  • People don't care about me when they first show up.
  • What's the value I offer them?
  • The presenter can make or break the webinar.
  • The SME may not be engaging enough.
  • The average person will only give you 45 minutes of their time.


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  • You have to segment your audience and know your subject.
  • It's less about the company size and more about the offer.
  • Lead with value.
  • Get to the breakouts to then have the one-to-one.
  • One-to-one calls are more tailored.
  • Cold ads to registration might get 30%.
  • Your list is a great source for converting.
  • Use a one-click feature to streamline the registration.
  • Now prime them on the confirmation page.
  • Touchpoints are key.
  • Self-identified buyers and the behavior buyers.
  • 80% are getting it wrong and struggling.
Lead with value."
  • Low price points can be sold in a short webinar.
  • 60-90 minutes is the ideal length of time.
  • Most customers will attend more than once, and they need to.
  • They need to do their own research.
  • Have a consistent theme to your webinars.
  • Change your offer with each webinar, at least your compelling reason why they should start.
  • Leave questions for the end.
  • Answering questions during the webinar can be disruptive.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Have energy, no cheese, build in objections, and appropriate CTAs.
  • "10 Secrets to a Great Webinar"
  • Should you offer replays?
  • Not a fan of using recorded webinars and pawning them off as live.
  • Use professional webinar presenters over the owner/founder/executive to close more sales.
  • He maximizes your list.
  • Remove friction to extract more value.
  • Keep emails simple.
  • Pique their curiosity.


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