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Infusionsoft vs PremiumWebCart

Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft

This Infusionsoft vs PremiumWebCart has been one of my most-viewed review posts because I start by asking "Why is PremiumWebCart using foreigners (or 7 year old children) to write their latest "review" of Infusionsoft?"

Infusionsoft Review

Email marketing is all about staying in constant touch with your clients, partners and suppliers. For email marketing, Infusionsoft has scored some great points on the card but still it fails to offer some advanced benefits and features to their clients like premium web cart application. Some missing features and less advanced use of technology have left behind Infusionsoft in the race of shopping cart applications.

How can we consider premium web cart as a superior option to Infusionsoft?

Today software that is user friendly and technology equipped are running better than the ordinary ones. Premium web cart is one of the best options for your online business website because it is user friendly and possesses technology sound features. It frees the user from installation new software programs, maintenance duties and other programs. It's a fully automated program that makes your website shopping cart experience flexible and quick.


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Premium web cart application possess animated interface with clarity, which is best for the beginners. This structure is hardly found in software like Infusionsoft. Plus users can easily find an option to navigate through this cart without applying extra efforts. From its lively dashboard to flexible features, everything is far distinct and better than Infusionsoft.

Premium web cart has many advanced tools that enable the users to get correct and updated information about the sales online. It's easy for the affiliate team to track the sales and manage the account. This helps in making your work fast and effective. It improves your work speed thereby bringing in more sales and customers.

Premium web cart has many core features that help your business with extra sales and income in numerous ways. You won't find this kind of feature with Infusionsoft or any other shopping cart application online. The user friendly email management system of premium web cart is simply awesome as it doesn't waste the user's time in any of the activities related to it. Plus it has single login for every business, which makes your work easy and simple than before. You can even find reports, charts and graphs with premium web cart application in order to track your sales and past records.

Drawbacks of Infusionsoft -

It is difficult to find a quality measure with Infusionsoft, especially when we are talking about auto responding email management system or click through rates. There are no much plus points with Infusionsoft, and hence I prefer premium web cart as a better option for my online business website.


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There are very few websites where you may find some average review of Infusionsoft, because it has some slow and ordinary features unlike premium web cart. Infusionsoft review is not up to client's expectations and hence, it's difficult to regard it as a reliable shopping cart application. With premium web cart, users can sign in while managing multiple business systems at low cost. Therefore it gets a better review and feedback than Infusionsoft."

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Words Mean Things

Why would a shopping cart company use such sloppy writing to beat up a marketing company?

I'm all for a global workforce and leveraging experts from around the world but when you do that MAKE SURE THEY'RE EXPERTS! Whomever allowed this this cobbled-together, English-as-a-second-language article to be posted on their company site should be demoted if not fired.

(I'm done with my "grammar / marketing / readability rant. Now on to the topic at hand.)

If all you need is a shopping cart then maybe, MAYBE PremiumWebCart is OK. But if you only need a shopping cart you are either paying money for a second, third and fourth systems for your email marketing, voicemail marketing, affiliate marketing and more or you're not, which means you are working too hard for too little reward.

Some people get a list to sell a product. (Those would be PremiumWebCart clients.) Others sell a product to develop a list and then market and cross-sell and up-sell and promote to that list forever and ever! (Those would be Infusionsoft clients.)

Look, the easiest person to sell to is someone who has already bought from you. Why be satisfied with scratching one itch of your clients when they'll gladly pay you for a weekly massage, manicure AND pedicure AND will join your membership club and PREPAY for a month or 6 months to save 10%?!!!

You started your online business to make money, not sit in front of your computer 20 hours a day manually copying contact information from one system to another. Do yourself, your clients and your family a favor and step up to the Big Leagues of sales force and email marketing and ecommerce automation and invest in Infusionsoft. Call me before you use my link to order and I'll show you how to save over $500 on your first year alone of Infusionsoft and I'll kick in some nice training bonuses at no charge.


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Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft (Part 2)

(Updated July 22, 2012.)

Premium Web Cart is the shadiest, dirtiest, most dishonest internet marketers on the planet today.

They are so dishonest I'm writing a blog post about them on a Sunday because they are just chapping my rear end that much.

I'm not even sure how I ran across them but I did and I took a screen shot of their own comparison chart showing how their Elite package stacks up to Infusionsoft.

(I ran across these scammers months ago and blogged about them here. They seem to have only gotten worse.)

In the screenshot above you'll see the first 12 features they say they offer. Out of those they say Infusionsoft only offers one (1).

However, anybody that can do a Google search and read can quickly see that Infusionsoft actually offers 11 of the 12 features listed above.

