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Make More Money This Year

Don't waste your time reading this if you already have so much money in the bank and in interest-bearing accounts and investments that you never have to work another day in your life. However, if you and your family could benefit from making more money this year, here's...

How To Make 100% Certain You
A Great Deal Of SERIOUS
Money In 2018!

From: Wes Schaeffer
Temecula Wine Country
Friday, December 9th, 7:26 a.m.

Dear fellow professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs,

Are you already wealthy? If not, you need to do everything in your power to make all the money you can in 2018 and 2018...which...as you know...will be here before you know it...

Here is why making money now is so important: Our nation and our world is moving faster towards chaos and uncertainty. By this time next year, Iran may be having picnics with Iraq and us. Or they could have nuclear weapons, and we could be spooling up for another Middle East invasion, which will drain our nation of $1.5 to $2.1 trillion over the next decade...

Or maybe things with Iran and I.S.I.S. and the presidential election and race relations will muddle along "somewhat okay."

I don't know.

Neither do you, nor any of the "hope-peddlers" in office or flapping their gums on the 24 hour news channels.

Where do you think gas prices will be next year? Maybe it goes back to $5 a gallon or more. (It's $6.75 per gallon in Norway now, which is down from $9.26 per gallon at the end of 2014.) Maybe it goes back under $2 (or less) per gallon. Again, it's anybody's guess...

Ditto with the overall economy.

Next year it could be rosy (you know the Trump fans will say it is and the Trump haters will say it is not). Maybe the real unemployment numbers are released and everyone loses their minds. Maybe the real numbers actually improve and everyone goes on buying sprees. Maybe it ends up somewhere in between.

Terrorism! Maybe the new Yankee Stadium gets blown up, along with the Hoover Dam, and Mt. Rushmore. Maybe the terrorists take a year off. The point is...

Nobody On Planet Earth
Can Predict The Future
With Any Real Certainty At All!

But...here's what I CAN do: I can show you (if you act now) how to make a boatload of money in 2018 and 2018...no matter what happens here, overseas, with our elections, with our economy, with anything, anywhere.

Look, about 26 years ago, I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur and get paid well according to my effort. I've achieved that goal and continue to expand my earnings with less effort every year. Now, I want something similar, yet different. Now I want...

To Be The Best
Sales Trainer
In The World!

And, by golly, I think I might be. Lookie here: I have a classmate from college that is a Navy SEAL. (He just pinned on O-6 eagles, so he'll do 25+ years as a SEAL. He's a badass.) And you know SEALs. They are arguably the deadliest fighters on earth.

This past couple of Januarys I completed a 3.1 mile swim and raised $4,066 for one of their fundraisers that supports wounded SEALs and the families that have lost a SEAL. (Did you know that over 19% of death in the SEAL community happen during training? That's how hard they train, and how hard their mission is.) That is why they...

Beat The Crap Out Of
Everyone They Go To War Against!

Like I said, he's been doing this for over 25 years. Now, let me ask you something: If you HAD to learn how to fight and survive in rugged conditions (like maybe terrorists hit our power grid and you were without power for weeks and the thugs tried to take over your city) who would you want to teach you fighting and survival techniques? Some dude that owns every episode of "Survivorman" on DVD (who has literally never been out of his house other than to get in his car and drive to the Army-Navy surplus to buy more dehydrated food bars)?

I don't think he'd be your chosen trainer. Not if your family's life depended on it.

I think you'd choose to be trained by my classmate and friend who has...in real life...around the world...for over two decades...been putting his ass on the line...and who is continuously ready to do it again.

Anytime. Anywhere. Against Anyone.

Do you have the guts to go into the baddest "terrorist camps of selling" with me? I'm NOT going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you it will be easy. I'm NOT going to lie and tell you you won't be scared and intimidated the first time you practice what I'll tell you to do...

It is NOT easy. It IS scary. It'll jolt your fillings loose. But if you have the "backbone" for it...

You Can Achieve Real, Complete Financial Freedom
For As Long As You Live!

As long as you have a phone—home phone, work phone, cell phone—a computer, and an internet connection, you have everything you need. It's fine to work from home, on your front porch, at the local coffee shop, or sitting under your favorite shade tree. You can live in the city, in the country, or out of the country for that matter. You can make large sums of money from a cabin in the woods, traveling the nation's highways in your fancy coach, rocking gently in a boat...or...perched comfortably atop a high-rise in your penthouse suite (which you'll be able to afford)…or...if you prefer...in a "regular" office. It...just...does...not...matter.

