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Is Keap CRM (Infusionsoft) Too Complex?


Is Keap (Infusionsoft) Complex or Is Your Hodge-Podge of Tools Too Complex?

(Here's an oldie but a goody.) Quite often people tell me they think...

  • Keap is too complex,
  • Keap is overkill,
  • It's not Infusionsoft it's "confusionsoft,"
  • they're not sure they'll get the ROI and
  • other questions that are valid on the surface but when you look a little deeper the ROI is obvious.

A prospect recently admitted he was paying for Salesforce.com and Constant Contact and 1ShoppingCart and none of them synched seamlessly with the other.


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So he was paying over $200 per month and juggling three systems, cutting and pasting contacts, losing contacts, having contacts fall through the cracks in various stages of the pipeline, not following up appropriately because their lists aren't segmented, and a ton of other nightmare/business-killing scenarios.

He was not taking into consideration the time value of money nor lost opportunity costs. (See this post on how small savings cost this entrepreneur over $23,000.)

He also did not practice what I call Process Before Login.

He just signed up for some shiny objects and ended up in a jam then started biting the hand that was trying to feed him!


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This video shows how a big tool chest is just like Keap.

Just because you have a ton of tools doesn't mean you need to use and/or master them all immediately, if ever.

But if you can get 185 tools for the same price—and sometimes less, sometimes a little more per month—as 3 tools, why wouldn't you get the 185, use what you need immediately and grow into the rest?

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