So the dirt bags at Premium Web Cart are hoping you are either ignorant or lazy. (But you're a reader of The Sales Whisperer® blog, which means you are neither. Nicely done!)

Upon further inspection of their site I found at least 60 (sixty) lies that the Premium Web Cart Scammers say only they offer and that Infusionsoft does not.

(Actually, they say "Check out the Premium Web Cart features not available from any of our competitors.")


Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft Lies Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft Lies

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Here are the 60 I found tonight that these Premium Web Cart Scammers say are "exclusive" to them and that Infusionsoft (and CustomerHub) does not offer.

(Note: run away from these Premium Web Cart Scammers as fast as you can.)

    1. Replication of Systems for Unlimited Websites
    2. Unlimited "Daisy Chain" If Then Conditions
    3. "Action Links" - Ultimate List Segmentation
    4. Recurring Billing Even Works With PayPal - Standard Business Acct.
    5. 1-Click Up Sell with Pre-Sales, Post Sales or Pre & Post Sales Option
    6. Membership System Included
    7. Affiliate Marketing Program - Exclusive Super Affiliate Intelligence
    8. Fulfillment Module - Automation of Order Through Shipment
    9. Super Affiliate Intelligence
    10. Auto Responder Integration
    11. Tracking - PPC, Sales, Events, Plus Website Optimizer
    12. Fulfillment Automation
    13. Small Business Optimized
    14. Infinite List Segmentation
    15. 1 Click Up Sell - Advanced Multi-Sequence Logic
    16. Unlimited Lead "Tagging"
    17. Integrated CRM Autoresponder
    18. "Drip Marketing" Email Delivery
    19. Newsletter Broadcasts
    20. Conditional Email Sending Logic
    21. Opt-In Form Wizard
    22. Opt-In Form - Personalized Thank You Pages
    23. Newsletter Templates
    24. Which CRM Is Right For You?If / Then Triggers
    25. Product Purchase Triggers
    26. Daisy Chaining of Funnels / Sales Paths
    27. Action Links - Trigger Actions, Tag, Profile, Segment
    28. Lead Scoring - Trigger Actions, Tag, Profile, Segment
    29. Automated Document Creation & Printing w/Merge Codes
    30. Mass Assignment of Leads to Tags, Funnels, Sales Paths
    31. Absolute and Variable Task Assignment
    32. "Point & Click" Graphical Interface
    33. Lead Source and Path Tracking
    34. Custom Merge Fields
    35. Open Task Calendar
    36. Open Task Reminders
    37. WordPress Integration
    38. Shopping Cart Integration / Automation
    39. Sales by Affiliate
    40. Graphs / Reports / Payment History
    41. Multimedia Support
    42. 2 Tier System
    43. Manual Sales Credit
    44. Custom Landing Pages / URL's
    45. Sales Based Commission Levels
    46. Video, Audio & Text Optimized
    47. Timed Content Delivery (Drip Feed)
    48. Unlimited Membership Levels
    49. No Bandwidth Charges - Secure Feed
    50. Digital Download Link Delay—Stop The Trial Period Content Thieves
    51. Automatic Member / Password Creation
    52. Automatic Member Management
    53. Automatic Upgrade / Downgrade
    54. Grayed Out Content
    55. Menu Management - Easy Creation
    56. Nested Categories Specific Menus
    57. Unlimited Customization
    58. Trial Periods
    59. Instant Access Option - No Opt-In / Purchase Needed. Great "Teaser"
    60. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal - 100% Website Compatible

These are copied and pasted straight from the Premium Web Cart scammer website.

As I have more time I may find more lies, scams and misleading statements from their site. However, if you need more proof than 60 lies it reminds me of the old adage...

If you lie down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas."

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Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft (Part 3)

guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Here is my update on Premium Web Cart vs Infusionsoft as of Thursday, February 27, 2014.

This started back on August 26th, 2011, when I saw some flat out dishonest marketing on their part and I did not hold back in lighting up Premium Web Cart.

But it seems there were some rogue marketers in the organization that have since been shown the door and that marketing practice has been done away with, so I am redirecting my previous harsh blog posts to this one. (I'm all about redemption and second chances, aren't you?)

Earlier this week, Premium Web Cart came up both from a blog reader and amongst my Infusionsoft Consultant colleagues so I headed on over to Premium Web Cart to sign up for a free trial and take another look at them and I must say I like what I saw...with some reservations.

My Reservations About Premium Web Cart

I've spent several days peeling the Premium Web Cart onion and have two calls with a very helpful sales/service guy from their company and there is a lot to like about what Premium Web Cart is offering for the price, which I'll get to in a moment.