The REAL beauty of it all, you'll never be forced to kiss anyone's ass for a paycheck or vacation time or sick leave EVER AGAIN!

Look: A long time ago (June of 1988 to be exact), I met a man I thought I despised. I was a new freshman starting six weeks of basic training at the United States Air Force Academy. (We were officially called "4th Degrees" or "Doolies." But our real name was SMACK: Soldier Minus Ability Coordination & Knowledge.) This guy was a straight-laced, call-'em-as-he-sees-'em, attention-to-detail Mormon from Alabama that lived, breathed, and loved everything about USAFA, military training, the military, and putting the screws to SMACKs. He was hard on me. He sat me at his table the first three days for all meals, which was where the focused, isolated training took place. I lost 10 pounds those first three days.

I was a recruited football player, and I thought he didn't like intercollegiate athletes because we got "special" treatment by being recruited. I despised this dude. Like, TOTAL hatred.

Or...I thought I did. You see, after three weeks with him we went into the field for three weeks with a new set of instructors. When all 6 weeks of basic training was over this trainer was in charge of all cadet training for the entire cadet wing for the entire first semester, and he set a high standard. A standard that was easier for me to meet since I was tested under his fire one-on-one so severely that I was ready for anything. And in a private conversation with our cadet squadron of 30-or-so SMACKs, he told us that he expected more from us since we represented his squadron. He told us how he respected all of us for accepting our nominations to attend the Air Force Academy and that the training we had begun would pay dividends for the rest of our lives.

He was right.

You know, since that summer of 1988, I was stationed around the world, I've traveled the world as a civilian, I've faced layoffs and lawsuits and audits. I've had partners stab me in the back, sneak off with my intellectual property after riding my coattails and start up shop the next day and compete against me with my own material. I've lost shit-tons of money on "sure-thing investments" and I've made money by following my gut and investing in myself.

The problem with all of this is, I'm a very trusting person. I want to believe people. I want to trust people. All things being equal, I give people the benefit of the doubt. I think they are like me and will do the right thing when it comes down to it. But as the old saying goes, I've learned to "hope for the best but prepare for the worst." And through it all—over 21 years of marriage, seven kids, three miscarriages, multiple surgeries and health-scares in our family, multiple moves within cities, between states, and across the country, by the grace of God I've not only survived...but grown...and prospered...in a BIG WAY...and I know it is do in no small part to the top-notch ass-kicking and training I received from that Southern Mormon man-amongst-men cadet training officer.

See, as a 23/24-year old cadet who had finished both 3 years at the Academy and two years abroad on his mission, he knew a few things about life that my 18-year old, shaved-headed, doe-eyed self didn't. He knew that in life, in general, and in the military, specifically, there were people gunning for you (literally in the military.) As you have seen in sports, in business, and in life...

The Enemy Rejoices, Celebrates
& Will
Exploit Your Weaknesses & Your Misery!

Tell me it isn't so.

Listen: no foolin', a fellow sales trainer—albeit newer in her career—bought me lunch recently, at my favorite little hole-in-the wall that serves the best meatball sandwich I've ever had in my life. (When you come to training here in the Temecula Valley, chances are my wife will be picking them up for everyone at least once...but I digress.) She drove up about 40 minutes to meet with me to get my opinion on some things. It was a friendly yet brutal lunch. I confirmed some things she was doing right and berated her for avoiding the real work...the profitable work...the work she was great at...the work that would bring her success...but she was avoiding because, let's face it, we're all more afraid of success than failure. Was she upset with me? Not at all. She thanked me and asked me if she could refer people to me. Why? Because I cut to the chase. I call-'em-like-I-see-'em (like that kick ass trainer back in 1988) and smooshed her various projects and excuses and bullshit that were holding her back. I made her "GET IT" before dessert was finished...and before she ran out of money, which was going to happen in 45 days when her alimony was running out. She came ready to learn, and with her notebook and pen in hand I had her write the following instructions...

"Forget Fancy.
Be Consistent!"

