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An 'Abundance Coach' Said I Was Too Expensive

This morning I received an email from an "abundance" and "prosperity" and "you-can-have-it-all" "coach" who told me, after four days of swapping emails and a detailed conversation yesterday, that my "price was quite steep...for me at this time."

(I'm looking around to see if there are hidden cameras and Ashton Kutcher is about to jump out and tell me I've been Punk'd!)

The benefit of being in business for a decade now is that I've gotten to see under the hood of a lot of businesses and I can tell you that looks can be deceiving.   

Here were her choices:

  • Self-paced sales training via "Make Every Sale" (which is less than she will spend on a typical weekend on drinks, dinner, and entertainment).
  • Live weekly group training offered as a quarterly or annual membership, with a huge discount offered on the annual. (More than on-demand training, but like they say, "Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.")
  • Immediate help via private consulting. (More than the small-group training, but like they say, "Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.")

(Note the breadth and the depth of services and price points I offered to this manifesting expert, yet I was still too expensive!? And this person is an abundance coach!)


Become One of The 5


There's a blight on the entrepreneurial ecosystem today and it's the "feel-good," "vision-board," "attend-my-overpriced-conference-and-my-12-month-program-and-all-of-your-dreams-will-come-true" so-called gurus and mediums and channelers and even New York Times Best Selling Authors that blow smoke up the backsides of almost-successful entrepreneurs and give them just enough hope that they stay around for another credit card payment.

  • Phony PhDs teach the value of education.
  • Thrice-divorced people teach relationships secrets.
  • People hire ghostwriters to teach about writing.
  • Sheep mortgage their homes to pay self-proclaimed goo-roos to yell at them, make them cry, and be told, "I'm not your guru," only then to mortgage their home again to become a member of their Titanium Pinnacle Ruby Diamond Emerald Elite Warrior Leopard Lair.


The world really has gone mad or people are just exceptionally lazy or the sneaks and the cheats have just found more prolific ways to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public and prey on our weaknesses as we walk the journey of our lives.

Do you want to know the secret to success?

  • It starts with bags under your eyes.
  • It starts when you stop doing stupid stuff with your time.
  • It starts when you accept responsibility for your own success or lack thereof.
  • It starts with a fire in your belly and a passionate, irrational obsession that makes you tweak and tap and bounce and pace until you find a solution.

Do you NEED a mentor or a coach or a mastermind group?


But the right mentor or coach or mastermind can help you reach your goals faster.

Do you NEED to spend a boatload of money on them?

Nope. 12 Weeks To Peak™ is free to join. (No kidding...and no strings attached.)

Join 12 Weeks To Peak for free...but you probably won't finish...and you won't care.


Will you find all the answers you need when you need them by hanging out on social media sites?

Ahh...yeah...sure you will...just like treasure hunters find $3 silver rings on the beach with their $2,000 metal detectors every 6 months.

I'm all for you finding the help you need at the price you can afford.

Just make sure you're getting the help from a professional and not a Seminar Junkie/Self-Help Dreamer whose only qualifications are a digital badge they earned from taking an online test six months ago and they now conduct coaching calls during their coffee break from the coffee shop.

How can you tell? If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

And make sure you're not cutting yourself short, thinking you must pay someone to "fix" whatever shortcoming you think is holding you back.

You're stronger and more capable than you know because God—not some "life force" or "good energy" or "old growth forest moss green tea drink"—made you that way.

Now go sell something.

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