But understand that overall, Premium Web Cart is a little bit rough around the edges. The icons and and the appearance is a little dated and there are little typos like "Option Library" in the image below instead of "Opt-In Library." It's not a huge deal.

I find typos from time to time in Infusionsoft, but rarely any more.


Premium Web Cart Opt-In Form Types Premium Web Cart Opt-In Form Types

The creation of workflows and automation in Premium Web Cart is not near as easy as it is with Infusionsoft.

They give you "Sales Paths" and "Funnels."

Contacts can only be in one "Sales Path" at a time but can be in multiple "Funnels" at a time, which makes sense. ("Pipelines" are called "Funnels" and you have different funnels for your different lead magnets and follow up sequences, which can be for new prospects or new clients.) 


Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels
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Once you make a new Sales Funnel, you can add steps to that Funnel such as Tasks, send an Email, etc.

Once you get the hang of it, it's fine, but it's not like the Campaign Builder with the Infusionsoft drag and drop icons.


Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels - Add Funnel Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels - Add Funnel

You can see below how you create your Funnels and Sales Path Logic.

It's a nice start, but honestly, it's where Infusionsoft was in late 2011 / early 2012 before the Campaign Builder was first launched.

And that little blue menu bar along the left is just not obvious. You need to hover over the icons to know what they mean.


Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels Creation Premium Web Cart Sales Funnels Creation


Premium Web Cart Add Sales Funnel Steps
Premium Web Cart Add Sales Funnel Steps

But once you get the hang of things, it's really not that bad. If you are moving from a simple email tool or a static CRM or a limited shopping cart, Premium Web Cart is light years ahead of anything you're doing with that.


Premium Web Cart Add Sales Funnel Task
Premium Web Cart Add Sales Funnel Task

They admit that their "Members Pro" module that is there to compete with CustomerHub, iMember360, Kajabi, etc. is not easy to figure out.


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And they do encourage you to retain them for services work to make the best use of your time rather than "languish watching videos." (Their words, not mine...but I do agree. That's why I've never shied away from Infusionsoft's Kickstart fee to get new clients up and running fast. In today's world, it's not that the big eat the small. It's the swift and agile eat the slow and stodgy. Time is money now more than ever.)

Additionally, their Content Library is "not so great" and they "don't really have a bona fide template builder," which is why they do integrate with the big boys:

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact

Their Surveys feature is coming soon but their Lead Scoring is not yet ready and may be a little while coming.

Also, you cannot currently Tag off of the choices a prospect makes from a selectable Opt-In Form but you can route them to the correct Sales Path and through Customer Management you can pull them up and add a Tag. It's a bit of a work-around, but all platforms have work-arounds, but the less of these you have the better.

That's about it for the negatives.

My Optimism About Premium Web Cart

It seems Premium Web Cart is embarking on a journey in 2014, that Infusionsoft began in 2013, which is one of "cleaning things up" and "making the platform easier."

While I have witnessed that first hand at Infusionsoft, I will simply take their word for it at Premium Web Cart, but all indications are lining up with that statement and I believe them.

They do have a big task, though, because they do offer so many things under one roof such as:

  • Wordpress integration
  • Optimize Press integration
  • Project management
  • Surveys (coming soon)
  • SMS
  • Gift Certificates
  • Scheduling System
  • Membership site
  • Live Chat
  • Click to Call

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Premium Web Cart Opt-In Forms Premium Web Cart Opt-In Forms

They offer all of this on top of the usual CRM, shopping cart, email marketing, reporting, etc. that Infusionsoft offers.

And they give you all of this in their Platinum package at the same price Infusionsoft offers their Basic package. (And it's $32.36/mo less than that if you pay for the entire year up front.)


Premium Web Cart Add A Product Premium Web Cart Add A Product

Another REALLY nice feature Premium Web Cart offers is the ability to create multiple Profiles, one for each of your different entities you may own and operate.

You can create custom "From Name," "Reply To," "Signature," "Can Spam Compliant" statement and "FTC Compliance" statement, which really streamlines running multiple businesses from one application. I've done this since 2008 with my Infusionsoft application, but it has been a little bit of a work-around, as I mentioned earlier.

In Conclusion

After what I've seen this week, I've become an affiliate of Premium Web Cart.

I think, for the do-it-yourselfer and/or the entrepreneur on a tight budget, that is patient and willing to figure some things out on his own, Premium Web Cart has a lot to offer and at the price they are selling their Platinum package at, you could afford to sign up month-to-month, get your ducks in a row, and maybe even keep some of the features if you later decided to leverage Infusionsoft for their ease-of-use and more advanced and robust ecosystem of partners, developers and trainers.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.