Telling the truth in a memorable, actionable manner that is easy to understand and to implement is what I do best. It's why God created me. It's why I walk this planet. And she thanked me for doing what I do best yesterday.

Ever hear of A Child's Academy? They were 22 seats (out of 96) under-filled in their daycare in Gainesville, FL. Their family had owned and operated that business for 32 years. Kevin, the son, was trying to build it up for his mom. He and his wife, Becky, were knee-deep in it and were passionate and motivated...but they were too close to their business.

To their credit, they were the highest priced day care in the area, so they understood that racing to the bottom was not a formula for victory. 87 days later Kevin said "I gave Wes $4,500 and he added $250,000 to our annual bottom line."

And what about Adam Pflaumer? Ever heard of him? The top guru in the contingency based cost reduction services business? When he was launching his "no-brainer" (so he thought) business, he was having problems explaining his value proposition. He went from begging for free customers just to get them as a reference to "having the luxury of selecting only the committed customers that I would be willing to work with." Ask him how many 6-figure years he has had since going through my program in 2007.

Another benefactor of my words of wisdom is Jeff Giagnocavo, a guy who sells mattresses at 5x what the cheap ass bottom-feeders in his industry do, yet closes 70% of his prospects on their first visit. Hell, he stood up during my breakout session two weeks ago at a large conference, went to the microphone and said, "I don't have any questions. I just wanted to encourage everyone to get your book and follow what you teach and if you get a chance to train with you in person, they absolutely should."

Look, I can't take credit for the successes of Kevin and Becky Patrick, Adam Pflaumer, Jeff Giagnocavo, and all the others who became richer and/or downright filthy stinkin' rich because of what they learned in my seminars. These people were already successful professionals in their own right. And, I know with the amount of drive and determination and motivation they had, all would have grown and been continued successes whether or not they found me.

But, I don't think I'm mistaken to take a little credit for being the catalyst, the "head-banging" that inspired them and "fired them up" to run with great confidence and clarity towards their goals.

You know, over the years, there have been many people who have been following me and reading "The Weekly Whisper" and attending my live virtual training programs and following my paid programs for years and years. Every now and again, one of them would pop up out of nowhere and say something like...

"Listen to Wes, dang nabbit. Yes, sometimes he's over the top and in your face and demanding and pushy...but...he's right. And now I work less, make more, hire slower, fire faster, and overall have more fun and a better quality of life both in and outside of my business because of him!"

By the way, that particular remark was made by Steve Mays, whom I dubbed "The Smartest IT Guy Ever," who has been the behind-the-scense tech brains behind many of the most prolific social media companies in the Bay Area, and is a sought-after consultant now, doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, with whomever he so chooses, so long as it does not interfere with his daily runs, Netflix binges, and helping his wife grow her thriving veterinarian practice.

It's great getting testimonials like that. I'm thinking about having them all printed (yeah...on paper...like, from trees) and literally making a book out of them. Can you picture...

Having An Entire Book Of
Nothing But Raving Testimonials?!

Okay. Enough. Tooting your own horn is fine and dandy, but there should be a limit...even for me. So, let's dive in to the good stuff. The stuff that will make you money. Just what is it I teach to people that seems to have literally turned around so many lives? Well, first and foremost, I teach what I promise to teach. Here's just a snippet of the goods I deliver:

  • No question is off-limits. Ask anything about sales, about how I sold retail, how I sold in Corporate America, how I sold technology to the biggest names in the business (Google, Sprint, Apple, Charter, etc.), how I sold large consulting contracts (nearly $700,000 to Dell), how I have grown The Sales Whisperer® from scratch. Including, all my "dirty little secrets" that helps me create an unfair advantage against my so-called "competitors" that makes selling against them the business equivalent of taking candy from a whining baby whose mommy is off in la-la land and dad is half-drunk in front of the TV flipping between NASCAR and March Madness.
  • I teach the exact words I use, the phrases, the tonality, the volume, the gestures, everything I have done and do to sell like The Sales Whisperer® that I am.
  • I pound into your head the true meaning and purpose of selling, the origin of the word, and a 4-part mantra that you will internalize, which, as a result, will make you impervious to the word "no," will give you a backbone of steel, and will almost single-handedly turn you into a selling machine.
  • I give you a sales pipeline created in the image of a dating pipeline that will once-and-for-all, clarify the purpose of a sale pipeline, and it will help you create your own, that will then be the foundation of any and all tools you implement—such as CRMs, email marketing, eCommerce platforms, etc—to automate your sales.
  • You receive access to a nearly 8-page document of questions to ask in any and all sales scenarios. Use these as they are, doctor them up to fit your style and situation, whatever. Just use them to engage with people over the phone, in person at networking events while the schmuck across from you is macking down gobs of meatballs on toothpicks and $2 wine from a plastic cup, totally oblivious that you have taken control of his mind and are extracting valuable sales and business intelligence from him, that you will use to build a rock-solid case with him, his peers, and his bosses to buy gobs of your stuff in the coming weeks, months, and even years.
  • Do you have any idea what this collection of "guru questions" like this is worth? A real, no-bullshit collection of proven, tested, persuasion-inducing questions that have made me and countless students of mine crush sales quotas and even get rich? You won't ever get a collection of questions like this from any other sales trainer or consultant or "guru" anywhere, at any time.
  • I've taught architects how to get more contracts. Executive coaches how to get more clients. Accountants how to differentiate themselves from all the other preppers. Mortgage brokers how to shut down "rate-hoppers." Docker-wearing "account executives" how to control a room of egotistical, head-up-ass executives with more acronyms and initials before and after their names than any 12 companies should have. In short, I've taught sales professionals from around the world...in dozens of industries...how to close...any...sale.
  • I explain how to get both glowing testimonials and warm—HOT—referrals, ready and willing to meet with you, buy from you, and turn around and give you their own glowing testimonials and hot referrals, and how to get them all for free and how to use the testimonials on your website and in your marketing to warm up and convert cold visitors into more paying clients that are thrilled to continue the cycle.
  • I teach how to write emails and letters—Yes, letters...on paper...with a stamp...delivered in the mail—that get opened, read, and responded to, thereby helping you identify warm leads that want to meet with you and buy from you.
  • A weird (but effective) subject line that has created an 80% or even 95% reply rate since I started using it in 1994. It won't always produce a "yes," but at least you get an answer, and even hearing "no" or "not right now" is better than silence and being ignored and strung along, because then you know you can move along and come back to them when they come to their senses.
  • A free tool I've used since around 2013 to get background information on my prospects and clients right inside my browser, to help me connect with them, find a common bond, establish trust, and accelerate and grow my sales with anyone.
  • An inexpensive tool I've used since around 2007 to get "insider" information every day delivered to my inbox so I know who is hiring, who is firing, who got funding, who is declaring bankruptcy, who is getting promoted, who is doing anything worth a damn in business, so I know whom to contact, when, and why. (It can even give you direct line phone numbers and accurate email addresses, too. Combine that with the free tool I mentioned above and you'll come across like a mindreader when you reach out to these hot prospects.)
  • Simple strategies to get paid 50%-80%-even 100% of your money up front, so you can eliminate cashflow issues, accounts-receivable issues, and even make money on your client's money as it sits in the bank for days, weeks, or even months before you deliver it. But your clients are happy to do it...which I explain why in this live training.
  • How to get money up front, even for a demo. Life's too short to have people "kick tires" and jerk you around. Find out who is real, and who is not, by closing on a "baby" purchase, to increase the likelihood of winning the whole enchilada.
  • A "can't miss" way to set firm agendas with decision makers, that sets you apart from the competition, makes the "sharp-shooters" sit up and take notice, and gets you a clear, definitive answer as to the next step after every meeting.
  • How to identify what motivates a person to buy, and how to "speak their language" so they do buy. You can pick up these buying styles and signals in the first 1.5 seconds of hearing them on the phone, seeing them in their office, or observing how they interact with employees, staff, and even vendors at their office or in outside settings.
  • A simple way to schedule and manage your time to not only make you more efficient, but you'll become more effective at reaching key people when you prospect, which makes prospecting more enjoyable, which means you'll do it more, which means you'll make more money, without working like a sharecropper in a sweatshop on a slave ship.
  • What "form follows function" means and how to use it to monitor and adjust your demeanor when on the phone, in person, or presenting and how to critique, rate, and judge your own performance at the end of every call, meeting, networking event, and presentation.
  • The goal-setting plan I started following as taught by a famous and successful CEO-turned-super-successful entrepreneur, with whom I've had dinner and had on my podcast.
  • How to open every encounter—over the phone, in a retail environment, at trade shows, on elevators, waiting in line for your Starbuck's, on the sideline at your kid's soccer game—to make your best first impression, create curiosity in the mind of the other person, and stack the odds of you building trust and rapport quickly and effectively.

Listen up: I've been applying these techniques, tactics, and strategies and teaching them to my peers since at least 1997, and to my clients as The Sales Whisperer® since 2006. (And this is only a partial list of what I cover in this live training program...and you can ask anybody that has been in my training..it's why I was the #1 rated trainer as judged by 3,000 sales people at Dell waaaaay back in 2007...but that's just horn-tooting, so I'll move on.) In my training I always go far beyond what I promise to deliver, especially when you have the guts to engage. To test what I teach and come back with questions. Concerns. Even challenges! That's right. I give you permission to call bullshit on anything I cover and teach. Make me back it up. I'm totally fine with it and I encourage it. You're not some mindless, soulless, parasitic robot whose head I'll remove, pour down some sales crap, screw your head back on, wind you up, and send you on your way.

HELL NO! And you know why?

Because the most important thing I create in my training is confidence. Zig Ziglar said it best in that selling is the transference of a feeling, and that feeling is confidence.

You can't give away nor can you sell what you don't have. You either have confidence or you don't. You either have guts or you don't. You either have gumption or you don't. You either have cajones or you don't. You either have balls or you don't. You either have a backbone or you don't.

Sure, I'll give you questions and scripts and role-playing scenarios to help you create a solid foundation, and I strongly encourage and recommend you stick with those scripts as-is for more than a little while to make sure you understand their purpose and the reasons behind them. But at some point sooner rather than later, you'll gain the confidence that comes with internalizing these questions and sequences and angles and tactics and that's when you'll blossom. That's when you'll say things, you'll do things, you'll ask big, bold, ballsy questions that put your prospect back on his heels, that makes him stop his aggressive attack and bullshit posturing and haggling and penny-pinching, wearing-you-down ways, and sit up and take notice that he's been put on notice that you are indeed "different" because you act different.

You only get that by putting up a fight with me, with your fellow students, so you understand what it is I'm teaching and why I teach it, so you can let the message and the meaning seep into your pores, into your very sales being, so it can be drawn upon in the heat of the battle, in the pressure of the moment, and you can hit the bullseye when you are the full and complete and fully present you. Because you—the complete you—is not only enough, it's what your prospects need. But they're not getting the full you when you are dancing around questions, dancing around objections, hemming and hawing and stalling and delaying as you try to come up with the answer you think your prospect wants to hear.

And it's this confidence-building that gets everybody frothing at the mouth. Here's the part of it: One of my past students, Lucas Lopez, a quiet, polite, almost timid, really nice young Hispanic guy from the Phoenix area, asked me the following question:

"Wes, what's the one thing I need to do to take control of my business and never be anxious or worry about a sales call or hitting my numbers ever again?"

I paused to think about the answer for a few moments...and...then...I mapped out a detailed, step-by-step method of EXACTLY how to move forward from that training day...if I were him...and I HAD to do something different to enter the world of the true sales professional and never look back or look over my shoulder again.

You know, I did not anticipate that question. And, to deliver the answer that I did, I had to channel my "back-against-the-wall / family-held-hostage" mode of thinking. This is where I go (in my mind...but the mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined experiences) where I feel like my family and/or I am being attacked...literally...and we will be murdered if I don't deliver the answer—the performance—of a lifetime right then and there.

And that's why I record most everything I do, because the answers I come up with are usually like some sort of out-of-body experience...that I didn't even know was in me...and only by being put on the spot by questions and tough situations do I realize it's in me. People will always ask "can you say that again?"…and I honestly answer "no." It's just coming out of me because sales and marketing and entrepreneurship is in my bones...in my blood...in my DNA. And that's where I'll take you...I'll get you to that point if you'll let me...so when you're put on the spot, when you feel that tension, that apprehension, that bewilderment...and you deliver a DAZZLING answer answer...you'll experience what it's like to stand in front of...

The Entire Room Bursting
Into Simultaneous

There are always lots of surprises in my live training sessions. I even surprise myself, and I've been doing this for quite some time, and it only gets better with each one. The rooms (literal and virtual) are buzzing with energy. Nothing compares to the elation of engaging with a team of winning, enthusiastic, motivated minds owned by optimistic people full of conviction and ambition who are totally..."dialed in" and "fired up" by what we are all engaged in.

And listen to this: This is the very best—and only—live sales training seminar I give, and I only conduct it once or twice a year...and each time I raise the price. And it's the best, most realistic, most-non-fluff sales training course offered by anyone, anywhere. This training builds upon the leadership and endurance skills I learned starting as an athlete in high school, as a cadet at the Air Force Academy, as a deployed officer in the Air Force, and even in the private sector as a commissioned sales person making cold calls way before Google or LinkedIn or Yelp or smartphones were even considered, let alone all-consuming in our lives. But you know what? Everything I've learned since the mid-80's and applied in the Air Force, as a sales employee, and as a business owner/entrepreneur/trainer and now teach is now...because of the viability of social media and mobile marketing and powerful "software-as-a-service" tools we now have thanks to the high speed access we have to them all on the web is now...

100 Times MORE Valuable!

All of this material is being constantly improved because I'm not sitting around on my ass collecting royalty checks or pushing slimy, cheesy crap that worked "back in the day" and now I pay foreigners to push the boundaries of the internet and game the system with borderline-illegal—but surely unethical—marketing gimmicks. No Way, Jose! I am still in the game. I am still attending seminars, reading books, masterminding, retaining my own team of experts and consultants to continue pushing the boundaries of what works and what does not so you can...

Learn Fast, Accurate, Proven
Tactics & Strategies To Grow Your Sales!

If you are serious about making money, you need to be enrolled in this program. And you should listen and re-listen to everything we do and every session we record more than once...not just now...but every year...for the rest of your sales and entrepreneurial life.

When you attend this training live, ask your questions to get clarification on not only what I'm teaching but why I'm teaching it the way that I do, then go and put it into practice "out there...in the concrete jungle...all by your very lonesome" and come back the next week for seven weeks in a row, you'll soon find yourself feeling like you're finally not alone...that you're not the only "misfit" salesperson that wants to be excellent...that wants to serve...that wants to make a boatload of money, NOT because you're some greedy pig but because it's how we keep score...because money is not "evil"…it's the "love of money" that is is evil and you do not love money...but you love the power and the freedom and the sense of accomplishment that having a shit-ton boatload of it brings. You'll realize you're not batshit crazy to want to be efficient in your prospecting and presentation and negotiation efforts...that efficient does not mean lazy...it means that you're smart, motivated, and want to be profitable and prolific and proficient and productive.

THAT'S why I record all of these sessions. It takes hours of work and study and repetition over days and weeks and months to really have these skills sink in so your confidence can come out. And listening to this training repeatedly is needed because there will always be distractions that will sneak in and cause you to miss a little nuance here, a practiced-pause there, a detailed explanation over yonder. (You'll also find yourself latching on to that one big idea you needed at that particular moment and your mind will go racing for a few moments...to a few minutes or even HOURS...which is fine. This training is meant to make you money right friggin' now...AND for years to come.) And we can't hit the pause button on the live call. We're going fast and furious...we're going deep and wide...we're going to be "getting up in "yo' grill" and pushing one another to go big or go the hell home. The back-and-forths and chatter and explanations and ruminations may overwhelm you at times. However,…

YOU Won't Miss
A Single Second!

When I was studying at the Air Force Academy they made us take EVERYTHING—calculus, physics, chemistry, 187 flavors of engineering (at least it felt like that many), history, military history, English, a foreign language, political science, geography, economics, PE, intramurals—not to mention courses like flying gliders, survival training, and other goodies during the summer. We used to say we were "so well-rounded we were pointless." But you know what, that type of diverse education prepares you for the diverse challenges that life will throw at you...and it helps you connect with and motivate the diverse people you'll come across in life.

It also gave me an appreciation and a curiosity about both the arts and the sciences...and that curiosity has been both a blessing and a curse in my professional life. It has hindered me in my growth because I have delayed launching something because I felt I had more to learn before I could dive in...pull the trigger...ride the bullet. But it has been a blessing because as my skills and experiences have grown, it has helped me call bullshit on the carpetbaggers and scam artists and film-flammers that are all-too prevalent these days...so now I can get down to "brass tacks"…find what really works and deploy it quickly to grow. And now, with money in the bank, and more money coming in, I don't have to kiss anyone's ass or dance any jig I don't want to dance just to pay the bills...and I can afford to refund money to the spineless and the whiners that think life is all unicorns and rainbows...which gives me the freedom and the courage and the ability to skip trying to just please and entertain my audiences and tell them what they want to hear...Nope! Instead...

I Teach You What You
Really NEED To Know!

What I do for my attendees is much like what that tough trainer did for me in my first days—and for my first year—at the Air Force Academy. He "got" under my skin. He toughened me up in ways that have served me well the rest of my life. And I now recognize that, what I have to teach, if I hold nothing back...can literally...

Transform Your Life!

And now I know that I have found my "mission" in life. Nowadays people put themselves out there as "life coaches" or "manifestation masters" or "happiness guru" or some other nonsensical bullshit or people will simply say "I just want to make a difference." Well, you can cut up copies of Vogue or Cosmopolitan and create "vision boards" and trick yourself into believing you are making a difference...or you can put yourself out there with great clarity...with no apologies...in full force...in concentrated form...and really make a difference...by connecting with people that "get" you...that are inspired by you...that will listen to you and do what you say...and in turn, make their lives better by helping others improve their own lives. That's what I do. That's what I have done. That's what I will continue to do. Because I know, from the top of my head to my tippy toes...that what I have to share with motivated professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs is completely unique, extremely valuable...and...only available from me!

Can you imagine what it would be like to do what you want to do...whenever you want to do it...for as long as you want to do it...with whomever you please...and tell people you don't want to work with or even see or even listen to to go pound sand...because you don't need their money? Can you imagine having the confidence to generate warm leads that you can close quickly without discounting or begging or screwing around with creating custom orders or rush delivery or extended, free warranties or other profit-draining, soul-crushing bullshit jump-through-hoop shenanigans, and doing it all from your cell phone on your front porch, the local coffee shop, the beach, the ski lift, with minimal staff—maybe even zero staff? You CAN have it and more!

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STOP NIBBLING AROUND THE EDGES OF YOUR LIFE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! This is the real, no shit-fooling way to financial and career freedom. My attendees rave about this training, and the beauty is...

  1. You don't have to book travel, pay through the nose for parking, get groped by jackass union TSA thugs, sleep in some faraway hotel, and eat over-priced hotel food.
  2. You don't have to take time off from your work.
  3. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in tuition, which is what I would charge if I did this training as a live, in-person event.

I've had clients pay me in excess of $12,000 for limited, private assistance. I've had attendees pay thousands (in flights, food, hotel, time off work, and tuition) to attend my live training and bring their key employees. But, all you have to pay to get access to this live training, the archives, all of the sessions in 30 Day Sales Growth (normally $397), the "Make Every Sale" course (sold separately for $1,997), the private group...is the tuition fee. That's right. You only have to pay the $597 tuition, which is a fraction of what you'd sacrifice to get this same information in person.

This training package is the pinnacle, the apex, the zenith of my life's work...and...

YOUR Key To Career
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You can order your seat and get immediate access to the supplemental training when you click here now. But there's a catch. We kick off the live sessions in mid-March 2018 so you can't be one of those wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed, "let me check with my mom / dad / wife / husband / neighbor's best friend's cousin's former boss that is in sales...somewhere...I think."

No Siree Bob. You have to order now.

You are NOT going to learn what I will teach you anywhere else, from anyone even close to as good as me, at any price close to this, and have this type of access to me both live during the calls and in our private group.

So if you want to get the best sales training and the best entrepreneurial thinking and action and growth training, you must order now.

Are you interested in any of this? If so, you need to order now by clicking that link. You need to do it quick, like a bunny. You see, the times they are a'changin'. I know the things I cover now will produce fantabulous results all the way through to the elections next year. Once we see who wins, we'll have to tweak some things. But once you enroll now, you'll be able to participate in all future classes I run forever.

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Remember, when you enroll now, you're a resident of "The World of The Whisperer," and you can take this class again and again at no charge, every time I teach it, for as long as we both walk this planet.